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Information about Mob Grazing Management

Published on March 3, 2014

Author: chrisjstelzer


Description In this presentation I make learning how to improve your grazing management easy. We cover how plants grow and why you need to know that to harvest the maximum amount of solar energy falling on your land. I talk about 3 easy to use (and free) animal performance monitoring techniques. We then move on to physically managing livestock with portable electric fencing and then the differences mob grazing can make on your land. High density grazing is also defined. We conclude the presentation with some advanced techniques for more experienced ranchers and graziers.

Grazing Management Webinar Hosted by: Chris Stelzer

This is for you if . . . ❖ Grow more forage for your livestock! ❖ Improve Animal Health and Fertility! ❖ Make More Money! ❖ Take Control of Your Success! ❖ Build Soil & Biodiversity on Your Farm

Who am I? Chris Stelzer • Intern with Greg Judy - Author of “No Risk Ranching” & “Comeback Farms”! ! • Internship at James Ranch! ! • Intern with Ian Mitchell-Innes - Highly sought after Holistic Management Instructor! ! • Founder of Ag Insights

How Do Plants Grow? ❖ Photosynthesis - A Chemical Reaction! ! ! ! ❖ H2O + CO2 + Sunlight = Photosynthesis and Release of O2! ❖ So, we have Hydrogen (H) and CO2 left over to create sugars and starches

Hydrogen ❖ “Hydrogen is Energy, it Sends Rockets to the Moon!” Ian Mitchell-Innes! ❖ The most Hydrogen is located in the area of the plants where the most sunlight is falling. Where is that?! ❖ In the top 1/3 of the plants! ❖ If Hydrogen is in the top 1/3 of plants and it’s Energy….! ❖ Then GRAZE it!!

Real World “1/3 Rule”

Another Example of 1/3

Pruning a Rose ❖ When you prune a rose, it become bushier! ❖ The same is true with many species of forage! ❖ This is how you can dramatically increase the amount of forage you grow! Photo: Gardenverve

Monitoring Animal Performance ❖ Many people don’t stop to look at their animals!!!! ❖ They think yes, all of this rotational grazing stuff is great, so they focus on the land.! ❖ Your livestock are just as important and provide the cash flow for your land investment. ! ❖ Pay attention to them!

Monitoring Animal Performance Gut Fill

Monitoring Urine pH ❖ Ideal urine pH of a cow is 7! ! ❖ If the pH is 7, she will most likely be in very good health and fertile

Manure Quality ❖ The quality of the manure is so important!!! ❖ This lets you know how the cows rumen is functioning and if she’s getting enough of what she needs! ❖ Also indicates improper balances in the diet

Monitoring Land Health ❖ Litter ! ❖ Azotobacter! ❖ Ian’s Ranch

Litter Litter is dead plant material that covers the soil surface

Bad Litter Cover!


Ian’s Ranch ❖ Azotobacter (Nitrogen fixers, eat the same thing as livestock)! ❖ Chlorophyll (Green Pigment in Plants)! ❖ More Green = More Photosynthesis Happening = More ENERGY IN PLANTS!

Water ❖ Water quality is hugely important!! ❖ Story about an Elephant! ❖ Anaerobes give stagnant water an off flavor for the livestock! ❖ ANAEROBES = BAD!

Supplements ❖ Supplements are a double edged sword! ❖ ❖ Some supplements if used responsibly can lead to healthier livestock which consequently leads to you making more money. ! However, you have to do the numbers!

Supplements ❖ Some supplements have an “intangible” benefit! ❖ Free Coice Minerals! ❖ Livestock choose what minerals they need.! ❖ You are also remineralizing the soil because most of the mineral is “Wasted” out the backside of the animal

Supplements The first order of business is Proper Grazing Management. Then you can think about adding supplements when you have the money/desire. “A Mineral Excess is WORSE Than a Deficiency!” -Mark Bader

Advanced Techniques Inclusion Zones Before

Inclusion Zones After

Observation ❖ Observation is SO Important!!! ❖ Get out there and observe your livestock.! ❖ ❖ ❖ Observed from a distance! Then move up close! What did you notice? ! ❖ Did their behavior change when they saw you?! ❖ Were they grazing or bawling or laying down?

Action Items ❖ Maximize the amount of solar energy you are collecting on your farm/ranch! ❖ Graze that energy in the most efficient way possible (“1/3 Rule”)! ❖ Monitor Animal Performance! ❖ ❖ Urine pH! ❖ ❖ Gut Fill! Manure Quality! Monitor Land Health! ❖ ❖ ❖ Litter - Cover your soil!! ! Ian’s ranch - Management is the difference! Water! ❖ Agitate water to oxygenate. Anaerobes = BAD!! ❖ Supplements can be used after you improve Grazing Management. Don’t break the bank!! ❖ Advanced Techniques - Experiment with Inclusion Zones! ❖ Observation - Observe your livestock & land. Ask questions and try to answer them

The Grazing Book

Here’s what will happen. . . ❖ Effectively and easily monitor animal performance! ❖ Learn how to graze forage when it has the most energy! ❖ Understand the body language of your livestock to make management decisions ! ❖ Learn how to stockpile your entire farm/ranch as a drought reserve! ❖ Supplementing livestock - how and why! ❖ Determine stock density! ❖ Grazing in high and low rainfall environments

What does this mean for you? ❖ More Confidence!! ❖ More freedom! ❖ Less time feeding hay (a penny saved is a penny earned)! ❖ A more enjoyable experience you can pass along to the next generation! ❖ A new understanding of grazing management! ❖ The ability to make sound management decisions instead of guessing

You may be thinking. . . ❖ I can’t afford this! ❖ This isn’t right for me! ❖ I don’t have time for this!

The Grazing Book $37 ❖ 140-page eBook with lots of color photos that can be read on any device

The Audiobook $34 ❖ Audiobook version of The Grazing Book! ❖ Easy to use MP3 format plays on ANY device

Testimonials ❖ “I think the book was a good read, especially for someone new to high density mob grazing. A lot of the information for me was old hand, however it is always good to get a refresher and to fine tune your operation. Thanks,” - Bart! ❖ “It was a good read. I've read Judy and Salatin and been to Jim Gerrish's grazing school.  You've put info into easy English. Thank You!” - Rose Mary ! ❖ “I read your book over the weekend, awesome. Cant wait to try some of the ideas on our farm!” -Richard! ❖ “Chris, the ebook is very informative for beginners and experienced ranchers and those familiar with rotational and mob grazing and electric fence systems. I am always looking for what works for other grazers in the way of designs and products. I have to tell you, you taught an old dog a new trick- ph testing for protein/energy balance. Best new tip I've seen this year.  Brilliant! Keep up the good work.” - Sally

Get The Grazing Book Bundle ($71) $52 26%Savings

Here’s what you get… ❖ Chapter 1: Grazing Forages! ❖ Chapter 2: Monitoring Animal Performance! ❖ Chapter 3: Physical Livestock Management! ❖ Chapter 4: Monitoring Land Health! ❖ Chapter 5: Water! ❖ Chapter 6: Supplements! ❖ Chapter 7: Advanced Techniques! ❖ Chapter 8: Handling Facilities! ❖ Chapter 9: Sheep & Goats! ❖ Chapter 10: Cattle Genetics! ❖ Chapter 11: Observation

If you buy and you don’t like it and let me know within 30 days, I will FULLY REFUND your money, no questions asked.

Instant Access

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