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Published on February 13, 2014

Author: naamah


Modernism vs Postmodernism

Modernism • • • • Structure and Order Efficiency and Productivity Science and Technology 3qw • Charlie Chaplin – Modern Times

Key Figure – Henry Ford • Founder of the Ford car • Factory System • Development of the Production line • Standardisation of production • De- skilling of the work force • "Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black".

These ideas fed into Media • 9zE • Seven Dwarfs working in the mine – factory production

But not all saw this as a good way of life • k4

So Why Did it Changed? • World War Two • The Cold War and M.A.D • Social Housing • Modernism (and it’s ideas taken to their extreme) led the world to a place that people did not like

World War Two • • • • Hitler – Modernism at its worst Order – Use of the army for control Confirmative – anyone ‘different’ was removed Efficiency and Productivity – Concentration Camps and 6 million Jews (used a production line to kill) • Science used to justify the genocide and don’t forget the scientific experiments • Weapons Technology

The Cold War and M.A.D • Science and Technology at its worst

Social Housing • How does Social Housing reflex the ideas of Modernism? • What are the problems associated with Social Housing?

Social Housing elsewhere • What is different?

Activity – Master Chef • Analyse the following clips from Masterchef and Julia Child • One is modern (traditional) and one is postmodern • Consider the following – Average shot length and camera work – Representation and Target audience – Mise en scene and music – Narrative – Ideology etc

How do these clips represent the time they were made in? • • NIk • 2-3 paragraphs

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