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Published on March 6, 2014

Author: boly63

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Describing filma and music, grammar review, verb tenses and images

Miranda Payrán 1°B #15

The little mermaid

Compound adjectives          blue-eyed hard-working three-hour well-known good-looking well-dressed high-heeled Handmade Bulletproof(vest)

Present and past passive Active voice Passive voice Present simple He delivers the letters The letters are delivered Past simple He delivered the letters The letters were delivered Verb to be into the same tense as the active verb Past participle of the active verb Active: My grandfather planted this tree. Passive: This tree was planted by my grandfather.

Reported speech Do you have a pen I could borrow," he asked. Alice said, "I love to dance." He's American," she said. She said he was American.

International festival of the zeppelin in Nuevo Léon , Mexico • Began in 2002 whit 27 zeppelins • • Is worldwide • recognized The largest in Latin-American 14-17 nov.

Vocabulary unit 7  Lyrics  Performance  Crowd  Acting  Track  lightning

Expressions  To sum up (concluding)  However(consequences)  Lastly(introducing)  firstly,(introducing)  Personally(opinion)

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