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Published on January 18, 2008

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SunGard Availability Services Business Continuity Planning Kickoff Meeting May 16, 2006:  SunGard Availability Services Business Continuity Planning Kickoff Meeting May 16, 2006 Slide2:  Date: May 16, 2005 Time: 8:25 AM Location: Middletown, CT Event: MLN- Business-as-Usual Disaster Scenario – Incident Response:  Disaster Scenario – Incident Response Date: May 16, 2006 Time: 8:30 AM Location: Middlesex Corporate Center Event: Initial Response The building fire alarm sounds All personnel must immediately evacuate the building No one is allowed into the building Smoke & flames can be seen coming from the building Fire department responds to the situation Key MLN personnel are notified of the incident Disaster Scenario – Incident Response:  Who has “tactical” control of the situation for MLN? Should the MLN senior staff meet somewhere? Where are all of the employees? How long can MLN be “unavailable”? Are the telephones still operational? Is the data center technology operational? What do we know about the situation? Do we have a “disaster” situation? Disaster Scenario – Incident Response Disaster Scenario – Incident Response:  Disaster Scenario – Incident Response Date: May 16, 2006 Time: 10:30 AM Elapsed Time: 2 Hours Location: Middlesex Corporate Center Event: Assessment The fire is extinguished No injuries reported and all MLN personnel are accounted for Building personnel inform MLN – no occupancy for 30 Days Initial Damage Assessment (preliminary findings): No power to data center / building No network inter-connectivity Data Center infrastructure / systems have water and fire damage All work-area has “some” damage (water / smoke fire) No building occupancy allowed due to possible structural damage Disaster Scenario – Incident Response:  Is this a “disaster” situation to MLN? When do business functions have to be operational? Where should all of the employees go? Who is responsible for restoring the IT infrastructure? What is the number one business application required? Did we lose any critical data? Who immediately goes to the recovery site? Can MLN be “unavailable” for the next 2 days? What is happening to any incoming calls? What do we do first, second, third, etc.? Who has “tactical” recovery control of the situation? Disaster Scenario – Incident Response Project Overview:  Project Overview Mortgage Lenders Network has initiated a recovery planning project to restore the critical business functions and the supporting IT infrastructure in the event of a disaster. To ensure recovery of the business operations within the predetermined timeframes, we need to develop detailed and action oriented recovery plans. Business Continuity Methodology:  Business Continuity Methodology Solution Roadmap Solution Blueprint Solution Certification Solution Evolution Evaluate Architect Implement Activate Sustain Solution Delivery SunGard Best Practices Slide9:  1960’s LEVEL 0 Business Continuity Evolution 1960‘s 1970‘s Reactive Contingency Planning 1980‘s 1990‘s 2000‘s Disaster Recovery Planning Business Resumption Planning Business Continuity Planning Information Availability Data Processing Informal Plans Limited to IS Formal Plans Software Planning Tools (WP) IT & Business Units Formalized Plans Software Planning Tools (Word Processor & Relational DB) Business & IT Recovery, + Business Impact Analysis & Risk Assessment (prevention). Keeping Information continually available to the business in a more diverse environment. Proactive Reactive 1970‘s 1960‘s Slide10:  The process of developing policies, procedures and technical steps to recover business functions, data, and the supporting technical infrastructure in the event of a disaster. Business Continuity Planning involves: Assessment of the current environment Development of business and technology recovery requirements Mitigation of business risks / exposures Determination of the business impacts Strategy development and selection Plan development Plan exercise (testing) Plan maintenance and continuous improvement What is Business Continuity Planning? Business Continuity Planning Types of Business Continuity Planning :  Types of Business Continuity Planning Technology Availability Plan (TAP) Information Technology Recovery Servers / Applications, Network, Telecommunications, IT Security, Backup Operations, Vendor Support Business Availability Plan (BAP) Work-area Recovery Plan Relocation of Personnel Workstations, Vital Records, Business Process Operations Incident Management Plan (IMP) Recovery Management Declaration Decisions, Resource Assignments, Priorities Recovery Coordination, Communication, Direction Slide12:  Hot-site: Work Area Recovery Strategy Slide13:  An unplanned event that disables some or all of an organization’s critical business functions for an unacceptable period of time An unacceptable period of time is unique to each organization / department / technology What is a Disaster? Slide14:  Natural Disasters Hurricanes, Ice Storms, Floods, etc. Man-made Disasters (non-intent) Electrical Fires, Industrial Accident, Recession, etc. Technology Disasters Systems, Infrastructure, Network, Telecommunications, etc. Man-made / Political Disasters (intent) Terrorism, Product Tampering, Workplace Violence, etc. Types of Disasters Slide15:  Natural Disaster Slide16:  Natural Disaster Slide17:  Man-made Disaster Slide18:  Political Disaster Slide19:  Technology Disaster Slide20:  Technology Disaster Slide21:  Hartford Area Events SOLVENT FUMES PROMPT DAY-CARE EVACUATION Published on June 25, 2005, Children and adults were evacuated from a local day-care center Friday afternoon after solvent fumes were drawn into the building through its air-conditioning system UTILITY WORK TRIGGERS OUTAGE Published on May 5, 2005, A failure in a main power line that feeds electricity into downtown Hartford caused a major blackout Wednesday for thousands of people in some of the city's largest and most crucial buildings, including Hartford Hospital. FURNACE MAY HAVE CAUSED BLAST Published on March 13, 2005, The day after a natural gas explosion leveled a historic house that was being renovated, investigators on Saturday were focusing on the furnace as the possible spark to the explosion. CHEMICAL SPILL FORCES PLANT'S EVACUATION Published on March 4, 2005, A chemical spill Thursday morning sent seven people to the hospital and forced the temporary shutdown of a factory in the southern end of the city. CONNECTICUT EVACUATION: FALSE ALARM Published on February 2, 2005, With a few errant keystrokes Tuesday, a state official generated the familiar tones of the emergency broadcast system and what may be the most startling message to ever crawl across the bottom of television screens in Connecticut: CONNECTICUT TORNADO: BRADLEY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT The tornado of 1979 resulted in the loss of the Bradley Air Museum. CT averages one tornado per year. Slide22:  Tornado – Bradley Air Museum Slide23:  Hurricane 1938 – CT River (4 X normal width) SunGard Disaster Declarations By Event Type (# of Customers’ Declared):  SunGard Disaster Declarations By Event Type (# of Customers’ Declared) Recovery-Reason for Declarations: Percentage/Number SunGard Disaster Declarations by Type Business Continuity Is For Newsworthy Disasters And Everyday Events:  Business Continuity Is For Newsworthy Disasters And Everyday Events Computer hardware failure Data center flooded after a pipe bursts Phone lines severed due to construction Bomb Threat causes corporate evacuation Hazardous Materials spill Transformer fire causes power outage Anthrax scares Incidents involving animals Disaster Declarations: Types of Disasters Disaster Response :  Disaster Response Regardless of disaster type; there must be a planned response that meets the recovery objectives Recovery objectives align to a selected strategy Response Includes: Incident Management Technical Recovery Business Recovery Resume Normal Operations Plan Development - Key Definitions :  Plan Development - Key Definitions Recovery Time Objective – RTO (business process) The maximum acceptable length of time that can elapse before the lack of critical business functions severely impacts the viability of the business. This is the total time required to recover critical services; measured form the time of disaster to resumption of critical operations (also known as – Maximum Allowable Downtime). Recovery Point Objective – RPO (data) The acceptable level of data loss exposure following an unplanned event. This is the point in time (prior to the disaster) to which lost data can be restored; typically the last backup taken offsite. Plan Development - Key Definitions :  Plan Development - Key Definitions Lost Transactions Transactions previously entered into a system that cannot be recovered from the last available backup media. Backlogged Transactions Transactions that accumulate beginning from the moment a system becomes unavailable to the time when the system is once again available. Sample Recovery Timeline:  Sample Recovery Timeline Last Offsite Backup Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Stage 1 Immediate Response & Relocation Business as Usual Stage 2 Op. Sys. Restore Technology Workarea Restoration Stage 3 Applications Functional Restoration Stage 4 Data Synchronization Backlog & Lost Data Stage 5 Resume Business Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Stage 6 Interim Site Stage 7 Return Home Restore Communications Restore Business Functions What is a Business Continuity Plan?:  What is a Business Continuity Plan? Chronological sequence of team activities based on the recovery timeline Action oriented “step-by-step” tasks Internal and intuitive knowledge Executable and maintainable Living document Role of Project Participants:  Role of Project Participants Overall Responsibilities Represent your Recovery Team and serve as a subject matter expert throughout the project and program Recovery preparedness Recovery execution Recovery Plan Development Provide information for SunGard to develop recovery plan Review / validate information gathered Participate in recovery plan exercise(s) Ongoing plan maintenance Recovery Plan Development:  Recovery Plan Development Technical & business staff will develop the detailed procedures necessary to restore services & operations SunGard will facilitate the process for gathering plan related information Procedures need to be written to a degree of detail and clarity , so that staff members with minimal familiarity with the systems can execute the recovery process SunGard Availability Services will incorporate the written procedures into a structured recovery plan Business Continuity Program:  Business Continuity Program Plans are never complete; ongoing process as technology, personnel, and procedures change over time Plans should be tested / exercised on a regular basis to: Validate the effectiveness of the procedures Ensure familiarity with, and understanding of, the procedures by every member of the recovery team Next Steps:  Next Steps Recovery Strategy and Infrastructure Review KO meeting and Educational Awareness Business Recovery Plans - Development Workshops Technical Recovery Plans – Development Workshops Incident Management Plan – Development Workshop Recovery Procedures Development Develop Draft Recovery Plans Initial Plan Reviews Validation Exercise - Walkthrough Plan Maintenance: TBD Slide35:  Questions Please submit any questions to: Barb Palmer – Business Continuity Manager Brian Negeli – Business Continuity Analyst

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