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Published on February 27, 2016

Author: sanbag


1. mm bagali, phd professor of strategic HRM, Brand Ambassador, Asian HR Board, India JAIN University CMS Business School / Bangalore

2. “envisioning- for tomorrow” Leaders the perceptive ahead……. by, Bagali

3. Five Perceptive 1. changes in business format !! 2. challenges for business and HR leaders !! 3. where will we find tomorrow leaders !! 4. five future for India !! 5. “Envisioning - Leaders for Tomorrow”….

4. Change on Business format 1. emergence of Global Economy 2. knowledge Economy 3. network globally 4. global Operations 5. gen Y 6. women workforce

5. Challenges for Business and HR leaders!!! 1. competition 2. quality Standards 3. global Presence 4. branding 1. talent 2. engagement 3. faith in HR Profession

6. Where will we find Tomorrows Leaders !!! business school 1. rigor 2. relevance 3. exposure 4. experience 5. Managers X Leaders ???

7. Five Future for India!!! 1.highly educated teachers 2.mega projects in all cities 3.start-Ups and entrepreneurs 4.women workforce in majority education to take the shoot

8. Business Education in 21st Century, and forward…. value skill Development engaging global feel experimental take charge work with complexity

9. Business Student Leaders should come with…. making difference to world framework Models / strategy perspectives creating new business create + take oppournities improve society life shaping the society / community

10. Future Leaders…… understand the Political Systems understand the Public Administration engage in dialogue and debate create and establish Best practices Understand the BIG Picture

11. HR Leaders… CHROs Arent’s Just HR Leaders anymore CHROs are the Business Leaders

12. “Envisioning - Leaders for Tomorrow” Trust Us Believe Us Faith in Us Build Confidence Develop credibility Take charge Thrilled Pride`

13. “Envisioning - Leaders for Tomorrow” Academic approach 1. Not just module or two, entire 2-3 courses on leadership 2. Major Projects in Leadership area 3. Scholarship/ Fellowship for leadership projects 4. PhD work in Leadership issues and models development 5. Post Doctoral work in Leadership 6. ‘Chair’ for Leadership studies, ……

14. “Envisioning - Leaders for Tomorrow” Practicing approach 1. Spend time with PMO office 2. Spend time with CEO office 3. Spend time with an International Agencies 4. Spend time with an……..

15. “Envisioning - Leaders for Tomorrow” How can great leaders create, for themselves and others, a sense of abundance[meaning, purpose, hope, pleasure] that engages all…..

16. As we rethink MBA education for the present and next century … we ought to be paying more attention to some of the skills that might only come from practice, and that should make them stand out from Crowd….. Leadership is all about this !!

17. Envisioning Leaders for Tomorrow with Global Mind Set …….can be from Raisoni Group of Institutes

18. mm bagali, phd I T h a n k Y o u A l l P r e p a r e f o r t h e f u t u r e

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