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Information about Mobile Applications and Mobile Advertising

Published on May 22, 2009

Author: indigo102



Overview of mobile applications, enhancing the offering, distribution and commercialising services.


MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 ABOUT US • Established 2002 • Headquarters in Copenhagen (DK) • Branch offices in Denver (US) and London (UK) • 50+ employees • Backed by Nordic VC (Via Venture)

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 WHAT WE DO • Develop mobile applications for leading directory publishers, media owners and brands – Pan European, North America, Australasia and South Africa • Advertising Network and Sales operation in Nordics – Manage 95% of media owner’s banner inventory in home market

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 MOBILE is already a reality that is growing by the day

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 MOBILE ENVIRONMENT Active mobile Internet users Demonstrates a high % of mobile Internet activity is being generated from new device purchasers. 24.8% 26.1% Acquired device in month Less than one year prior to month 9.7% One to three years prior to month 19.9% Over three years prior to month 11.3% Other Source: M:Metrics 2008

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 MOBILE ENVIRONMENT Device type (Active mobile Internet usage) Demonstrates a high % of mobile Internet activity is being generated from mid tier devices. 34.2% SmartPhone 65.8% Non SmartPhone Source: M:Metrics 2008

UK MOBILE AD MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 ENVIRONMENT • UK mobile ad revenues almost £30m (£28.6m*) – 49.8% display based (Banners, text links etc.) – 50.2% search based • Represents a 99.2% year on year growth • Most Interactive media platform, delivering results – Average click-rates 0.7% on branding campaigns – Average click-rates on 1.2% competition campaigns *Souce: IAB 2009

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 MOBILE is another channel but it has very different characteristics to fixed online

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 REALITY Reality of ‘mobile’ Consumers when ‘mobile’ • device is very personal • typically want something • communication medium • immediacy is often critical • lifestyle orientated • patience and tolerance is far less • user is paying (or perceives to be) • relevance is key • no-one ever reads a manual • pulling information is not an issue • device is generally difficult to use • actionable is a pre-requisite (relatively poor interface)

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 MOBILE = COMMUNICATION & SOCIAL Both natural parts of our life

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 APPLICATION ECOLOGY Mobile eco system drive towards mass adoption 1st tier - social & community tools 2nd tier - functional tools (lifestyle choice) (lifestyle supportive) 3rd tier - information tools (24hr’ism & personal)

SOCIAL / SEARCH SERVICES (new one´s coming every day)

24hr SNAP SHOT MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 Time 6am -9am 9am-12pm 12pm-3pm 3pm-6pm 6pm-9pm 9pm-12am 12am-3am 3am-6am Top 5 Taxi Doctor Pub Pub Restaurant Taxi Taxi Taxi Pub Hairdresser Restaurant Restaurant Chinese Takeaway Takeaway Pub Doctor Taxi Hairdresser Taxi Takeaway Chinese Pizza Takeaway Dentist Dentist Taxi Hotel Taxi Restaurant Pub Pizza Hotel Garage Hotel Hairdresser Pub Pub Hotel Hotel New in top 5 Doctor Hairdresser Pub - Chinese - Pizza - Dentist Garage Restaurant Takeaway Hotel New in top Vet, Tyres, Estate agents Pet shop Chinese Indian Night club & Massage Sex 20 Cafe, Cinema, Beauty salon Fancy dress Public house bars Kebab Fast food Post office, Plumber Opticians Police Petrol station School, B&B Plumbers Pharmacies, Chip shop Escort Florists, Fish and chips Garage Out of top 20 Sex, Fast Pharmacies Plumbers Opticians School Fish and chips Public house Kebab food, Petrol Beauty salon Estate agents Chip shop B&B Indian station, Night Vet Fancy dress Cinema clubs, Post office Chinese Plumbers, Bank Massage, Pet shop Escort, Police, Pizza, Take- away Behaviour HEALTH HEALTH DRINK & DRINK & DRINK & DRINK & DRINK & DRINK & keywords ISSUE ISSUE FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD NEED HOTEL THE CAR BEAUTY BEAUTY GET A TAXI GET A TAXI SEX SEX GET A TAXI BEAUTY NEED HOTEL NEED HOTEL NEED HOTEL NEED HOTEL GET A TAXI GET A TAXI GET A TAXI GET A TAXI GET A TAXI The story People wake Realise that Start planning Plan the night, From practical Enjoy mode Should think Now really do up and find out the car is the night; mode to enjoy with less fish about getting need to get that they need broken, where can I mode and chips home. home. medical starting to feel watch the Sexual need Sexual need. support. better. Get sport, and Need petrol They take a looking good must book and plumber taxi . for tonight. restaurant.


MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 PRESENCE = LOGICAL, RELEVANT & TRUSTABLE The ’how’, ’why’ and ’what’ is so important

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 SOLUTIONS Focus: Consumer engagement (niche or mass market) • user centric • multi-platform • solid technology • high volume capable infrastructure • commercially optimised

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 ENGAGEMENT = ATTRACTIVE, FUNCTIONAL & EASY TO USE Services have to offer utility and deliver results

FEATURES • Speed and ease of use – auto-suggestion – auto-location – search integration • Utility – content integration – multi-media – personalisation • Device or service specific – iPhone (shake and swipe, look-up) – feed management – action and share (viral)


DISTRIBUTION Focus: Consumer engagement (niche or mass market) Direct: • Re-directed • Leveraged In-direct: • Dedicated • Broadcast • Unchartered • Affiliated

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 REVENUE = RELEVANT, INFLUENCING & ACTIONABLE Everything should firstly deliver value

COMMERCIALISATION Focus: Delivering valuable inventory (attribute driven) • inventory development and management • campaign integration • campaign development

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 REPORTING = KNOWLEDGE, COMPARISON & EVOLUTION Everything in mobile is potentially measureable

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 MEASUREMENT DISCOVERY ENGAGEMENT REVENUE • distribution channel • in-service activity • campaign tracking

MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 RECOMMENDATION • Optimise services towards mobile • Improve accessibility and enhance reach • Utilise key distribution channels • Trial commercialisation • Benchmark The Telegraph (iPhone)

Carsten Gildum Martin Wilson SVP Sales & Co-founder SVP Business Development m: +45(0) 28192858 m: +44(0) 7912 688691 e: e: TOLDBODGADE 12, 1253 COPENHAGEN K, DENMARK COPENHAGEN - DENVER - LONDON

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