Modernising legacy code in PHP

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Information about Modernising legacy code in PHP

Published on February 22, 2014

Author: Osmanngr



"Adam olacak kod"
Story of modernising a legacy app in PHP

Adam olacak kod Story of modernising a legacy app in PHP

Old code • 150000 lines of code • 90% of code is procedural • No coding convention • No separation of concerns

Old code • Architected over several years • global variables all around • Core of the system was a collection of include files • Mixed-up aggregation of PHP, HTML, SQL, JS, and CSS

Old code • No unit tests • No environment aware • Offensive programming • Lack of error reporting, logging

Its too hard • Understanding logic • Designing anything new • Debugging, fixing bugs • Using new technologies

Making life easier, not a priority • "We can fix it later" • "It works!" • "Cutting and pasting code is faster than refactoring code" • "We do not pay you to write nice code. We pay you to get job done"

Writing from scratch, Part 1 • As a REST API ! • Written in 4 months • 15000 lines of code

First days • Include hell still exists • Big picture problem • Context-Switching • Knowledge problem

We can’t use a framework • Using PHP 5.1 in production (lately upgraded to 5.4) • Finding a compatible modern library is hard (Thanks to PHP_CompatInfo) • Missing features (namespaces, LSB, closures, traits, generators) • Working with same environment is impossible

Core refactoring • Autoloader implementation • Error handling • Logging (ported from SlimLog, after replaced with Monolog) • DB Abstraction (derived from DoctrineDBAL Connection)

Core refactoring • Replace global w/ Dependency Injection • Environment aware behaviours • Common exceptions • Request lifecycle (routing, request, response)

Extracting procedural code to MVC • Defining endpoints • SQL Queries • Business logic • Validations

Part 2, Frontend • Custom Symfony2 Kernel ! • Written in 2 months • 30000 lines of code

Frontend • Top of SymfonyHttpKernel • Basically, Symfony2 without bundles • Enhancements for FrameworkBundle • Rapid Application Development (minimal planning in favor of rapid prototyping)

Frontend • Accelerates development processes • Shorter notations (routes, templates) • Guzzle for talking with API • Uses YAML files for configuration

Frontend • Heavy usage of IoC and Event Dispatcher • Twig as a templating engine • Monolog for logging • Custom (shallow) directory structure

Why REST? • Separation of concerns • Scalability and performance (Easier to scale horizontally and vertically) • Caching (Eliminates some client–server interactions) • Portability and simplicity (Replaced and developed independently)

Concerns for a good REST API • Fine grained resources • Versioning • Authorization • Sensible HTTP status codes

Thanks • Osman Ungur •

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