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Published on October 12, 2007

Author: Techy_Guy


NATO MILITARY LIAISON MISSION MOSCOW WELCOMES The Honourable William Graham Minister of National Defence, Canada:  NATO MILITARY LIAISON MISSION MOSCOW WELCOMES The Honourable William Graham Minister of National Defence, Canada NATO MILITARY LIAISON MISSION (MLM) MOSCOW CONTENT:  CONTENT Origins of NATO-Russia Cooperation Current Situation of Military Relations NATO Military Liaison Mission (MLM): Origin, Mission, Organisation & Activities Future Development of NATO-Russia Military-to Military Cooperation NATO-RUSSIA COOPERATION: ORIGINS:  NATO-RUSSIA COOPERATION: ORIGINS Jul 1990: ‘London Declaration’ pro-actively began NATO’s outreach to the then USSR Dec 1991: North Atlantic Cooperation Council set up Jan 1994: ‘Partnership for Peace’ launched; now 46 states in the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council NATO-Russia Relations: ESSENTIAL MILESTONES:  NATO-Russia Relations: ESSENTIAL MILESTONES SFOR— KFOR Russian Peacekeepers 1996/1999 Founding Act, Paris 1997 NATO-Russia Relations: THE NEW APPROACH:  NATO-Russia Relations: THE NEW APPROACH Rome Declaration NATO - RUSSIA COUNCIL (NRC) 2002 MLM Opening 2002 Russians Exit SFOR/KFOR 2003 Slide6:  THIRD ANNIVERSARY AND CHANGE OF HEAD MLM NRC WORK PROGRAMME:  NRC WORK PROGRAMME Main NRC Tasks from 2002 Rome summit: Struggle against Terrorism Crisis Management Non-proliferation Arms Control & Confidence Building Measures Theatre Missile Defence Search & Rescue at Sea Mil-Mil Cooperation and Defence Reform Civil Emergency Planning New Threats and Challenges NATO-RUSSIA COUNCIL NORMS:  NATO-RUSSIA COUNCIL NORMS NRC Ministers meet: 2 x per year NRC Ambassadors: monthly (*& ad hoc) NRC Chiefs of Defence: 2 x per year NRC MILREPs (NRC-MR): monthly* NRC AHWGs & Experts: as required NRC Overall Work Programme NRC-MR Military Work Plan NATO Bi-Strategic Command - RS General Staff (Main Ops) Interoperability Framework Programme Slide9:  ROLE OF MLM IN NATO-RUSSIA COOPERATION NRC RUS MOD MOSCOW BRUSSELS NATO MLM NRC-MR RUS MISSION DEFENCE ATTACHES: NATO Members / Partners Moscow COOPERATING POCs: International Treaties Directorate Main Operations Directorate Naval Staff DEVELOPMENT OF MLM:  DEVELOPMENT OF MLM MISSION OF MLM:  MISSION OF MLM Support NATO-RUS cooperation: Liaison with RS MOD Implementation of military cooperation programmes Support other NRC activities Assist NATO Information office (NIO) Slide12:  NATO MLM ORGANIZATION COOPERATING PARTNERS:  COOPERATING PARTNERS RUS MOD Directorate for International Treaties - MDU Main Ops Directorate Naval Staff NATO Defence Attachés Slide14:  MIL-to-MIL COOPERATION…. …..ON DIFFERENT LEVELS MILITARY ACTIVITIES - SEA:  MILITARY ACTIVITIES - SEA International Submarine Escape and Rescue Liaison Office (ISMERLO) Exercise SORBET ROYAL 2005 Next Exercise BOLD MONARCH 2008 Slide17:  MILITARY ACTIVITIES – LAND INTEROPERABILITY BASED ON EXPERIENCE GAINED IN THE BALKANS (SFOR/KFOR) Slide18:  MILITARY ACTIVITIES – AIR THEATRE MISSILE DEFENCE Slide19:  MILITARY RELATED ACTIVITIES NUCLEAR ACCIDENT RESPONSE EXERCISE AVARIYA 2004 (RUS) EXERCISE SENATOR 2005 (UK) INTEROPERABILITY:  INTEROPERABILITY CADRE DEVELOPMENT LANGUAGE TRAINING Mobile Education and Training Teams (METT) NATO to RUS General Staff Academy and Combined Arms Academy RUS to NATO School and NATO Defense College Language Policy Doctrine Procedures Equipment Slide21:  INTEROPERABILITY- SEA OPERATION ACTIVE ENDEAVOUR RUSSIAN PARTICIPATION BEGINS 2006 Slide22:  INTEOPERABILITY- LAND 15TH MRB SAMARA INTEROPERABILITY – AIR:  INTEROPERABILITY – AIR COOPERATIVE AIRSPACE INITIATIVE- SHARED RECOGNIZED AIR PICTURE AIR TRANSPORT AIR TO AIR REFUELING NRC CIVIL EMERGENCY PLANNING:  NRC CIVIL EMERGENCY PLANNING Sep 2002 Ex BOGORODSK - NATO Security Investment Logistics and Civil Emergency Planning (SILCEP) & RUS EMERCOM (MЧC) Jun 2004 Ex KALININGRAD - COUNTER-TERRORISM DEFENSE AGAINST TERRORIST ATTACKS Slide25:  STATUS OF FORCE AGREEMENT (SOFA) Signed in Vilnius. Awaiting ratification by RUS State DUMA Slide26:  Approved by CHODs 15 Nov 2005 Noted by NRC Defense and Foreign Ministers Basic Framework for MLM Activities Focus on Interoperability Military Education Programs Field Training Exercises (FTX) Ultimate goal: to facilitate combined NATO-RUS actions NRC-MR COOPERATION WORK PLAN 2006 AND BEYOND NRC EXPECTATIONS ON FUTURE DEVELOPMENT:  NRC EXPECTATIONS ON FUTURE DEVELOPMENT Further strengthen political-military dialogue Allocate adequate resources to cooperation projects Enhance quality of the projects and events: try to achieve tangible results Keep focus on interoperability programmes and Live Exercises (LIVEX) Enhance coordination between bi-lateral and multilateral projects Implement complementary approach Use synergy Support broadening of interoperability between Russia and NATO forces on the basis of gained experience Keep the momentum Slide28:  POC: Telephone: +7 (495) 775 0272 Fax: +7 (495) 775 0280

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