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Published on June 27, 2014

Author: WordStream



an unusual introduction to PPC and AdWords

CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 1 The Weirdest Intro to PPC Ever! 10+ Years of PPC Experience in Just 40 Minutes Larry Kim, Founder/CTO, WordStream June 27, 2014

Win One of Two $25 Amazon Gift Cards!! • Include the hashtag #wordstream and me (@larrykim) in your tweets • Prizes Awarded For: –Best Tip –Funniest Tweet Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

About Me Larry Kim (@larrykim) • Founder & CTO of WordStream • Commander of the Google AdWords Quality Score Rebellion • Had a Kid 7 Weeks Ago (#ppckid) Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream

Today’s Agenda: Weirdest Intro to PPC Ever 1. How AdWords Really Works 2. Winning at AdWords the Weird Way – Tips for Writing Killer Ads / Picking Keywords – Tips for Writing Amazing Offers – User Context & Mobile Search – Converting Customers with Remarketing Larry Kim (@larrykim)


The Rules of the AdWords Game

Understanding the AdWords Auction CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 7

How Quality Score Impacts Ad Position • AdWords is Like Real Estate: It’s all about Location! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

How is Quality Score Calculated?

Google Expects WAY More of Your Ads! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

QS is Based on Your CTR vs. Expected CTR! Larry Kim (@larryim) #mnsearch

What’s an Average Quality Score in 2014?

Avg. Quality Score Has Been Falling. • Today, average score is 5/10. Previously was 7/10! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

How Does Quality Score Impact Cost Per Click?

How Quality Score Impacts Actual CPC Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch


How Does Quality Score Impact Impressions?

Impression Share vs. Quality Score • AdWords is Like Real Estate: It’s all about Location! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream #mnsearch

How Does Ad Position Impact Conversion Rates?

Do Certain Ad Positions Convert Better?? Larry Kim (@larrykim)

Conv. Rate vs. Average Search Position Larry Kim (@larrykim)

How Does Quality Score Impact Cost Per Action?

Cost Per Conversion Greatly Impacted by QS Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

The Impact of Quality Score on Cost Per Conversion Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

But High QS Not Possible In My Industry! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream

B2B Industry Quality Scores Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Finance Industry Quality Scores Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Ecommerce Industry Quality Scores Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream

But Google Says Don’t Obsess Over QS! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream

“Low CTR” = Losing PPC Strategy

Quick Recap 1. Below Avg. CTR = Low QS 2. Low CTR ads:  Have Lower Ad Positions (Fewer Clicks)  Often don’t even get displayed  Get penalized w/ up to 400% higher CPCs  Have up to 64% higher cost per conversion Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

The High CTR Game for AdWords 1. Be Very Picky. Bid on Only the Best Keywords and Get HIGH CTRs. 2. Delete Junk Keywords (Bottom Third of your Account) Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

How To Write Insanely Great PPC Ads

What’s a Good CTR? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

• Even the “Winner” is a Loser! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 37

Your Best Ad Might Be Crap Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

How Great Can My CTR Be?? (You’d be surprised)

Click Through Rate Varies A Lot!! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Some Ads Do 2x, 3x or 6x Above Avg!? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Under-Performing vs. Unicorns Percentile Vs. Expected CTR Name Bottom 50% Below Expected CTR Under- Performing Advertisers Top 15% 2X Higher Awesome Advertisers Top 5% 3x Higher Super Awesome Advertisers Top 1% 6x Higher!! Unicorns Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

@larrykim Ad Unicorns?! (6x Avg. CTR!)

Ad Text Testing • Same Story – 20% of Ads Generate 92% of Spend • 20% of Ads Generated 65% of Impressions • But CPA, CTR, and Conversion Rates vary @larrykim, @perrymarshall

1. Keywords With High Commercial Intent Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Does Dynamic Keyword Insertion Matter?

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

2. Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

2. DKI Doesn’t Produce As Many Unicorns Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Do Ad Extensions Matter?

What Are “Ad Extensions”? 51 Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

3. Ad Extensions Impact on Click Through Rate Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

3. Ad Extensions Impact on Quality Scores Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

How To Write “Unicorn” Ads

4. Most Ads Suck. Create Emotional Ads. 55 Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Creating “Emotional” Ads Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

An Example: Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Versus… Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

You Need To Test 100 Ads To Find 1 Unicorn.

Relative Abundance Name Percentile Relative Abundance Vs. Expected CTR Awesome Ads Top 15% 1:6.7 2X Higher Super Awesome Ads Top 5% 1:20 3x Higher Unicorns Top 1% 1:100 6x Higher!! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

You’re Not Testing as Many Ads as You Think… Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

It’s Not as Hard As You Think

Most Small Businesses Aren’t That Active Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream #mnsearch

85% of Impressions are From 5% of Ads Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Converting Clicks Into Leads

The Great Landing Page Optimization Fairy Tale • We Changed the: – Font Type – Spacing – Button Color – Image – Etc. • We got a 5% Increase in Conversions!!* Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Typical Conversion Rate Optimization Test • PTD- Premature Testing Dilemma (aka “Optimizatitis”) – The Early Lead Disappears! – We want to believe our hard work paid off but we are often deluding ourselves… Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Conventional Landing Page Optimization is Over-Rated • Small Changes Result in Small Changes • The x% Increase you think you got probably isn’t significant! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Re-Arranging Deck Chairs On the Titanic Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

What’s a Good Conversion Rate?

What’s a Good Conversion Rate? Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Unremarkable vs. Unicorns Distribution Point Conversion Rate Vs Average Comments Average 2.35% Unremarkable Top 25% 5.31% 2x Awesome Top 10% 11.45% 3-5x Unicorns Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream

“top 10% of accounts have a CVR 3x average” rule Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch Distribution Point All accounts Ecommerce Legal B2B Finance Median Conversion Rate 2.35% 1.84% 2.07% 2.23% 5.01% Top 25% Conversion Rate 5.31% 3.71% 4.12% 4.31% 11.19% Top 10% Conversion Rate 11.45% 6.25% 6.46% 11.70% 24.48%

Aim For 2-5x Increases Not 2-5%! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

@larrykim Landing Page Unicorns?! (+3x Avg. Conversion Rate!)

What Do Landing Page Unicorns Look Like?

1. Change The Offer Larry Kim (@larrykim) #wordstream


How to Know if your Offer Stinks • Average or Below Average Conversion Rates • Ask Your Customer! CONFIDENTIAL – DO NOT DISTRIBUTE 79

2. Change The Flow. Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

2. New Flow: Registration At End Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Another Example of Changing The Flow Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Changing the Flow: Let Them Choose Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

You Need To Try Out 10 Landing Pages To Find 1 Unicorn

Relative Abundance Name Percentile Relative Abundance Vs. Expected Conversion Rate Awesome Landing Pages Top 25% 1:4 2x Higher Unicorns Top 10% 1:10 5x Higher!! Larry Kim (@larrykim)

Larry Kim (@larrykim)

This is the same landing page with different spacing… Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Again, It’s Not as Hard AsYou Think

80% of Traffic Goes to 10% of Landing Pages Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

The Bar for Landing Page Excellence is (Very) Low Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

You Don’t Need Dozens of Landing Pages… Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

But You Don’t Need Dozens of Landing Pages… Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Understanding Mobile PPC

Larry Kim (@larrykim) Source: BIA/Kelsey

Larry Kim (@larrykim) OMG a Call Button!!

Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch Call Extensions Radically Change The Flow! Calls to Businesses worth on Average 3x More Than Clicks to Websites!! 4. Captured Lead 2. Calls Business 2. Clicks On Ad Desktop Search Conversion Funnel 3% Avg. Conversion Rate Mobile Conversion Funnel 1. Sees Ad 1. Sees Ad 3. Visits Website Landing Page 3. Lead Captured!!

Larry Kim (@larrykim) No, You Don’t Need A Mobile Website!

Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch Avg. CTR Drops Off VERY Fast on Mobile

Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch Mobile Impression Share VERY Competitive

Converting Traffic with Remarketing

Typical Conversion Rates Are in Single Digits of people who visit a website leave without completing the actions marketers want them to take ~97% Your Ad Your Site X - of people abandon their shopping cart without completing a purchase 70% Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

How Remarketing Works Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Typical Reach of Remarketing… 1. Reach 2. Frequency 3. DiversityOn various pagesReach more users Reach them frequently Of the typical remarketing audience, find Reach them on between As they visit 20 or more pages on a typical day across 84% …within a month 10-18 days … or more out of the month 5-10 sites … of which all pages and sites have ad space available to Google Display Network buyers Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Audience Definition Strategy • Funnel and Product Based List Segmentation Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

WordStream’s Remarketing Ads • Ads that both reinforce your brand while driving to a conversion! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Impact on Repeat User Rate • New Visitor Rate Fell From 79.8% to 66.63% • (Meaning, Visitors are Now Returning) Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Impact on User Engagement • Time on Site Increased from 1:33 to 4:35 (TRIPLED!!) Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Remarketing = Your Secret Weapon Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

1. Delete Bottom Third of your Search Marketing Campaigns 2. Redeploy Budget to Remarketing!! Crazy PPC Strategy!! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Summary: Weirdest Intro to PPC Ever 1. Just Say No to Low CTR! 2. Write Insane Ads that Get 3x Avg. CTR 3. Crazy Offers that Get 3x Conversion Rates 4. Use Mobile Search to Triple ROI 5. Convert Customers with Remarketing Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

Thank You MNSearch & ThinkSEM! Larry Kim (@larrykim) #mnsearch

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