Mobile Social Networks Best Practices from Asia

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Information about Mobile Social Networks Best Practices from Asia

Published on October 28, 2008

Author: plus8star



October update for Mobile Monday Beijing of our popular presentation at O\'Reilly\'s \"Graphing Social Patterns" conference in June 2008. See how leading Asian mobile SNS are faring compared to Facebook, and learn how they do it.

What Asia can tell us about mobile social networks Benjamin Joffe, CEO | Plus Eight Star

the mobile professionals community Agenda 1. Some history 2. It works (in Asia first) 3. It’s not about technology 4. We are safe 5. Barriers and catalysts

the mobile professionals community Quick survey

the mobile professionals community


the mobile professionals community Some history

the mobile professionals community Mobile SNS are not new

the mobile professionals community

the mobile professionals community Mogi

the mobile professionals community Launched: 2003

Mobile the mobile professionals community Massively Multiplayer Ubiquitous Location-Based Social Networking Service

the mobile professionals community (MMMULBSNS?)

the mobile professionals community

the mobile professionals community

the mobile professionals community Acquired in 2004

the mobile professionals community What changed?

the mobile professionals community 1. Infrastructure 2. Numbers 3. Mobile = media

the mobile professionals community It works (in Asia first)

100% 80% USA 3G users 60% 40% Chin Japa 20% a n Source: +8* | 0% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% % of Internet connections measured above 5Mbps

#2 economy, #1 mobile society #1 mobile & Internet population #1 digital society

“Social Networking Is Not a Business” MIT Technology Review July/August 2008

Starting date 2004 1997 1999 2004 2006

Registered users 60 mln 500 mln 20 mln 14 mln 10 mln

Country’s Internet users 60 mln 500 mln 20 mln 14 mln n.a. 200 mln 220 mln 35 mln 90 mln 90 mln

Starting date (mobile) 2007 2000 2004 2006 2006

Mobile users (est.) 3 mln 50 mln 6 mln 10 mln 10 mln

Country’s mobile users 3 mln 50 mln 6 mln 10 mln 10 mln 255 mln 580 mln 45 mln 100 mln 100 mln

Revenues 2007 (USD) 150 mln 520 mln ~200 mln 100 mln 150 mln

Profit 2007 (USD) (50 mln) 225 mln ~100 mln 35 mln ~60 mln

Average Revenue From Users ~0% 87% 80% 5% 50%

Pageviews PV (PC) 5.48 billion PV (mobile) 8.31 billion # of users 14 million April 2005 April 2006 April 2007 May 2008

Impression unit price PC Mobile April 2005 April 2006 April 2007 May 2008

the mobile professionals community Community = Media

the mobile professionals community It’s not about technology

the mobile professionals community XHTML, Flash, Java

Chat room WAP Brower Game Info: finance, Music player book, news E-mail Movie Qzone (blog)

Cyworld Zone: Mini hompy Map, Video service Item shop My picture 1.Guest book 2.Photo album Emotion expression 3.Friends list 4.Diary About service fees 5.Plaza Find subscribers 6.BBS Registering for fixed payment 7.Club 8.’My Cy’ (settings)

Ad banner Reminders: new “add to my friends” request; “new message from a friend”, “new comment on your diary from a friend” - Main photo (here: Mixi’s CEO) - Message box, - Latest diary entries, - Write an entry (from PC or mobile) - My photo album My favorite friends, “Foot-prints” (who visited my profile page), Search function My mixi friends’ list (here: 580 friends) My communities’ list (here: 70 communities) My profile / My introductions (what friends wrote about me) Invite a friend (using mobile email) Latest diary entries by my friends

18 billion PV / month Go to “my page” Invite a friend “New!” - New avatar items release - New game (golf game) - Get new items by inviting friends - Get Moba Gold by registering to the site “Let’s play” - Games: visual and text on the latest game release - Decoration mail: animated illustration in your emails “Let’s gather together” - Visit MGT town - Read latest diaries - Search for new friends - “Circles” (equivalent of communities) - Q&A “the Questions market, let’s ask!”

Many other lesser-known mobile SNS around!

the mobile professionals community Business models & Ecosystems

the mobile professionals community Social Social Network Network DNA DNA

SNS = SNS? Key aspects China Korea Japan 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PC O O O O X X X Mobile O O O O O O O Real name display X O O O X O X Openness Open Semi- Closed Closed Closed Close Close (non-members can closed see profile) Degrees of 1 1 6 1 1 1 1 connection Invitation only X X X O X X X Main Audience 12~25 10~30 n/a 20~30 10s~20s 20~30 10s Source: +8* |

And there is more! Search functions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 People search Search engine Job listings Source: +8* | Privacy settings 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Blog content view Block search engine Profile view Black list Source: +8* |

Mobile SNS = Mobile SNS? Mobile functions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Blog service Visitors History Groups Photo upload Video upload Chat or IM Games News Q&A Music playlist Ring-tone/tune E-commerce Virtual currency Avatar Mobile Pet Map - LBS Source: +8* |

Identity and “friends” origin Real name Source: +8* | 22 17 ? 50 12 Identity Online friends 3 270 8 200 Anonymous 4 Mostly offline Friends origin Mostly online

Platform and revenue sources Source: +8* | Mobile 20 ? ? Platform ? 25 136 272 136 35 170 PC B2B Revenue sources B2C (from advertising) (from users)

Services Profile page Profile page Profile page Profile page Profile page Avatars Avatars Avatars Paid Games BGM Free Games IM IM IM Groups Groups Groups Groups Groups Source: +8* |

Sticky features & critical infra Applications IM “Real” friends Footprints Free Games Digital currency Digital currency Digital currency Payment systems Payment systems Affiliate system Source: +8* |

Main business models Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Brand pages Brand pages Brand pages Brand pages Brand pages Digital goods Digital goods Digital goods Freemium Digital goods Paid Games Music Mobile VAS Mobile VAS Mobile VAS Jobs Affiliates Source: +8* |

the mobile professionals community Why we are safe

1 Busy at home

2 Lack cross-market expertise

3 Lack cross-cultural expertise

the mobile professionals community Result: challenges ahead Facebook, MySpace (US) Cyworld (Korea) Mixi, Mobile Game Town (Japan)

the mobile professionals community Catalysts

1 High speed & Flat fee

2 Payment systems

3 Girls

4 Companies & Schools!

the mobile professionals community About +8*

There are more ideas professionals community the mobile outside your country than inside Tom Kelley CEO, IDEO The 10 faces of Innovation

“Innovation Arbitrage” • About us – +8* | Plus Eight Star is the leading cross-market and cross-cultural consultancy in Asia. – We provide local expertise & global perspective on mobile and Internet innovation from China, Japan and South Korea to add value to and accelerate the development of our clients’ businesses. • Our services – Analysis of proven best practices and business models from Asia – Other services: executive study trips, market entry strategy, M&A advisory, partners identification, negotiation support. • Founder & CEO: Benjamin Joffe – 9 years experience with mobile & Internet in Asia – Selected among “China’s Top 100 mobile industry influencers” in 2007 – Regular speaker at events on mobile and Internet in Asia – Fluent in English, Japanese, French with working knowledge of Mandarin, Korean and Spanish

Selected References • Adidas | E-commerce strategy for China, Japan & Korea • Bouygues Telecom | Cases studies of leading Asian Web 2.0 services and virtual worlds • Deutsche Telekom / T-Online | Benchmark of Korean mobile & Internet convergence strategies • Hemisphere | Analysis of mobile marketing best practices in Japan and South Korea (Hemisphere is a leading digital advertising agency), analysis of leading social platforms (SNS, virtual worlds, online games). • Microsoft | Analysis of Japan’s key players and market catalysts for mobile commerce market positioning in China • DeNA | Case studies of the best practices of leading social networks in China and South Korea (DeNA operates Mobile Game Town, Japan’s leading mobile SNS service) • China Mobile | Benchmark of Korean leading online communities • Sands Capital Management | Evaluation of China’s investment opportunities in social networks in China

Social Work • Mobile Monday – Founder of the Mobile Monday forum in Beijing since 2006 (3,000+ members, 23 events, over 80 presentations). • Media – Monthly column on Asian innovation for Asian Business Leaders (one of the leading Chinese business magazines), numerous interviews in international media. • Events – Regular keynote speaker and moderator at Internet, Telecom, Media and Investment events e.g. ITU Asia, Asia Venture Capital Forum, China Mobility International Summit, O’Reilly’s Graphing Social Patterns, Red Herring Asia, Media 08 Conference, Wireless Developer Forum, Open Web Asia, XMediaLab, Mobile Monday Global Summit, etc.)

Contact Us benjamin0123 +81 | Japan +82 | Korea +86 | China Telecom & Internet + Added Value * High quality

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