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Published on January 24, 2016

Author: annagraziaP

Source: slideshare.net

1. Les Miserables Past & Present prof.ssa Anna Grazia Panebianco

2. Mark KNOPFLER Gustav DORE’ William BLAKE

3. LONDON I wander thro’ each charter’d street, Near where the charter’d Thames does flow. And mark in every face I meet Marks of weakness, marks of woe. In every cry of every Man, In every Infants cry of fear, In every voice: in every ban, The mind-forg’d manacles I hear How the Chimney-sweepers cry Every black’ning Church appalls, And the hapless Soldiers sigh Runs in blood down Palace walls But most thro’ midnight streets I hear How the youthful Harlots curse Blasts the new-born Infants tear And blights with plagues the Marriage hears (by William Blake)

4. Comment LONDON is one of the few political poems by Blake since it highlights the moral disease of his times. All the political, religious and social institutions, personified by the characters that crowd the English capital, are criticized. The Chimney sweeper, for instance, represents the exploitation of children, the Palace represents the king and the government and the Harlot represents a distorted concept of love. The misery that pervades the town is both physical and moral. The word “ban” and the phrase “mind-forg'd manacles”, for instance, not only imply political restriction but also emphasize a wrong attitude towards life. The colors and sounds used by the poet, help reinforce the general atmosphere of suffering of the poem. Blake paints a nightmare vision of social and urban decay, where anguished sounds reverberate, darkness prevails (‘black’ning Church’, ‘midnight streets’) and death stalks the streets (the ‘blood’ of the ‘hapless Soldier’, the ‘hearse’ that contains those stricken with ‘plagues’). Victims are innocent. Innocence is especially endangered when it is ignorant of the ‘woe’ in life and of the possibility of failure and betrayal. This poem links exposure of the social evil of the child chimney-sweep and adolescent prostitute with the theme of the exploitation and vulnerability of innocence. The innocence of the young bride is also devastated by the disease her promiscuous husband will infect her with. The vulnerability of innocence

5. Engraved by Gustav Doré (1832-1883), this is one of 180 prints from his work entitled London: A pilgrimage, first published in 1872. The print shows an overcrowded tenement block with washing in the back gardens and a railway in the distance. Doré was accused of focussing on the ‘commonest’ and ‘vulgar’ parts of the city. One theory at this time was that dirt, overcrowding and bad smells in the air caused disease. This appeared to offer a reason why poorer areas of towns and cities were more susceptible to disease. Over London by Rail Gustav Dorè, engraving, London, England, 1872

6. Mark Knopfler What It Is The song deals with life in contemporary society. It is included in the album Sailing to Philadelfia released in 2000. It presents themes and scenes which may be compared and/or contrasted with those William Blake illustrated in his poem London

7. What it is The drinking dens are spilling out There's staggering in the square There's lads and lasses falling about And a crackling in the air Down around the dungeon doors The shelters and the queues Everybody's looking for Somebody's arms to fall into That's what it is It's what it is now There's frost on the graves and the monuments But the taverns are warm in town People curse the government And shovel hot food down Lights are out in the city hall The castle and the keep The moon shines down upon it all The legless and asleep And it's cold on the tollgate With the wagons creeping through Cold on the tollgate God knows what I could do with you That's what it is It's what it is now The garrison sleeps in the citadel With the ghosts and the ancient stones High on the parapet A Scottish piper stands alone And high on the wind The highland drums begin to roll And something from the past just comes And stares into my soul Ciò che é And it's cold on the tollgate with the Caledonian blues Cold on the tollgate God knows what I could do with you That's what it is It's what it is now What it is It's what it is now There's a chink of light, there's a burning wick There's a lantern in the tower Wee Willie Winkie with a candlestick Still writing songs in the wee wee hours On Charlotte Street I take A walking stick for my hotel The ghost of Dirty Dick Is still in search of Little Nell That's what it is It's what it is now It's what it is What it is now… le bettole traboccano di gente c'è chi barcolla nella piazza ci sono giovanotti e ragazze che ridono senza riuscire a smettere e uno scricchiolio nell'aria dalle parti delle prigioni sotterranee i ripari e le file di gente tutti stanno cercando le braccia di qualcuno per cadervi dentro è quello che è è quello che è adesso tombe e monumenti sono ghiacciati le taverne sono calde in città la gente maledice il governo e si ingozza di cibo caldo le luci sono spente nel municipio nel castello e nel mastio la luna splende su tutto questo su chi è sbronzo perso e chi è sobrio fa freddo nel casello autostradale con i camion che vi strisciano attraverso freddo nel the casello autostradale Dio solo sa quello che avrei potuto fare con te è quello che è è quello che è adesso i soldati della guarnigione dormono nella cittadella con i fantasmi e le pietre antiche in alto sul parapetto solo una cornamusa alta nel vento i tamburi degli altopiani comunciano a rullare arriva qualcosa dal passato e fissa la mia anima fa freddo nel casello autostradale con il Caledonian blues freddo nel the casello autostradale Dio solo sa quello che avrei potuto fare con te è quello che è è quello che è adesso quello che è è quello che è adesso da una fessura passa della luce, c'è uno stoppino che brucia c'è una lanterna nella torre Wee Willie Winkie con un candeliere scrive ancora canzoni nelle ore piccole in Charlotte Street prendo un bastone da passeggio nel mio hotel il fantasma di Dirty Dick sta cercando ancora Little Nell è quello che è è quello che è adesso oh, è quello che è è quello che è adesso

8. Liceo Scientifico “Brunelleschi” a.s. 2015/2016 Progetto Les Miserables un percorso nella letteratura, arte e musica prof.ssa Anna Grazia Panebianco

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