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Published on February 10, 2009

Author: kishorpsir1

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MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM : MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT & THEIR INFORMATION REQUIREMENT PRESENTED BY: ZAFRIN MEMON M.COM (E-COMMERCE) –II ROLL NO.: 13 UNDER THE GUIDENCE OF: PROF. ANTHONY LAWRENCE LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT : LEVELS OF MANAGEMENT SUPERVISORY LEVEL MIDDLE LEVEL TOP LEVEL Slide 3: TOP LEVEL MANAGEMENT Set of management positions concerned with overall task of DESIGNING, DIRECTING & MANAGING the organization in an INTEGRATED MANNER. Structure: CHAIRMAN, BOD MEMBERS, CEO’s, HEAD OF MAJOR DEPARTMENT. Responsibilities relates to WHOLE ORGANIZATION. Needs information of TRENDS IN EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT, SUMMARY REPORTS FROM MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGEMENT. MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGEMENT : MIDDLE LEVEL MANAGEMENT A group of management position which tends to overlap the tip and supervisory levels. Structure: HEAD OF FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENT, CHIEFS OF TECHNICAL STAFF, & SERVICE UNIT. Responsible for ELABORATION, CLASSIFICATION & OPERATIONALISATION OF GOALS, STRATEGIES, AND POLICIES. Feds information from top & Supervisory level. No FUTURISTIC information required. SUPERVISORY LEVEL : SUPERVISORY LEVEL Team of management position at the base of the hierarchy. Structure: SECTION OFFICERS, OFFICE MANAGERS, SUPERINTENDENTS. Also called as “OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT”. Responsible for DAY TO DAY DECISION, & ACTIVITIES. It needs INTERNAL INFORMATION on operational aspects of functioning of activity units. SUMMARY : SUMMARY Competitive advantage, become a market leader. Long-term outlook. New product that will change the industry. External events, rivals, sales, costs quality, trends. Improving operations without restructuring the company. New tools to cut costs or improve efficiency. Expenses, schedules, sales, models, forecasts. Day-to-day actions to keep the company functioning. Work allocation Shifts allocations Scheduling employees, Ordering supplies. Transactions, Accounting, Human resource (HR) management, Inventory. (EOQ)

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