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Information about Missing data and non response pdf

Published on December 31, 2016

Author: anujbhatia09

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1. Anuj Vijay Bhatia FPRM 14 Institute of Rural Management Anand NON RESPONSE ERROR HOW TO HANDLE IT? ResearchMethodology

2.  The respondent has not replied to the mail or did not find time to give the interview or cannot be contacted. There can be many such reasons for nonresponse.  High rate of non response is serious.  Research may lose:  Credibility  Acceptability  Accuracy and Professional Soundness  Methodology used should be described completely.  Researchers responsibility to establish external validity.  Appropriate sample size and acceptable response rate must be achieved. NON RESPONSE ERROR

3.  Nonresponse error exist to the extent that subjects included in sample fail to provide usable responses.  Research manifested by high nonresponse loses Validity and Reliability.  Many research articles:  Do not mention nonresponse as a threat to external validity.  Do not attempt to control for non response error.  Do not provide reference to the literature of handling nonresponse.  It limits the ability of the researcher to generalize. NON RESPONSE ERROR

4.  In a survey research, the ability to generalize is critical.  There is a risk that non-respondents will be systematically different from respondents.  Response rate is higher (100% many times) when purposive or convenience sampling is used.  However, probability sampling is used, response rates are low.  Ability to generalize is limited when purposive or convenience sampling is used.  The threat to validity is not due to response rate but due to nonrepresentataive sampling procedures.  To ensure external validity answer: Will your results be same if a 100% response rate was achieved? SAMPLING PROCEDURES AND NON- RESPONSE

5.  Suppose the population is divided into two strata i.e., the respondents ( r ) and the non-respondents whose data is missing (m). Suppose we want to determine

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