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Information about mobisys tutorial hardware

Published on October 29, 2007

Author: Tarzen


TinyOS Hardware:  TinyOS Hardware Joe Polastre, Phil Levis, Rob Szewczyk, David Culler University of California, Berkeley Intel Research Berkeley Motes:  Motes UC Berkeley Family of Motes:  UC Berkeley Family of Motes Mica2 and Mica2Dot:  Mica2 and Mica2Dot ATmega128 CPU Self-programming Chipcon CC1000 FSK Manchester encoding Tunable frequency Lower power consumption 1 inch Wireless Robots :  Wireless Robots COTS-BOTS (UCB) Commercial Off-The-Shelf roBOTS:  COTS-BOTS (UCB) Commercial Off-The-Shelf roBOTS 5” x 2.5” x 3” size <$250 total 2-axis accelerometer Robomote (USC):  Robomote (USC) Less than 0.000047m3 $150 each Platform to test algorithms for adaptive wireless networks with autonomous robots MICAbot (Notre Dame):  MICAbot (Notre Dame) Designed for large-scale research in distributed robotics and ad-hoc wireless networking. $300 each Sensorboards:  Sensorboards Basic Sensor Board:  Basic Sensor Board Light (Photo) Temperature Prototyping space for new hardware designs Mica Interface Board:  Mica Interface Board 8 External Analog Inputs using Block Screw Terminals External Probes 8 channel digital I/O 1 relay driver On board 12-bit ADC 0-2.5V, 0-3V, 0-5V Ranges Stable 2.5V Reference 3V and 5V power Designed by UCLA CENS w/ Crossbow and UCB Mica Sensor Board:  Mica Sensor Board Light (Photo) Temperature Acceleration 2 axis Resolution: ±2mg Magnetometer Resolution: 134mG Microphone Tone Detector Sounder 4.5kHz PNI Magnetometer/Compass:  PNI Magnetometer/Compass Resolution: 400 mGauss Three axis, under $15 in large quantities Ultrasonic Transceiver:  Ultrasonic Transceiver Used for ranging Up to 2.5m range 6cm accuracy Dedicated microprocessor 25kHz element Mica Weather Board:  Mica Weather Board Total Solar Radiation Photosynthetically Active Radiation Resolution: 0.3A/W Relative Humidity Accuracy: ±2% Barometric Pressure Accuracy: ±1.5mbar Temperature Accuracy: ±0.01oC Acceleration 2 axis Resolution: ±2mg Designed by UCB w/ Crossbow and UCLA Revision 1.5 Revision 1.0 Motor/Servo Board:  Motor/Servo Board H Bridge Standard Motor Interface On-board microprocessor Connexus Interface:  Connexus Interface For More Information, See: Eric Paulos. “Connexus: An Evocative Interface” Workshop on “Ad hoc Communications and Collaboration in Ubiquitous Computing Environments” New Orleans, LA. Nov 2002. Interfaces a mote with: Vibration Motors Super-bright LEDs Force Sensing Accelerometer Nitinol/Flexinol contractor “muscle wire” Peltier Junction Tool for HCI research using wireless devices In Manufacturing:  In Manufacturing “Dot” sensorboards (1” diameter) HoneyDot: Magnetometer Resolution: 134 mGauss Ultrasonic Transceiver Weather Station Enclosures:  Enclosures Mica Environmental Enclosure:  Mica Environmental Enclosure Environmental Monitoring:  Environmental Monitoring Mica2Dot:  Mica2Dot Standard Enclosure HDPE Sealed Power Supplies Coin Cell 250mAh 1Ah Li-SO2 (1Ah) NiMH (3Ah) AA batteries

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