MNE RI and Globalization

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Information about MNE RI and Globalization

Published on March 17, 2008

Author: iloor


Slide 1: Elaborated by: Ignacio W Loor-Colamarco, MIBA - Economist REGIONAL INTEGRATION AND COOPERATION: Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo Reading # 2 Regional Integration and Globalizing Markets Slide 2: MULTINATIONAL FIRMS, REGIONAL INTEGRATION AND GLOBALIZING MARKETS: Implications for Developing Countries MERIT – Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF INFONOMICS 2005 Rajneesh Narula Professor of International Business RegulationDepartment of EconomicsUniversity of Reading Elaborated by: Ignacio W Loor-Colamarco, MIBA - Economist Slide 3: Paper objective: Examine the effect of regional integration (RI) on Multinational Enterprises (MNE) strategies. How the allocation of foreign direct investment (FDI) flows with new RI schemes. Fundamentals: Globalization is an effect, not a cause. No economy skips from being tightly linked to the rest of the world, and this is an ongoing accelerated and unavoidable process. Economic integration is a cause, not an effect. RI can be manipulated and controlled. Key Terms: Elaborated by: Ignacio W Loor-Colamarco, MIBA - Economist Slide 4: Key Concepts: Non-Liberalized Economy: Import-substituting policies are in force Liberalized Economy: Floating currencies, reduction of tariff and non-tariff barriers, reduction of local content requirements, removal of export requirement from MNEs, reduction of subsidies, and Privatization of some state-owned assets North-North Integration: Refers to an integration between nations in the upper hemisphere, usually industrialized economies North-South Integration: Refers to a sort of integration between a nation in the upper hemisphere and another in the lower one. Or, an industrialized and a non-industrialized countries Country Distinction on this Paper: Group I: Less developed countries with little or no domestic industrial capacity Group II: Countries that possess an intermediate level of domestic capacity Group III: Industrialized countries Elaborated by: Ignacio W Loor-Colamarco, MIBA - Economist Slide 5: Motives for Multinational Investment: TO SEEK NATURAL RESOURCES: Where a region or country possesses an absolute advantage in a given scarce resource. TO SEEK NEW MARKETS: Usually requires sizeable population and projection of growth in demand. TO RESTRUCTURE EXISTING FOREIGN PRODUCTION THROUGH RATIONALIZATION: Search for efficiency improvement, usually engaged in export-oriented resource-seeking TO SEEK STRATEGICALLY RELATED CREATED ASSETS: Assets with high or steady growth rate , formal financial markets Forms of Multinational Investment: TMR, RPS, WPM, RPM, SRPM Elaborated by: Ignacio W Loor-Colamarco, MIBA - Economist Slide 6: Debate: This paper analyzes how Multinationals Investments respond to both globalization and regional integration processes. The author concludes that FDI in regional integration among less developed countries have not been beneficial. If that statement is accurate, do you consider worthy for less developed countries to wholly liberalize their economies and form regional integrations with the exclusive purpose of attracting FDI? Elaborate on this question and post your comments on the virtual classroom Elaborated by: Ignacio W Loor-Colamarco, MIBA - Economist

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