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Information about MLM Leaders HUGE GAINS WINGSNETWORK

Published on March 7, 2014

Author: justino41



Who We Are

We are a company with an innovative view of using Multi-level as a global sales channel of Online and Mobile Marketing Solutions.

Wings was born already adapted to the new reality of the market, bringing innovative products and technological projects that allow your smartphone to deliver total mobility for you and for your business.

The company is leaded by CEO Carlos Barbosa, member of the Economists Order of Portugal with more than 20 years of experience in the Market. Carlos Barbosa led projects with companies such as SAP, Andersen Consulting,PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Deloitte before taking control of Wings in 2013

Mission, Vision and Values

Build a solid, sustainable and accessible business model to all. Participate and contribute with social and economic progress.

Build society based on quality of life, bringing the individual potentials to a level of excellence.

Attitude, Ethics, Professionalism and Social Responsibility.

A word from the CEO

Wings and the Digital Market

The online universe exceeds our expectations every day. New technologies, new concepts, e unique ways to explore are built every instant.

Information technology applicable to mobile solutions is today a fast growing market. A reality that moves millions of dollars daily with downloads of every sorts of apps.

Wings Network will bring its Members into this global movement, helping them building and developing their own business and fulfilling their dreams, while having fun.

Welcome to Wings Network!

With Wings, you can work and have fun anytime, anyplace.

Wings Network. Eight Bits. Millions of Possibilities
Wings offer's you games, apps, cloud storage, marketing tools and personal pages.

The best option to create your own page. Spice up your personal page with a dazzling array of widgets, drawings, models and unique themes.

Great games that entertain and educate.

Modern and useful Apps for your mobile devices that can do wonders for you.

Here, your actions just fly higher and work faster.

We work with a multilevel marketing system for the distribution of our products.

This system allows us to distribute profits to our affiliates who help us sell our products or find new users.

skype jmds36


Mobile USERS 2012 Reached 2018 Will reach 1,1 billion 3,3 billion SALES 2013 1,8 TIME OF USE 7 Hours per day 80% Accessing Apps 91% In Social Interaction Apps billion 40% Growth Smartphone’s sold

Market More than 1 billion people in the world play online games In 2018 the revenues of online games will reach U$ 2 Billion per year 86 billion 600.000 people apps downloaded in 2013 More than 800.000 apps avaliable More than per year start working with MLM companies Market MLM represents 97.6% of the direct selling sales that reaches U$ 32.18 Billion each year

Company Wings is a technology based company that develops Online and Mobile Marketing solutions, through MLM. Headquarters in Portugal C.E.O - Carlos Barbosa

Personal Page Build your age sonalized p per net n the Inter o mobile Developed for lets and devices like Tab Smartphone For Personal Pages, for Websites to expose products and services or as you wish Tools easy t learn and sim o ple to use You can even customiz e layout s, and share o n social network s

Recruiter Landing Page Tools created for Customer Prospecting Auto-Responder Real Time Alerts By Email Greater agility in attracting New Users ith High Easy-to-use features w Performance in Results Control of Registrations and Contacts Disclosure parts with Content and Videos always Updated Reports performance Platform share on social networks Banners for Blogs and Websites Case for Facebook Place your Recruite r Settings and it works in Automat ed Mode

Packs MEMBER registration Points: 0 U$ 49,00 START Points: 100 U$ 299,00 Find how to make part of Wings EXECUTIVE Points: 250 U$ 749,00 ELITE Points: 500 U$ 1.499,00

Why Wings? First Mobile MLM company Freedom and Mobility Work e Anytimywhere and An Crossing borders a Making Dreams Come True and Live Life see the World nd

Bonus Sales Bonus Quick Start Bonus Team Bonus Group Bonus Consultant Bonus Generation Bonus Global Bonus

Sales Bonus How it works: You get 50% on product sales points

Quick start Bonus Win according to the pack you sold Elite Understand how it works: Executive Start 10 U$ 25 U$ U$ 50

Team Bonus Earn up to 25% 35% 50% Start Your Plan Executive Elite 50% of points generated in your smaller Team till infinity Check out how many points per pack, and what percentage you can make according to your own pack. Points generated by packs sold 100 250 500 Start Executive Elite

Group Bonus In this bonus you win according to your own status Consultant Supervisor SR Supervisor 4th level 5th level 5% till the 5% till the Manager SR Manager 3rd level 5% till the 6th level 5% till the 7th level 5% till the Director 5% till the 8th level

Group Bonus 5% till the 8 Executive Director th level and 3% on the 9 th level President 5% till the 8 th level, 3% on the 9 th level and 2% on the 10 th level Chairman 5% till the 8 th level, 3% on the 9 th level and 2% on the 10 th level % % %

Consultant Bonus Receive a percentage according to the amount of packs sold in that month 2% Start 5% 15% Executive Elite *This bonus carries a validity of 1 year and ends when you reach the qualification of Supervisor. **To qualify for this bonus you must be a Consultant and have at least 500 points in your smaller Team. ***The bonus cannot exceed 50% of the value of your purchased package.

Generation Bonus Chairman President Just for Directors and above You get a percentage on qualified Directors and above Executive Director Director of your Unilevel

Global Bonus 5% of the Global Unilevel points Ab in accordance of your own Unilevel volume points ,000 50 e1 ov 000 points 300, ve o Ab 50,000 points ve 7 bo A % % % 500,000 points e 1, ov Ab % 3,000,000 po int ove s Ab % Divided proportionately among all qualified at the same level. This bonus is accrued monthly and paid every 4 months.

60% 40% 50% 40% 30% 30% Chairman Presiden t Executive Dir. Check out the maximum volume you can use of each Team for you own qualification Director ger SR Mana Manager visor SR Super Supervis or Maximum Volume per each Team 20% 20%

Qualification In Wings you win prizes according to the qualification achieved on your Unilevel Consultant Active on Binary (1 Member on the left and 1 on the right Team) Supervisor 2 Consultants on each Team SR Supervisor 2 Consultants on each Team 20 thousand points 100 U$1,000 thousand points U$2,500

Qualification Manager 3 Consultants on each Team SR Manager 3 Consultants on each Team 250 500 thousand points thousand points U$5,000 U$10,000

Qualification Director 4 Consultants on each Team Executive Director 4 Consultants on each Team 2 5 Million points Million points U$25,000 U$50,000

Qualification President 5 Consultants on each Team Chairman 5 Consultants on each Team 10 Million points U$200,000 25 Million U$1,000,000 points

Give Wings to Your Dreams

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