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Information about Mobile First Indexing - Is this A Thing

Published on April 20, 2019

Author: jacksonedword


slide 1: Mobile First Indexing: Is this “A Thing” now Mobile frst indexing has been the talk of the SEO world for a long time now. So when Google ofcially announced its rollout last week and started migrating the sites following the best practices of mobile-frst indexing it received a mixed response from the SEO community rather than all claps and cheers. All thanks to the worldwide confusion that’s been circling around this whole mobile indexing thing. So what is mobile indexing and what does it mean to you as an entrepreneur Are you required to undone everything and start afresh from scratch Can your mobile- friendly site handle this on its own Is this mobile indexing a blessing or is this going to be another disaster for you Let’s fnd out. What is mobile-frst indexing Well it is exactly what it sounds like Google predominantly using the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking. In simple words it is Google’s way of serving up more relevant results to its mobile users. From now on the mobile version of your website will become the starting point for Google to include in their index along with the baseline for how it determines rankings. slide 2: Google is already identifying the websites that comply with the company’s criteria for mobile-friendly design and are using the mobile version to populate the SERPs. For instance if the search giant selects your website to be involved with mobile-frst index rollout Google crawlers will start crawling your mobile site frst and then the desktop version rather than the other way round. Which sites will be afected Most likely the m-dots. So if your website has diferent URLs for both mobile and desktop version your website will be indexed based on the mobile version. But then if you have the same URL on both mobile and desktop still it can be afected as your website might supply the crawlers diferent information for both versions in which case Google will prioritize the information for mobile when indexing. What should I do about mobile-frst indexing The simplest answer I could suggest is to use a responsive design. Because in case you remember Google bots have been checking the mobile performance including the loading speed content layout etc. even before mobile-frst indexing. Responsiveness is the way to go. And in case you are using a separate mobile site then you should consider the following options.  Keep the content same for both because if you provide less content on mobile then “less” is what Google will index.  Consider using the same structured data markup on both the versions and avoid adding any data irrelevant to the page content.  Do ensure that the titles and meta-descriptions are equivalent on both versions of all the pages.  Do not forget to add social metadata such as T witter cards OpenGraph tags etc. on both the versions of the site.  Also make sure that any links to sitemaps including the robots directives are accessible from the mobile version of the site.  If you have verifed only the desktop version in Google search console do add and verify the mobile version as well.  Lastly if you have recently implemented the mobile switchboard tags then they should remain the same. Do not change these. Do I really need to do all this slide 3: Well no. if you are certain that your website is fully aligned with Google’s rules and best practices then you need not do anything. But in case you have doubts hire a worthy SEO team that knows well how to execute this perfectly.

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