Mobile Computing and its Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

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Information about Mobile Computing and its Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications

Published on October 19, 2018

Author: DigitalThinkerHelp


Welcome to DigitalThinkerHelp: Welcome to DigitalThinkerHelp In this Presentation we will Discuss about Mobile Computing and its Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications Mobile Computing: Wireless communication Mobile Computing and its applications that is generic technology that refers to numerous devices that are supportable to access transmitted data likes voice , video and text any time and any where over the wireless network infrastructure. Mobile Computing Applications of Mobile Computing: Applications of Mobile Computing Advantages of Mobile Computing: Increasing productivity Entertainment Portability Cloud Computing Advantages of Mobile Computing Cloud Computing : This service is available to save documents on online servers and whenever you make a connection to the Internet, they are able to access them at any time and anywhere and these files can be used for many mobile devices or even That can also access on PC. Cloud Computing Portability: The main advantages of this, you are not bound to one Zone . It help to access any wireless devices without place boundation . Portability Entertainment: For entertainment purposes, mobile devices can be used for both people and customers for personal and even presentations. Entertainment Increasing Productivity:  Mobile devices can be used in the field of various instruments, so reducing time and cost for customers and themselves. Increasing Productivity Slide9: Battery consumption hindrance Interference is persisted in shielding. Inefficient bandwidth in transmission. Connection losses over entire network. Network stability. Interoperability problem. Protection constraints. Thank You for Visiting: Website - E-Mail Id - Thank You for Visiting

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