MLM Success Secrets Inboundboxer Blueprint 12 Letter Word Secret Code Revealed

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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: RestyRejanoRosales



MLM Success Secrets Inboundboxer Blueprint 12 Letter Word Secret Code Revealed.

The Secrets of MLM online networkers heavy hitters and top networker didn't want you to know. They kept it and hide it with them. Until I decode their secret and now I am sharing it with you for FREE.

12 Letters

You’ll Freak Out When You DISCOVER How This Stunningly Powerful Secret Word Helps You Unleash Multiple Cash Jackpots In Up To 3 Different Markets - At The SAME Time!

Do you want to make more money online but find it tough because the Internet is crawling with competition? Maybe you feel like this guy sometimes… It is not a surprise actually – because most people do not know the first thing about marketing and that is why they fail. I guess that’s the reason why you are reading this, right? What if I told you that there is a way to sell your products in such a way that it will be like selling water to the owner of a burning house? If (The Feeling You Get When You Couldn’t See Any Results) you are interested in making massive money, then make sure you pay very close attention and read till the end of this letter for a big surprise!

If you have been looking for a fool-proof way to make money in business, doing everything ‘right’, but you just can’t seem to find that missing link, then you are in luck!

Here are a number of things you must consider if you want a successful inter-net-working business Are You Tired into Jumping into one income opportunity to another and no results for your hardwork? Have you considered your competition? How many people out there are doing the same thing you are doing? What are your chances of dominating a market? How about dominating just one? What is your cost of creating products? Do you have any idea how to build your products in such a way to get maximum reach? What happens if you spend all that money and you still fail? If you consider any of the questions to be a problem then I’m afraid I have some bad news for you… Your business has a major flaw and chances are, if you are not dominating your market, you are probably struggling to make money in these niches.

But before we proceed, I want you to take this 28 second quiz and tell me which of the following applies to you: Please Tick On The Boxes Below: "I Have ZERO Experience In Business & Marketing And I Want To Get This Home Business Thing Off The Ground" YES NO YES NO "I Have An Organization Of Home Business Owners But I Am Struggling To Find A Way For My People To Succeed Using A Proven System Easy Enough For Anyone To Follow" YES NO "I’m Looking For A HOT, In-Demand Market And I Want To Make Tons Of Money From It" YES NO "I’m Looking To Publish A Book In MY OWN NAME And I Want To Learn The Fastest, Most Affordable Way To Do So" YES NO "I’m Too Shy To Sell Products And I Want A Fast, Rejection Proof System That Will Help Me To Market Products Easily!" YES NO "I Lack Credibility And I Want The World To Know Me And My Expertise Right Away!“

If you have clicked YES on any of the boxes above, then you definitely need to take action right away. Generate Endless Leads And Traffic Using The Internet Create Unstoppable Cash Flow In Not One, Not Two But Multiple Markets And Niches At The Same Time And Brand Yourself As A Marketing Expert So That Prospects And Customers Will Come Rushing To Buy From You, With Credit Card In Hand? And accomplish all those with minimal effort? Do you think this will help you accomplish your goals? I’m sure that this is what any home business owner wants.

"Let Me Share With You My Story On How I Almost Hit Rock Bottom And ‘Came Back From The Dead’ To Tell The Tale…" The Year Was 2007… The debts were piling and the banks were up in arms against me when I told them that I needed more time to gather my money. Unfortunately, foreclosure was around the corner because even though I wasn’t ready to throw in the towel, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I reached the end of the tunnel and I had to come face to face with the ultimate nightmare: “I guess this is what I get for trying to do too many things at the same time.”

My whole life, I’ve longed for success and I always believed that investments is the Holy Grail to wealth and riches. If only they told me that the road towards the land of ‘Milk & Honey’ was glittered with obstacles, rejections and a proper road map to get there. If only I knew that the financial crisis was coming, and I could prevent my portfolio from dropping to negative. Therefore I defined my ultimatum: “ I AM that, I am. I, Resty, Am Determined To Crack The Code Behind This Home Business Thing, or DIE Trying. And Never Give Up on anything I started Whatever It Takes”

Your story could be similar to mine: • Been sold the dream before but still dreaming till today • Been told that all you needed to do was to see the people, call more people and all that crap • Been given a ‘starter kit’ that promised you a future that you would never have to spend another day looking for money again • Or you may have even been sold the lie that you can spend more and more time with your family but you were actually spending more and more time getting entangled with your so called ‘home business’ till the wee hours in the morning.

I guess those who have gone through the ordeals above are considered LUCKY by MY standards because those were only the tip of the iceberg of my home business nightmares. After All…. I did EVERY SINGLE THING my leaders and mentors told me - why didn’t it work?" Could it be that ‘they’ are the ones who don’t know what they were talking about Could it be that the times are changing so quickly that dinosaurs could even tell the difference between Facebook and Twitter? Or could it be that after all I’ve done, it still isn’t sustainable enough to help my people to succeed and make more money either online or offline... "I Knew That The Answers To My Financial Freedom Lie Somewhere But I just Couldn’t Find The Missing Piece To The Puzzle..."

Business Wasn’t That Easy For Me When I First Started Out…

WHY FEAR the REJECTION "It is almost impossible to be a for everybody leader in any SINGLE industry! There’s always to be one that shines up. Think about it, man! • Most basketball players can’t get into the NBA • Less than 0.01% of athletes can become a gold medalist in an Olympic event • It's almost impossible to become the CEO of a fortune 500 company • We can’t even sponsor 1% of the neighborhood into our organization because if we throw a rock, it will most probably hit someone who has been involved in some sort of home business or have a bad experience with it.

"Most Single Markets, Especially Home Based Business Markets Are So Deeply Competitive That It Is Numerically Impossible To Survive...If YOU didn’t Shine." No matter how much we motivate or ‘psych’ ourselves into thinking we can be the best in our chosen industry, we must accept the reality that we need a better strategic business plan rather than wishful thinking…

The #1 Question I Was Asked: how did you make your first money online?” In the past, my answer was always simple, straightforward and to the point. “Affiliate Marketing.” and “Multi-Level Marketing” Then all of sudden they will shut up unfriend me For me it’s Alright…. I know something that they don’t

Your Key To Dominating The Web With Zero Competition!

Believe it or not this is the entire blueprint of earning money easily on the net, nothing more nothing less

Guest Post viral Comments yahoo banners Blogs Face book google bing forums PPC click network Traffic youtube Affiliates social twitter CPA Networks Solo ADS #1 – TRAFFIC Just like any business on the Internet – you need traffic. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Face book articles linked in pinterest AD swaps The best part about being an Inboundboxer is that no matter where you get your traffic, the 1 Page Website works like a magnetic charm. You are 100% guaranteed to get subscribers.

Forget about eCommerce ……………………….. FOR NOW All you need to for now….is your one (1) page website Basically, this page is small. It has the following: A) Headline B) Bullet Points C) Opt-in Form this is where the Email address is entered Want to see an example? Here’s one I use for building my Personal Development list:

T.Y.P. Method All you do here is take an affiliate link – Click bank, jvzoo, paydotcom! and paste it in the system. This way the person who just gave you their Email address ends up on a page where they can buy something. When they DO, you The This step is 100% automated. You just copy and paste a URL. That’s it. T.Y.P. method alone can make you a small fortune! See… When someone puts in their Email address for you on the Opt-In Page, the system will re-direct that person wherever you tell it to. make money!

#5 & #6 – EMAIL GETS STORED IN DATABASE – 100 % AUTOMATED Even though I just used big words like ‘database’ – you have nothing to worry about. The entire process is 100 % AUTOMATED I show you how to work with companies that are called “Autoresponder” companies such as: GetResponse, Magic Response, I contact, Aweber, Constant contact, activemail These companies give you a SIMPLE Code You just copy and paste that code onto your 1 Page Website The code then replaces THIS part of the page using the same example I showed you above

Thanks to that code... when someone fills their Email address in, it gets added into a database that is hosted by the autoresponder company. You never have to do anything. You can now start emailing that person on a regular basis. You can email them in 2 ways: Using Auto-responder series Manually written and sent messages series

#7 – AUTOMATED EMAILS – 100% AUTOMATED You can set up Emails ahead of time that will get mailed automatically. So you can pre-set Emails that go for 3 days, 30 days or even 30 years! This is the best way to automate your business. This means that any new person that subscribes to your list – depending on when they subscribe – will get the appropriate message on the right day and time! All 100% automated! AUTOMATION is the best way to run any business.

#8 – PRINTING MONEY So, let’s say you have 5,000 people sitting in your database. At any given time, you can go in and write a QUICK email. Some of mine are just 3-5 lines. Then you hit “SEND” Do it with a KISS – That’s it! So Simple and Smart. – Keep It Simple and Smart Your Email will automatically be sent out to 5000 people in an instant So, how does this lead to printing money? Well, let’s make some assumptions. Let’s assume the email includes an affiliate link (you’ll make commissions when people click on it and take action). Let’s assume that just 1% of your 5,000 Clicks and take action at $1 per lead $50

Will You Join Me? I’m here to coach you. Guide you. Show you the Blueprint and small secrets that the heavy hitters don’t want to reveal

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