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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: adityadsouza1


Mobile strategy and challenges 2014 Aditya D'souza

Mobile vs Desktop Challenges • According to the Stats on this issue, MOST people will look for something they can drive to quickly when out and about from the cell phone. Hotels, Restaurants, Auto supply or repair services, Garage sales and other LOCAL services they may want to go to and can still have the 'Tire Kicker' aspect retained. • For Shopping for products what they generally do is 'Share Screens' from the mobile device to their HOME computer once they get home to consider making the actual purchase. • That my friend is NOT going to change - Ever no matter how much tech is added to mobile devices or how much better/faster mobile sites evolve... • Home based machines are simply easier to type on, bigger easier to view Screens also help eliminate mistakes during order field completions, they are generally More SECURE overall. • The mistake many etailers make for their websites mobile version is not understanding this fundamental fact of life and they attempt to include EVERYTHING in the mobile version their main website also features - Bad - Very very Bad idea! • It is Bad because what happens in fact is NOW they have a Mobile version which takes Forever (or longer) to even Load on the viewers cell phone, Or worse - It Crashes the viewers device.... • What happens then is ALL that money they spent on their website is GONE and so is the viewer as they will never return to that site again using their cell phone anyway.

Mobile vs Desktop • Year-on-year stats for individual purchases on desktops vs mobiles (which do include tablets, I must add): • Feb 2012: Desktop 14,714, Mobile 1,167 • Feb 2013: Desktop 15,682, Mobile 4,095 • Feb 2014: Desktop 13,226, Mobile 8,007

Case for Mobile • Interesting perspective. I believe the figure on % of customers without a smartphone, but can anyone remember when a technology has been acclimated as quickly? Consumers are leading the way, especially women. Most importantly, you don't need an App to benefit from the many promotional offers that companies are using to engage with their customers. • -84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices to help them shop • -Almost half for at least 15 minutes per store visit • You can ignore than behavior at your own risk. • The mobile device is turning the traditional advertising world upside down. In today's world, you had better have a mobile strategy that starts with building an opt-in database that is TPCA compliant. Once you have accomplished this objective then you can start engaging with your customers in the manner they prefer, which is mobile hands down. It's also not a one-way street, you to them. • The earlier your business put's mobile at the top of their customer engagement pyramid, the better. As has been mentioned, this technology enables local retailers to leverage their knowledge and make that connection that the national chains can only dream about.

Delivery and consumer challenges • But some consumers don’t use any online tools to buy, primarily because they like to shop in a store where they can see and touch their desired products. • Based on a large global study by PwC, of those who did not purchase online, here are the top reasons: • 54% -- Prefer to touch/try the product • 52% -- Just prefer to shop in store • 43% -- Worried about security of personal data • 35% -- Don’t trust online payment methods • 25% -- Don’t have a credit/debit card • And as no surprise, there are a number of consumers who are not active mobile shoppers. • The PwC study found that a significant number (40%) of shoppers use apps for shopping only a few times a year, at most. More than a third (36%) of mobile browser users are in the same boat. • Imagine this; you are in the park for a picnic. Relaxing with friends and family. What happens (always!)? "Dad, I'm hungry!". Wan't to leave the picnic? No! So bring out the phone and order a pizza to be delivered to the blanket! To you, not your address. • Or even worse, goods bought on e-commerce sites being delivered to you post office or by DHL or UPS to your door sometimes between 8am - 5pm today. • For mobile commerce to be really successful the whole order must be treated as mobile. I want to buy wherever I am, delivered to me wherever I am. Otherwise it's just show room shopping or on-site price comparisons in the mobile phone.

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