Mobile Ad hoc networking

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Information about Mobile Ad hoc networking

Published on May 30, 2014

Author: hizbul25



Mobile Ad hoc networking


 To ensure the survivability of sub sources.  To reduce the maintainance cost of the network.  To ensure data transfer among all the nodes in a network.  The data packet delivery ratio must be sufficiently high  The data transmission delay must be as less as possible. 2 Objectives of Research

3  Collection of self configurable mobile node connected through wireless links  Without aid of any existing network infrastructure or central access point  Each node participating in the network acts both as host and a router  Characteristics of MANETs :  dynamic topology  node mobility  large number of degree of freedom  self-organizing capability What is MANET

 Node mobility in an ad hoc network causes frequently change the network topology. D A C B E F D A C B E F 4 Basic Concept of MANET

Application Area  Military battle field  Commercial Sector  Local level  Civil Application  Personal Area Network(PAN) 5

Design Issue and Challanges  Topology, Mobility, Robustness  Capacity and Efficiency  Energy Consumption  Quality of Service and Resource Management  Security and reliability  Scalability 6

7 Problem Specification of Existing System Existing System Analysis

 The cost of main source is high  The main source is required more energy to run  System damage possibility is high  High traffic in main source.  Coupling between main source and sub- sources and sub-source and regions node 8 Continue...

Proposed Solution  Replace main source by sub-sources  Ensuring sub-source survivability  Select new sub-source absence of sub-source 9

Continue... 10  Sub-Sources  Reciver Node  Forwarding Node 10

 Sub-Sources  Reciver Node  Forwarding Node 11 Continue...

source Conn. Nodes Dest. Conn. Nodes Broadcast ROUTE REQUEST packet Nodes check the duplicity of packet; if the packet is duplicate the discarded otherwise continue the process ROUTE REPLY packet to source telling how to get destination Increment Hop count, rebroadcast the ROUTE REQUEST packet to adjacent nodes and store info in its reverse route table Check the dest. sequence number 1 2 3 Step 2 is repeated until the dest. node is found Dest. node is found and it unicast a ROUTE REPLY packet from where it got the ROUTE REQUEST packet 4 Source Addres s Reques t ID Dest. Add. Source Seqn. # Dest. Seqn.# Hop count ROUTE REQUEST Source Address Dest. Addrss Dest. Sequence # Hop count Lifetime ROUTE REPLY

Continue... 13 A D E F I G H

Conclusion The existing system is working well with main source. But in the absence of that main soure hole system will be damaged. We proposed a solution in this case of problem, where main source will be absence and sub-source are connected with each other when they want to send data in a network. Hence nodes are dynamic and infrastructure less ,there is a great challange in this way of solution. To overcome these challange, a specific node will query a neigbour node in multicast network and send ROUTE REQUEST. Repeating this process data transfer between two node will be done. 14

References  [1] G.Vijaya Kumar et. al. / (IJCSE) International Journal on Computer Science and Engineering  Vol. 02, No. 03, 2010, 706-713  [2] M.S. Corson and V. Park, “A Highly Adaptive Distributed Routing Algorithm for Mo-bile Wireless Networks,”Proc. IEEE INFOCOM ’97, Kobe, Japan, April 1997.  [3] E. Bommaiah, M. Liu, A. McAuley, and R. Talpade, “AMRoute: Adhoc Multicast  Routing Protocol,” Internet Draft, drafts/draft-talpade-manet-amroute-00.txt  [4 ]  [5] › ... › Network Design / IT 15

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