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Information about MOBILE CLONING 1

Published on March 23, 2010

Author: sorabh2312


Slide 1: A SEMINAR REPORT ON MOBILE CLONNING SUBMITTED BY: SORABH GUPTA EC-1 INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION TECHNICAL REVOLUTION TWO FACES OF TECHNOLOGY RISK FACTOR WHAT IS MOBILE CLONING : WHAT IS MOBILE CLONING Cell phone cloning is copying the identity of one mobile telephone to another mobile telephone. Usually this is done for making fraudulent telephone calls. HOW IT IS DONE : HOW IT IS DONE Cloning involved modifying or replacing the EPROM in the phones with a new chip, which would allow you to configure ESN via software You would also have to change the MIN When you had successfully changed ESN/MIN pair, your phone was an effective clone of the other phone. DIAGRAMATIC REPRESENTATION OF ACTUAL PROCESS : DIAGRAMATIC REPRESENTATION OF ACTUAL PROCESS WHAT IS AN ESN/MIN PAIR : WHAT IS AN ESN/MIN PAIR The ESN is the serial number of your cellular telephone and a MIN is simply the phone number of cellular telephone . HOW THIEVES DETECT ESN/MIN PAIR Cellular thieves can capture ESN/MIN using devices such as cell phone reader or digital data interpreter(DDI). These devices specially manufactured to intercept ESN/MINs FRAUD EXAMPLES : FRAUD EXAMPLES Roaming fraud Criminal users Technical method IMPACT OF CLONING : IMPACT OF CLONING LOSS OF REVENUE ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES HOW CAN ORGANIZATIONS HELP THEMSELVES NEVER STORING CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION ALWAYS SET PIN ALL DEVICES SHOULD BE COVERED BY A CORPORATE POLICY TECHNOLOGY USED TO TO TACKLE THE MENCE : TECHNOLOGY USED TO TO TACKLE THE MENCE DUPLICATE DETECTION VELOCITY TRAP USER / USAGE PROFILING CALL COUNTING VOICE SAMPLING PIN CODES Slide 10: KEEP IN TOUCH WITH YOUR BILL DETAILS ALWAYS USE SOME SECURITY CODE BEFORE CALL LIKE CALL BARRIER SERVICE

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