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Published on July 8, 2009

Author: mtreynolds1


Models in Science : Models in Science How do we use models in our every day lives? : How do we use models in our every day lives? What is a model? : What is a model? Represents something in the natural world. (Both on earth and beyond). Examples Earth models Solar System Stars DNA Cells Atoms Anatomy Models can come in two forms: : Models can come in two forms: Physical:  Actual model we create, see and can hold. Symbolic:  These are usually mathematical or computer models. They represent something that we cannot see. Traits of a scientific model : Traits of a scientific model 1.  Models are usually incomplete.  Since models can represent very large, small or complex structures, scientists have to make decisions about what to cut out. 2.  A model may be changed.  Just like our star introduction, we can manipulate models to show us what might happen.

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