Modals with Multiple Uses

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Information about Modals with Multiple Uses

Published on March 21, 2014

Author: thechadash





To show that something was probable in the past: VERY CERTAIN  must (not) have V3  can’t have V3  couldn’t have V3

Jack had a stomachache after dinner. Sofia was at a movie with me last night. He must have eaten too much. You couldn’t have seen her at the mall.

To show that something was possible in the past: UNCERTAIN  could have V3  may (not) have V3  might (not) have V3

He could/may/might have missed the bus this morning. Tanya was supposed to meet me before school. David is usually here by now. She may/might not have gotten the message.

PAST  must (not) V1  have to V1  have got to V1  had better (not) V1  should (not) V1 OPINION or ADVICE PRESENT  should (not) have V3

Parents have got to monitor the shows their children watch. The kids have better not spend so much time indoors playing computer games.

I should have listened the advice my parents gave me about having a healhty life. We should not have ignored the scientists’ warnings about global warming.

THANKS  thechadash

THANKS  thechadash

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