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Published on June 19, 2007

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Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited(MKCL):  Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) Presentation to Hon’ble Shri. Dilip Walse Patil Chairman, MKCL and Minister for Higher and Technical Education Government of Maharashtra By Vivek Sawant Managing Director, MKCL Introduction:  Introduction MKCL is a Public Limited Company Established in August 2001by the Government of Maharashtra’s Department of Higher and Technical Education Business Operations commenced on July 01, 2002 Current focus of operations in Maharashtra State Registered Office in Mumbai Development and Operations Center in Pune Call Center and Back Office in Pune MKCL’s Rationale:  MKCL’s Rationale India’s Emerging Demographics India’s Emerging Economy Emerging Knowledge based Society Emerging Challenges in Education System IT is India’s Tomorrow Vision and Mission of MKCL India’s Emerging Demographics:  India’s Emerging Demographics 2001 Census : 103 Crore Population In 2004, 54% are below the age of 25 In 2015, 55% will be below the age of 20 In 2020, the population may exceed 120 Crores India’s Emerging Economy:  India’s Emerging Economy US, China and India may emerge as 3 largest economies US: $45 trillion, China: $35 trillion and India: $28 trillion in next 3-4 decades India and China: Big GDP but Large Population- Large Markets with low per capita purchasing power Scope for only Low Cost High Quality products and services Intense competition with global players even in ever-growing large Domestic Market Emerging Knowledge based Society:  Emerging Knowledge based Society Waves of civilizations: Agrarian, Industrial, Information, Knowledge…. Phenomenal explosion of knowledge Actionable Knowledge is synonymous to wealth Intellectual Capital superior to financial capital, land and labour Knowledge Input superior to Material or Labour Input Transformation of workers into knowledge workers imperative Emerging Knowledge based Society:  Emerging Knowledge based Society Key to survival, development and empowerment Continuous synthesis of new actionable knowledge Its Quick dissemination Its Systematic application for the socio-economic development Emerging Challenges in Education System:  Emerging Challenges in Education System Largest illiterate population and its marginalization Very large young population will demand education Traditional system unable to take on this burden and Non-availability of new Blue Print or Policies Paucity of resources – Material, Developmental, Intellectual Emerging Challenges in Education System:  Emerging Challenges in Education System Globalization and WTO Regime Demand for low cost and high quality education Growing Demand for Just-in-time Education Life Long Learning becoming critical for survival IT is India’s Tomorrow…:  IT is India’s Tomorrow… 'Information Technology (IT) modernizes the economy, expands and deepens the possibilities in education, accelerates growth, creates large-scale direct and indirect employment to the educated youth, and boosts exports. If there is one single technology that can be applied right across all sectors of technology, all areas of administration, all levels of education and all types of services, it is Information Technology.' …National IT Task Force 1999 Vision:  Vision New Paradigm of Education To develop world class, globally competitive, flexible and value based education system responsive to the individual, institutional and social developmental needs of the people of Maharashtra and India Mission:  Mission To integrate in a self sustainable manner IT education and IT enabled education with the basic teaching, learning process and its management, so as to accomplish the Vision Mission:  Mission To promote Life Long Learning (L3) with low cost high quality fast pace and wider accessibility as it is critical for survival, development and empowerment of individuals, communities and nations in the knowledge-based society in the 21st century Goals :  Goals To prepare the people for the knowledge-based economy and society To champion the cause of life-long learning To stimulate the creation of word-class knowledge resources To provide universal access to them through IT Specific Goals:  Specific Goals Creation of New Education Paradigm which Fosters creativity  Develops new competencies and skills Boosts employability Nurtures new value system appropriate to Indian culture Creates relevance and development orientation Achieves economy and excellence in education Avoids the Digital Divide Board of Directors:  Board of Directors Chairman Hon’ble Shri. Dilip Walse Patil Minister For Higher andamp; Technical Education, Energy and Medical Education GoM's of Maharashtra May 11, 2005 onwards Vice-Chairman Hon’ble Shri. Suresh Shetty Minister of State for Higher andamp; Technical Education GoM's of Maharashtra March 03, 2005 onwards Board of Directors:  Board of Directors Members Padmashree Dr. Vijay P. Bhatkar, Chairman, ETH Research Labs Professor Ram Takwale, Chairman, NAAC Dr. Ms. Joyce Sankaran, Principal Secretary, Department of Handamp;TE, GoM Vice-Chancellor …. Vice-Chancellor …. Mr. Vivek Sawant, Managing Director Mr. O.G.Satpute, Director Finance Past Chairmen:  Past Chairmen Hon’ble Shri. Dilip Walse Patil From September 06, 2001 to July 19, 2004 Hon’ble Shri. Nawab Malik From July 19, 2004 to March 03, 2005 Hon’ble Shri. Suresh Kumar Jain From to March 03, 2005 to May 11, 2005 Past Vice-Chairmen:  Past Vice-Chairmen Hon’ble Shri. Anees Ahmed From September 06, 2001 to July 19, 2004 Hon’ble Shri. Diliprao Deshmukh From July 19, 2004 to March 03, 2005 Finance Committee:  Finance Committee Chairman Mr. O.G.Satpute, Director Finance Members Professor Ram Takwale Member, Board of Directors, MKCL Vice Chancellor … Member, Board of Directors, MKCL Share Transfer Committee:  Share Transfer Committee Chairman Mr. Vivek Sawant, Managing Director Members Professor Ram Takwale, Member, Board of Directors, MKCL Mr. O.G.Satpute, Director Finance Secretary Ms. Komal Chaubal, Company Secretary Management Team:  Management Team Chairman Mr. Vivek Sawant, Managing Director Members Mr. O.G.Satpute, Director Finance Mr. Dilip Tikle, Vice President, Business Development Mr. Suryakant Surve, Chief Technology Officer Mr. Deepak Motiramani, General Manager, Finishing Schools Mr. Ambar Adhav, General Manager, Educational eGovernance Ms. Veena Kamath, General Manager, Operations Member Secretary Ms. Komal Chaubal, Company Secretary Equity Profile:  Equity Profile Authorized Capital: Rs. 10.00 Crores Subscribed Capital: Rs. 4.0635 Crores Shareholders: GoM's of Maharashtra : Rs. 1.16 Crores, 28.55% Universities : Rs. 1.52 crores, 37.41% Educational Institutions: Rs. 0.265 Crores, 6. 52% Others: Rs. 1.1185 Crores, 27.52% Industries and organizations Teachers and Students Directors and Employees GoM's Equity and Share Capital:  GoM's Equity and Share Capital GoM's Capital Received: Rs. 2.65 Cr. GoM's Capital Refunded: Rs. 1.35 Cr. GoM's Equity Participation: Rs. 0.58 Cr. GoM‘s Post Bonus Equity: Rs. 1.16 Cr. GoM Application Money Retained: Rs. 0.72 Cr. Interest Yield on Application Money: 10% p.a. Financials:  Financials Total Turnover in 2004-05: Rs. 50.64 Cr. Profit Before Tax: 10% Cumulative Reserves and Surplus: Increase in Net worth over last FY: 34% Dividend Yield in first year of operation: 15% 1:1 Bonus Shares declared in second year Dividend Yield in second year of operation on post-bonus equity: 15% Increase in Earning per Share:11.21 to 15.00 MKCL’s Statewide Network :  MKCL’s Statewide Network MKCL’s network resources coordinated and synergized on a state-wide scale include 60 Member state level Central Team for Software Development, Networking, Business Development, Management, Leadership 100 Member state-wide Distributed Teams for content and software development, testing and quality assurance and business promotion and brand building MKCL’s Statewide Network:  MKCL’s Statewide Network 2500 Authorized Training Centers (ATCs) with balanced statewide coverage in 35 districts in Metropolitan Urban Semi-urban Rural Tribal areas of the state MKCL’s Statewide Network:  MKCL’s Statewide Network 9 Regional Lead Centers (RLCs) 42 District Level Local Lead Centers (LLCs) 350 Tehsil Level Lead Centers (TLCs) 35 Local Audit and Quality Assessment Cells 120 District Level Voluntary Teams for Promotion, Academics and Vigilance 375+ Supervised On-line Examination Centers 7,000+ Teachers, counselors, coordinators and systems Administrators 14,50,000 Registered Learners in last 33 months MKCL’s Statewide Network:  MKCL’s Statewide Network 15,000 Internet and Multimedia ready Personal Computers with windows 2003 servers and XP clients and application software and peripherals 2500 LANs (of above mentioned PCs) equipped with Learning Management System and Content Distribution and Management Framework 2500 low-cost Distributed Classrooms on a single portal with 2 way voice and data on ordinary dial-up connection 13 high-end broadband Distributed Classrooms equipped with full video-conferencing facilities Special Features of MKCL’s Network:  Special Features of MKCL’s Network It is a meta-network of networks of resources viz. infrastructural, human, intellectual and developmental. It is a Techno-social Interventure of several small commercial and social IT driven ventures. It is a large-scale networked Laboratory and Collaboratory for the community for testing and deploying innovative ICT systems, services, tools and technologies. It is a single largest network of the small and medium IT entrepreneurs and enterprises in India MKCL’s Main Programs:  MKCL’s Main Programs Enabling Programs Educational Programs e-Governance Programs Community Development Programs MKCL’s Enabling Programs:  MKCL’s Enabling Programs 1. Enabling Programs 1.1 Infrastructure Development Program 1.2 Technology Infrastructure Development Program 1.3 Technology Development Program 1.4 Content Development Program MKCL’s Educational Programs:  MKCL’s Educational Programs 2. Educational Programs 2.1 IT Literacy and Functionality Program 2.2 Finishing Schools Development Program 2.3 International Education Facilitation Program 2.4 Virtual University Development Program MKCL’s e-Governance Programs:  MKCL’s e-Governance Programs 3. e-Governance Programs 3.1 Educational e-Governance Program 3.2 General e-Governance Program MKCL’s Community Development Programs:  MKCL’s Community Development Programs 4. Community Development Programs 4.1 Talent Nurturing Program 4.2 Life Long Learning Communities Program 4.3 Watershed Development Program 4.4 Rurban Habitat Model Development Program Enabling Program-1.1:Infrastructure Development Program:  Enabling Program-1.1: Infrastructure Development Program Development and Operations Center at International Convention Center (ICC), Pune Development Center at Navi Mumbai Finishing Schools at Navi Mumbai and at HMCT, Pune Transit Quarters for Trainees at Pune Guest House and Visiting Faculty Residence at Pune International Hostel and Facilitation Center at Pune Enabling Program-1.2: Technology Development Program:  Enabling Program-1.2: Technology Development Program SOLAR: Web-based Framework for Academic Delivery through network of channel partners Biz Client Mini ERP Framework Frameworks for e-Learning: Course Design and Integration Tools (CDIT) Learning Management System (LMS) Content Management and Distribution System (CMDS) Document Management Framework Equity Management System Knowledge Management Framework Enabling Program-1.3: Technology Infrastructure Development Program::  Enabling Program-1.3: Technology Infrastructure Development Program: Servers and Co-location Facilities with ISPs Development and Operations Facilities at Pune and Mumbai offices Proposed premises at ICC and others Call Center Facility at Mumbai and Pune State-wide Distributed Classrooms State-wide Multipoint Integrated Video-conferencing Facility Maharashtra Knowledge Grid Software and Content at all ATCs Enabling Program-1.4:Content Development Program:  Enabling Program-1.4: Content Development Program Development of eContent for IT Literacy and Functionality Program Finishing Schools Development Program International Education Facilitation Program Virtual University Development Program eGovernance Programs Community Development Program Educational Program-2.1:IT Literacy and Functionality Program::  Educational Program-2.1: IT Literacy and Functionality Program: Courses for synthesizing New Education Paradigm IT Literacy MS-CIT (Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology) IT Functionality MS-ACIT: IT for Teachers e-Content Development e-Instructional Designing Web Designing Multimedia Application Development Mathematical Modeling e-Learning Technologies Educational Program-2.1: IT Literacy and Functionality Program:  Educational Program-2.1: IT Literacy and Functionality Program Proposed Courses for synthesizing New Education Paradigm IT Literacy MS-CIT+ MS-CIT++ IT Functionality MS-ACIT: Desk Top Publishing Financial Accounting Foundations in IT (Series For IT Teachers) Programming in C# Educational Program-2.2: Finishing Schools Development Program:  Educational Program-2.2: Finishing Schools Development Program Diploma Courses for Electronics, Eandamp;TC and Instrumentation Engineers in VLSI Design Diploma in Embedded Systems Design Digital Signal Processing Diploma Courses for Civil and Mechanical Engineers in Introduction to CAD Advanced Part Modeling Creating Production Drawings Surface Modeling Diploma Courses for Potential Managers / Executives MDBA International Business Management Call Center Support Business Process Outsourcing Educational Program-2.2: Finishing Schools Development Program:  Educational Program-2.2: Finishing Schools Development Program Engineer Trainee (Software Development and Networking) Program for MKCL HRD Management Executive Training Program for MKCL HRD Finishing Schools in other disciplines such as IT, Law, Architecture, Fine Arts, Agriculture, Education, etc. which apart from imparting domain specific advance knowledge include skills in Business English TQM IT Functionality Soft Skills Swasthya Yoga Educational Program-2.3:International Education Facilitation Program:  Educational Program-2.3: International Education Facilitation Program To facilitate the students and teachers in Maharashtra to go abroad for higher studies. To forge partnerships between Universities abroad and educational institutions in Maharashtra (EIMs) for offering joint programs of higher studies at EIMs. To facilitate the establishment of twining programs of higher studies between the Universities abroad and EIMs. To offer all the facilitation services to the foreign students willing to come to EIMs. Educational Program-2.3:International Education Facilitation Program:  Educational Program-2.3: International Education Facilitation Program To forge partnerships between EIMs and organizations abroad to offer programs of higher studies to the foreign students at EIM campuses. To facilitate the process of internationalization of curricula at EIMs. To offer eLearning technologies, distributed classroom services, etc. to the Universities abroad and EIMs to offer their programs in maharashtra or abroad in open and distance education mode. Educational Program-2.4:Virtual University Development Program:  Educational Program-2.4: Virtual University Development Program Establishing a Virtual University with national and international partnerships for demonstrating new paradigm of Education and for Transforming Graduates into Professionals in various fields: IT, Engineering, Management, Architecture, Fine Arts, Law, Education, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Commerce, Arts, Banking, Finance, Insurance ….. Educational e-Governance Program 3.1: Portals:  Educational e-Governance Program 3.1: Portals Higher andamp; Technical Education (Handamp;TE) Enterprise Portals for students, teachers, managements, GoM's and other stakeholders Digital College TM Digital University TM Digital Directorate of Handamp;TE Digital Department of Handamp;TE Digital AIU (Association of Indian Universities) Educational e-Governance Program 3.1: Online Junctions:  Educational e-Governance Program 3.1: Online Junctions Admission Junction Post-Graduate courses Foreign Language courses Distance Education/ External courses MBA B.Ed. Engineering, Pharmacy, …. Indian Institute of Banking DBT ET and ME Examination Junction Secured Remote Paper Delivery Project Junction under construction Placement Junction under construction E-Governance Program 3.2::  E-Governance Program 3.2: e-Tendering Solution for MSEB Secured Electronic Tendering System Marketing Federation Shops and Establishments Directorate of Libraries E-Grampanchayat Mumbai Police Community Development Program-4.1: Talent Nurturing Program :  Community Development Program-4.1: Talent Nurturing Program Courses Talent Nurturing in various disciplines Certificate for Parents on How does a Child Learn? Certificate in Good Agricultural Practices for Farmers and Field Service Providers Certificate in Drought Preparedness for NSS students and others Community Development Program-4.2: Life Long Learning (L3)Communities Program:  Community Development Program-4.2: Life Long Learning (L3)Communities Program CLICs and CLICs on the Wheels Village Knowledge Centers (NABARD and MSSRF) Digital Schools Buddy’s Cyber Cafes Joint Projects with Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Technology Mediated Open and Distance Education (TechMODE) Teacher Education (L3 Teachers) L3 Farmers Strategies …:  Strategies … Using Information Technology as an equalizer and accelerator for educational transformation Incubating innovative and transformative ideas in technology and education Introduction of equity culture in education as an alternative to grant-in-aid Self-sustainability and social accountability Strategies …:  Strategies … Private-Public-Community Partnerships with business models based on win-win approaches Boosting entrepreneurship and enterprise by removing stigma on failure Nurturing and encouraging change agents Maximizing impact rather than mere profits Strategies …:  Strategies … Building evolutionary value chains through processes-people-projects-programs-paradigms-partnership Sharing risks and rewards jointly with partners Transparency in decision making and revenue sharing Devolution, Decentralization and Democratization Coordination and synergy instead of control and hierarchy Freedom of interactions and enterprise at all levels Strategies …:  Strategies … Striving for global competitiveness and standards Amplification of local initiatives Building global brands while retaining local identities Search for global and local best practices and their adaptation and dissemination in the network Keeping the network ready to absorb next practices Strategies …:  Strategies … Periodic open self-appraisals and peer reviews Third party impartial quality assessment Resources mobilization through networking by avoiding duplication or reinvention No big investments in brick and mortar Paperless management on web-based framework Strategies …:  Strategies … Focus on masses instead of classes by exploiting IT Learner centric and mass-personalized education Emphasis on direct value addition to learners beyond mere skill or competency building Convergence of face-to-face, Print and CD media based and web-based delivery modes Emphasis on learning through perform e-content than inform content Emphasis on IT enabled activity and interactivity based education Strategies:  Strategies Emphasis on JIT sharing of actionable knowledge by building collaborative e-learning communities Innovative, low cost, high quality educational offerings for global and local careers Knowledge input to replace material and energy inputs to cut down costs Achieving affordability through economies of scale Continuous up-gradation in learning content and services to keep pace with emerging markets, technologies, standards and regulations Awards and Honours:  Awards and Honours GoM's of Maharashtra’s Maharashtra IT Award 2004 for HRD in IT Nomination for World Technology Network Award 2004 for the work of likely long term significance in education Special Appreciation by the Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra successively for 3 years in his Maharashtra Day addresses as well as addresses in the Legislative Assembly and Council Special appreciation by the GoM's of Maharashtra by highlighting MKCL’s success story in GoM's’s Annual Calendar for the year 2005 Future Directions:  Future Directions Enhancing the existing eLearning, eGovernance and eEmpowerment Portals and Frameworks and the Knowledge Grid of MKCL to match the international benchmarks in terms of architecture, performance, customizability and quality of service Expanding the existing client base of these portals and frameworks to national and international level through networking and partnerships and thereby accelerate transformative processes in education Emerging as the single point interface for Maharashtra State as an International Education Facilitator for the Indian and foreign institutions as well as students Future Directions:  Future Directions Replicating Maharashtra’s successful model of IT Literacy and IT Functionality Programs on a nation-wide scale through partnerships Establishing a Virtual University with national and international partnerships for demonstrating new paradigm and for Transforming Graduates into Professionals through its Finishing Schools in: IT, Engineering, Management, Architecture, Fine Arts, Law, Education, Biotechnology, Agriculture, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, Commerce, Arts, Banking, Finance, Insurance…. Future Directions:  Future Directions Establishing the Knowledge Grid across 2000 institutions of higher and technical education in the state by using platforms like ISRO’s EDUSAT Extending the New Education Paradigm learning services to even larger number of teachers and students Establishing 10,000 CLICs to touch 1 crore farm families in the state and offering the Life Long Learning opportunities to the communities Slide63:  Thank You Vivek Sawant

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