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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: Areti2014



CliqStart is a DIY mobile community builder that empowers community owners & members to communicate and get involved, but most importantly to ACT, by affecting policies, raising funds, purchasing products and organizing rallies within trusted communities.

Mobilize Your Communities! CliqStart is a DIY mobile community builder that empowers community owners & members to communicate and get involved, but most importantly to ACT by raising funds, affecting policies, purchasing products or organizing rallies within trusted communities. Areti Kampyli | Founder & CEO | CliqStart, Inc. 237 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108 | +1 415 800 3303

The Problem Social Media: The value of social media –as formed today- stops at ‘telling people things’: ⇒  artificial one to many communication 96% of users never go back to a Facebook page they like ⇒  content clutter ⇒  lack of control ⇒  lack of privacy ⇒  user=spectator with no power to ACT Enterprise Social Networks: Despite the privacy benefit, it is a closed doors network: ⇒  Limited to a company’s employees, approved partners and collaborators only ⇒  Excludes the end-user from the discussion; whether that’s a customer, a citizen or a consumer ⇒  Prevents any group or individual from creating a community around anything that interests them due to their high prices and lack of flexibility

The Solution: CliqStart Mobilize Your Communities Create – Connect – Act ü  CREATE Your Community on CliqStart’s Mobile App ü  Communicate, Collaborate & GET HEARD! ü  Get incentivized to ACT within trusted communities! Anchor differentiator: CliqStart is geared towards driving ACTION

Why CliqStart? " Privacy & Relevance Your own member data, your own brand, your own control. " Connect, Communicate, Collaborate Chat one-on-one or in groups, exchange content and see fellow members in your vicinity. " Take Action Donate to your cause, affect policies or purchase products within trusted communities. " Build a Local Following Organize real-life events for members, gather members to protest for a cause.

Who’s CliqStart’s Audience? " Non-profit, Charities, NGOs Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontier " Political Parties & Political Action Committees DNC, RNC, Unions " Religious Groups Joel Austin, Lakewood Church " Brands Nike, L’Oreal, Breaking Bad " Universities LBS, LSE " You & Me

Market Opportunity: Communities & Current Situation Communities In Numbers How are they currently organized Non-profit, NGOs & Charities 3 million worldwide. 965,000 in the US. Donations ‘12: 316 billion dollars. -Some mobile presence- scattered different apps for some charities that cater to static info or one-off donations. Political Action Committees & Political Parties 5,000 in the US with 10s of millions of members. -Mobile Podcasts -1 DNC & 1 RNC app, specific to their 2012 Conventions. Religious Associations Biggest churches in the US go up to 43,000 members. 150m church members in the US. -TheChurchApp creates separate apps for churches with a one-way content upload by admin. Branded Communities Millions with 10s of millions of followers. -Current custom-built scattered apps operate as an information vehicle to the fans, with no member exchange. Universities 17,036 universities & 134m students worldwide. Scheduling software and one-way campus updates & info, with no real-time collaboration.

Go To Market COMMUNITIES Institutional Roll-Out COMMUNITIES DIY Community Roll-Out Branded Communities Inclusion of multiple smaller entities END-USER Community growth: ü  Direct Sales: > 5,000 members ü  Referral PR Networks ü  Free Marketing via client use of their social media & PR to promote their communities User growth: ü  Invites from community owners & users through Community Incentives via email, sms, social media. ü  Discussion posts sharing with extended social media ü  PR & GR Campaigns offered by CliqStart to branded communities

Business Model & Revenue Forecast Eyeball Revenue: 50,000   a)  Demographic & Geotargeted advertising 45,000    $25,000,000     b)  Full Community Branding-Wallpaper Rotating advertising Dona4ons  Frees  Revenue   Hos4ng  Fees  Revenue   Customiza4on  Revenue    $20,000,000      $19,487,825     40,000   Adver4sing  Revenue   Total  Revenue   26%   Total  No  of  Communi4es    $15,000,000     35,000   30,000   Total  No  of  Users  ('000s)    $10,032,438      $10,000,000     19%   11%   25,000   20,000   29%   15,000    $3,513,484      $5,000,000      $742,700      $-­‐         24%   13%   32%   24%   24%   14%   30%   2015   44%   10,000   40%   0   2016   2017   a)  Licensing/Hosting Fees b)  Customization Fees 5,000   38%   2014   We aim to become Google’s AdSense for Mobile Communities, sharing advertising revenue with the community owners. Direct Revenue: 20%   11%   c)  Native Advertising: Community discussions keyword based advertising c)  Donation Transactions Revenue

P&L Summary & Required Investment P&L Summary 2014 2015 2016 2017 Total No of Communities 610 3,080 11,260 29,440 Total No of Users 975,000 5,590,000 17,350,000 39,460,000 Total Revenue $742,700 $3,513,484 $10,032,483 $19,487,825 Total Cost of Network Operations $152,250 $408,645 $1,023,726 $1,256,575 Gross Margin $590,450 $3,104,840 $9,008,711 $18,231,250 Total Operating Expenses $962,481 $1,670,705 $3,318,870 $4,999,209 Total Head Count 5 15 29 40 Net Income before taxes ($372,031) $1,434,135 $5,689,842 $13,232,041 (accumulative) (accumulative) Funding Requirements •  Funding Required: $500,000 •  Use of Funds: Product Enhancement & Feature Additions Institutional & Commercial roll-out Operations to build Community Growth & User Acquisition

Competition CliqStart USPs Backplane Nextdoor Ning CliqStart Private Social Network for your neighborhood Online Platform for people & orgs to create custom networks Build your mobile community & engage your members around a cause or passion L Only Backplane Create your branded community on the go creates communities L Allows you to find your neighborhood L Online only with API building of separate apps Create your community & even sub-communities directly on your mobile Vertical vs Horizontal Product Vertical Product where communities are built by Backplane=> no DIY scaling capacity Vertical. Nextdoor gathered 27,000 neighborhoods in under 2 years. Total raise: 100m. Vertical. 2,000,000 communities & 65m active members/month. Bought by Glam Media for $150m in Sep 2010 Vertical product that goes beyond neighborhoods & fans to encompass ANY community with a DIY scale. Take Action: Donations & In-app purchase L No donations or product purchase within relevant communities L Sells advertising to local businesses L No product purchase or actions based on content exchange Get incentivized by the community exchange to donate or purchase relevant products/services. Discover fellow community members & deals in your vicinity, in real-time L No geo-limited mobile focus J Geo enabled. Encourages real-life interactions L Online only with limited & segregated mobile presence -See fellow members in your vicinity -Arrange real-life gatherings -Receive local deals Concept & Target Audience Communities around interests & affinities. for their customers

Management Team Areti Kampyli: Chief Executive Officer 9 years of corporate advertising, PR and broadcasting experience. Founded Yasmo Live Ltd. in the UK in 2010. Former Ogilvy Corporate Advertising Manager with an MSc in Media & Communications from London School of Economics. Areti speaks Greek, Portuguese, French and Italian. Rob Kasper: Chief Technology Officer 10 Years of experience in mobile software platform development, systems architecture and system maintenance. Designed and supported mobile social platforms that scaled from thousands of unique visitors a month to several million in 6 months. Raphael Mazet: Community Engagement Director 10 years experience running public affairs and government relations campaigns for companies ranging from Fortune 100 multinationals to technology start-ups. Previously Brazil Country Manager at Speyside Corporate Relations, with clients including Visa, Amgen, eBay, BlackBerry, Jaguar Land Rover and Uber amongst many others. Previous roles at Brunswick Group and Royal Bank of Canada. Advisors Scott Ritchie: Business Development Advisor 10 Years of experience in mobile product marketing and business development with mobile content & media platforms, applications & ad networks. Co-Founded a mobile social networking company and drove partnerships/usage/traffic to global top 50 mobile destination. Bob Welch: Financial Advisor Over 40 years of CEO & CFO experience, Bob is currently CEO of Coast Ventures, LLC, a financial consulting firm to emerging growth companies to assist in profitable growth, equity financing & M&A transactions. Prior to Coast, CEO of Telegra, co-founded 1996 & sold to HP (Agilent) in 1999. Prior to Telegra, CEO of Zitel 1979-1987, IPO in 1983 (ZITL:Nasdaq). Series 62 & 79 Investment Banking Licenses.

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