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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: cjgatman



Using ODK to author, field, and manage mobile data collection solutions.

Charles Gatama K +254-727-094-536 Using Open Data Kit and Google Maps

Data Collection using mobile device is easy, efficient and fun!

◦What? ◦Why? ◦How? ◦Where? ◦Who?

 Open Data Kit (ODK) is a free and open- source set of tools which help researchers author, field, and manage mobile data collection and management solutions.  It allows data collection using mobile devices and data submission to an online server, even without an Internet connection or mobile carrier service at the time of data collection.

 ODK Collect ◦ Android app/ Mobile data collection engine ◦ Download forms/collect data ◦ Upload data  ODK Build ◦ Creating forms/ Authoring forms ◦ Publishing forms to Aggregate or XML  ODK Aggregate ◦ Store data/ Data server (Google AppEngine or web server)  ODK Manage – For supervision of research assistants Among other tools ODK components

ODK Build/Notepad Editor XML Forms XML Data Form Authoring (ODK Build/XML Editor) Mobile Engine (ODK Collect) Data Server (ODK Aggregate) XForms XML Data

ODK Collect  Getting Forms from the aggregate server  Filling/Editing Forms (Data collection)  Submitting/ sending Data to the aggregate server  Deleting Saved Forms

open to fill a blank form Open to edit filled I forms before submitting Submit the finalized forms to the aggregate server Get/ download a blank form from the Aggregate server Delete blank saved forms from the mobile

Enter different data types

Saving the form after capturing the data

Open to edit saved forms before finalizing Open to send finalized forms

Review and edit fields/ data of the form, check for errors before submitting the finalized form to the aggregate server

Select the finalized forms to upload the data to the aggregate server after they have been finalized Upload the data of the selected forms

• Pie Chart • Bar Graph • Map Visualize Viewing Data in the aggregate


Viewing Data on Map

Exporting Data Export Data Formats • CSV • KML

ODK Aggregate  Only considering the Google AppEngine here in presentation

Aggregate Front Page

Aggregate: Site Access • Allow anyone with the aggregate account permissions to download forms and submit data • Allows one to create permissions with account and password • data collector • data viewer • form manager • site admin

Aggregate: Form Management Add New Form Two methods of form uploading: • Upload XML file • Upload a form by publishing from ODK build

ODK Build ( Questions/Fields: • Text • Numeric • Date • Location • Media • Barcode • Choose One • Select Multiple • Group • Branch Sign in/Create an account Add questions/fields Menu Bar

Creating a Form using Build • Can create forms using the ODK build GUI • More complex forms easier to write in XML

Publishing the Form • Publishing to Aggregate uploads the blank form/ questionnaire to the host on the Google AppEngine where it can be downloaded using ODK collect App for data collection • Publishing XML allows the user to customize the simple form (logic, appearance, etc) Publish to Aggregate P Publish to XML

– Harder to skip questions – Range checking – Eliminates branching errors – Eliminates transcription errors – Immediate access to data from the server – rapid data aggregation and analyses (Real-time data access) – Portability – Data security – Minimize workforce -Better supervision is possible

– Unlimited data types; Form + GPS location + picture + video + string+ numeric + audio + barcode – Branching sequence – Get GPS location of respondent easily – Cleaner data – standardization of data – Easy connection to other health records e.g. openMRS

Branching sequence Easy to branch

 Minimize workforce  Data Collection the hard way Data collection on mobile phones is easy, effective, and fun!

Turnaround  Typesetting  Photocopy (bulk)  Data Entry Screen Programming  Data Entry  Data Cleaning  Tedious & Bulky  Easy to fake  Time consuming  Limited data type range  Time consuming • Clean data – Range checks, Skip logics, Required fields • Hastens the whole process • No data entry exercise (reduce costs) • Reduced data loss • Reduced bulkiness – just a phone • Ease of monitoring • Increased capacity in collecting qualitative and quantitative data (e.g. Videos, Images, locations, audio recording, barcodes) • Efficient for Mapping surveys • Hustle Free Mobile data collectionPaper questionnaire

Quantitative Consider a two page paper questionnaire and a sample size of 150 respondents with a 100% response rate.

Option Activity Quantity Description Cost Each Sub-total Cost Native Paper Questionnaire Administering Typesetting 2 pages Typesetting draft questionnaire into a word processor 25 50 Photocopy/ printing (150*2pages)=300 Replicating the questionnaires equal to the number of respondents 5 1500 Database and data Entry Screen Programming 1 Interface to be used during data entry and the database design 10,000 10,000 Data Entry 4 data entry clerks Data entry exercise to be carried out in 1 day 1000 4000 Data Cleaning/ data management 1 Cost for eliminating data captured during collection and/or entry erroneously 5500 5500 Grand Total 21,050/= Using ODK Form Authoring/ Developing 1 Developing a two page questionnaire in ODK 9000 9000 Data Management 1 Aggregating the data and delivery in .CSV file (OR even SPSS, STATA formats) and minimal data cleaning if any 6500 6500 Grand Total 15500/= Comparing the costs! The difference widens as the number of pages and sample size increases

The process 1. List questions 2. Design Questionnaire An officer list the questions a survey may consist with other data types such as Pictures, GPS, Audio, etc The officer designs the forms with xForm designer/ Odk build with good controls and features, in an electronic survey form. Access rights and controls e.g. skip logics are then assigned by officer. Uploads the forms to aggregate 3. Download forms Enumerators download the survey form remotely using ODK Collect app on their android phone. 4. View data on server The officer manages and conducts analysis of the data collected or export the data to external systems like Google Fusion Tables or ArcGis for further analysis and sharing information

Application Designer Server Storage Phone Clients .CSV, .KML, Google Spreadsheet, Fusion Tables e.t.c user interaction interface create data store Collected data

 completing surveys about households  Microfinance institution tracking transactions from lenders and borrowers.  Crisis mapper tasked to capture images and locations of damaged areas after a hurricane.  Collecting multimedia data –audio, video  Baseline surveys and project evaluations for collecting both quantitative data and qualitative data (Audio recording)

Form Authoring Mobile Engine Data Server XForms Completed XForms CellLife, EpiSurveyor, OpenXData, Open Data Kit JavaROSA, OpenXData mobile, ODK-collect Cell Life, EpiSurveyor, OpenXData, ODK aggregate XML Forms XML Data

 Open Data Kit provides organizations with a new way to build information services for developing regions. The modular, extensible and open-source design allows picking and choosing tools best suited for specific deployments.  ODK differs from other platforms and has unlimited set of tools  Ongoing deployments has proven success.  ODK system architecture of enables a large and varied set of applications for developing regions.

 Using of Mysql Data server – No actual cost incurred, no limitations on data accessibility

 - successful implementations  - All ODK tools  –Form building tool  -Purcform form designer tool  /list -ODK Downloads list  implementation-companies/

Visit our website at: or contact me via: / Cell: +254-727-094536


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