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Published on November 30, 2016

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3. CORPORATE PROFILE • Company Name:- Mitsubishi Corporation • Date Established:- July 1, 1954 (Date Registered April 1, 1950) • Representative :- Takehiko Kakiuchi (As of 24 June, 2016) • Board of Management:- Consists of 10 members (As of 24 June, 2016) • URL:- • Shares of Common Stock Issued:- 1,590,076,851 • Head office 33-8, Shiba 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8410 Japan Made By:- Abhay Prakash Dubey Gautam Buddha University BBA 2nd year

4. MITSUBISHI MOTORS CORPORATION • Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is Japan’s fourth largest car company, and manufactures and markets passenger cars and light commercial trucks in its domestic markets as well as in other Asian countries and North America. Its line of passenger cars includes the Diamante sedan, the Galant sedan, several mini-cars for the Japanese market, the hatchback Colt, and the Montero and Endeavor sport utility vehicles for North American consumers. Mitsubishi Motors also operates a financial services division that oversees lending and financing for its car sales. In large part to escape a crushing debt burden, though also to address declining sales, Mitsubishi Motor’s parent company, the Mitsubishi Group, sold a 37 percent stake in Mitsubishi Motors to German auto giant DaimlerChrysler AG. (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries controls an additional 15 percent share of Mitsubishi Motors.) Mitsubishi Motors has embarked on a massive restructuring program instigated by DaimlerChrysler. As part of this program, Mitsubishi Motors spun off its truck business as Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corp. in 2003.

5. CORPORATE HISTORY • In 1954 the new Mitsubishi Shoji was founded, and that same year was listed on both the Tokyo and Osaka stock exchanges. In 1967, the company announced its first management plan. In 1968, the company committed to a large project in Brunei to develop LNG (liquefied natural gas). This was its first large-scale investment. Not content with mere trade-based activities, the company began expanding its development and investment-based businesses on a global scale, as evidenced by iron-ore and metallurgical coal projects in Australia and Canada, and salt field business in Mexico. In 1971, the company made “Mitsubishi Corporation” its official English name.

6. • MC needed to construct new systems to generate profits. The company began streamlining its established businesses and developing more efficient operations. In 1986 the company firmly entrenched a new policy, shifting its focus from operating transactions to profits. That same year a new management plan was drawn up. In 1989, MC was listed on the London Stock Exchange.

7. • In 1992, MC announced a new management policy, namely to reinvent the company as a “Sound, Global Enterprise.” MC began placing greater focus on its consolidated operations and increasing the value of its assets. More efforts were made to globalize the company's operations and its people. In 1998, MC established “MC2000” which introduced a “Select & Focus” approach to business, strengthened strategic fields, and emphasized customer-oriented policies. The new plan was instrumental in shoring up the company's foundations and paving the way to a prosperous future.

8. • In 2001, MC introduced “MC2003”, an aggressive new blueprint for growth, involving an expansion of the company's value chains, a strengthening of its profitability, and focused strategies to create new businesses. In 2004, “INNOVATION 2007” was unveiled which sought to establish MC as a “New Industry Innovator,” with an aim to open up a new era and grow hand in hand with society. In 2007, MC newly established the Business Innovation Group and Industrial Finance, Logistics & Development Group. Then, in 2008, MC announced its management plan, “INNOVATION 2009.” In 2009, MC systematically reorganized the Business Innovation Group and established its Corporate Development Section. In April, 2010, MC reorganized and enhanced this section through the establishment of two new Groups, the Global Environment Business Development Group and Business Service Group. In July 2010, MC announced a new management plan, “Midterm Corporate Strategy 2012,” which sought to strengthen our management platform based on the diversification of business models. Our new corporate strategy, “New Strategic Direction - Charting a new path toward

9. List of All Manufacturers & Their Market Share In INDIA


11. MARKET SHARE % Maruti Hyundai Mahindra Honda Toyota Tata FordRenaultVolkswagenChevroletDatsunNissanSkodaFiatHM-Mitsubishi MARKET SHARE%

12. CONTD…

13. MAJOR COMPETITORS 01 02 03 04 05 Maruti Udyog Ford Motors Toyota Honda Hyundai Motors

14. THE FOUR PS OF MARKETING Product Made By:- Abhay Prakash Dubey Gautam Buddha University BBA 2nd year

15. PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION & POSITIONING • Mitsubishi is the leading car manufacturing company and it has prepared various vehicles with different qualities and they are meeting with the demands of the clients. The product range of the company is wide and it provides the vehicles to its customers in different designs. The company is considered one of those companies, which are the market leaders and they have good market share about their products. 01

16. PRODUCT LINE CARS Eclipse Eclipse Spyder Lancer Lancer Evolution Diamante Galant SUVS Endeavor Montero Montero Sport Outlander

17. ECLIPSE • Starts at $18,200 • 2 door sports coupe • Target: – 18 to mid-twenties – Male and female – Single – Middle-class • Position displayed in commercial

18. LANCER • Starting at $14,000 • 4 door sedan • Target: – 18 to mid-thirties – Male and female – Single or married – Lower to middle class • Position displayed in commercial

19. OUTLANDER • Starting at $19,600 • Mid-size SUV • Target – 25 and up – Wide buyer market – Lower-middle to middle class • Position displayed in commercial

20. PLACE • Mitsubishi has maintained its franchises in different countries and the company is ready to provide its vehicles in these markets. The company is going to provide its vehicles in almost all countries of the world and these vehicles are provided in new designs and the latest technology is added in these vehicles. The clients can get these vehicles from their outlets or showrooms, which are run with the partnership or the franchises. 02

21. PRICE • The vehicles of this company are prepared with sophisticated design and style. The latest technology is used, which makes these vehicles precious if compare them with the vehicles of other companies. The price of the vehicles is more as the cost of the raw material, taxes and the advertisement charges are included. The company gets little bit profit over the sale of these vehicles, so it can be considered as affordable. 03

22. PROMOTION • The promotion of the vehicles is being carried out through the provision of its ads in the newspapers and in electronic media. Social media is also used for the publicity of the vehicles of this company and also the features of the vehicles are also shared in the ads. Further information about the vehicles is also given in the website of the company and the clients can visit there to get the detailed information and the features of the vehicle. 04

23. The company is making plan for the promotion of the vehicles of this brand. The company is going to work on the project of fuel efficient cars and the hybrid cars, and if the company is successful over manufacturing of such vehicles, then it will get huge client base across the world. The company needs to maintain its effective marketing strategy so that it can continue supply of its vehicles in the automobile market. The marketing strategy will help the company to provide its vehicles in the developed countries as well as in the emerging economies. MARKETING STRATEGY

24. STP Segment Complete automobile segment including hatchbacks, sedans & SUV’s Target Group Young executives from the upper-middle income bracket Positioning A car which you will love as it gives you thrill and comfort

25. MARKETING SEGMENTATION • Mitsubishi is one of the leading automobile manufacturing company, which is providing vehicles to different segments of society. These cars are prepared with new technology and new equipments are used and they can helpful for the clients in the business and corporate sector. The vehicles can get attraction from its clients and they would like to buy such fuel efficient cars, which can make their demand of future.

26. MARKETING OBJECTIVES • Mitsubishi is the leading automobile company, which is providing the latest vehicles and cars in the market and now it is analyzing the requirements of the clients to provide them perfect and latest cars. The company wants to provide fuel efficient and hybrid cars and vehicles, which can be useful for its customers. The company is carrying out research work and analyzes the new technology, which can make it more successful in the automobile market.


28. • • • • • sales-figures-analysis.html Made By:- Abhay Prakash Dubey Gautam Buddha University BBA 2nd year


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