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Published on July 28, 2008

Author: guestbad002

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The locality of Mioveni is one of the oldest human communities of the Muscel region. The locality is at the junction of the rivers Argeselu and Targului, at the distance of 36 Km of Campulung and that of 16 Km of Pitesti. The city of Mioveni is situated in the Getic Tableland. The contemporary city is made in the early medieval period. There isn’t a definite time or historical occurrences that lead to the creation of the village Mioveni. Until the year of 1996 the name of the city was Colibasi. By the 35/1996 law the city is given the name of Mioveni and Colibasi remains as only a village which belongs to the city. Is a town in Argeş County, Romania, near the city of Piteşti. It was first mentioned in a written Record in 1485. It developed much in the 1970s after the construction of the Automobile Dacia manufacturing plant. The 5 districts of our town are: Mioveni, Colibasi, Racovita, Faget and Clucereasa, in fact the names of the small villages which have formed the actual town. Mioveni

The locality of Mioveni is crossed by the 45 ° parallel of Northern latitude and by the 24 ° 57’ meridian of Eastern longitude; that means that the locality of Moveni is at half the distance between the North Poll and the Ecuador. Because of it’s longitude the locality of Mioveni is at half the distance between the extreme limits in the East and West of Romania and also those of Europe. The temperature changes due to the change of seasons. The climate is temperate-continental and also of transition, the average annual temperature being of 8,5-9 ° C. The utmost temperature was on the 9th of Julie 2000, that of 41 ° C and the minimum was on the 7th of January 1842, that of -27 ° C.

The population of the city, according to the census of population and of houses in the base HG 680/2001, was of 35.801 people. The area on which the city is standing is of 51 square Km, which means that the main density is that of 670 people on a square Km. In Mioveni most people are orthodox Christians, in percentage of 98/100. The citizens from the center live in blocks of flats with four stores and those in the other districts have got houses built in a style characteristic to our hill area. There are a lot of buildings in our small town: 15 kindergartens, 2 elementary schools, 4 gymnasiums , two high schools, a Town Hall, a cathedral, five churches, a Culture House, a museum, a hospital, two hotels, a few restaurants, some supermarkets and a lot of shops.

The Town Hall

In the fall of 1983 the building of the cultural club began. Two years later in the hall with 500 seats was held the first great show . In it can also be found a big amount of clubs, literary circles, halls: clubs, meetings of a great variety of specialities and a magnificent library with over 40.000 books in it. In the last 10 years there has also been the French library, which was created with the help of the Mioveni-Landerneau association. The CULTURE HOUSE

Monuments Racovita Church Heroes’ Monument Vieros Monastery Writer Statue Racovita Museum

Lying in the civic centre of the city of Mioveni, the Orthodox Cathedral "Sf Petru si Pavel" presents a simple pattern, conceived by mixing white marble and grey-gold marble, put-up in pieces of 40 cm flat, back-ground inspired from Byzantine architecture in the 14th century which continued ages and ages till the autochthon ecclesiastic architecture of 20th century. Because the great construction is in an advanced stage of finishing, the services are taking place in the basement of the building, which is full with icons that give its interior the specific view of an orthodox place for praying.

Schools from Mioveni Şcoala Racoviţa Liceul Teoretic “ Iulia Zamfirescu” Scoala "Liviu Rebreanu" Scoala "George Toparceanu"

The Town Library

The Youth Park

The car factory has begun a Romanian-French cooperation after December 1989 and now it is called Dacia-Renault Car Factory. It is in fact the place where my pupils' parents work. In August 1968 in the city is made the first Romanian car under the French license of the Renault firm. That car is Dacia 110, the Romanian version of the car Renault 8. Later on the production of this and other models continues. On the second of Julie 1999 the Dacia enterprise became part of the Renault group.

The Dacia sportive club was put in function on the 15th of May 2000. In the club you can take lessons for: judo, box, football, volleyball and tennis. Currently there are 200 people attending the club. Dacia Mioveni is a Romanian football team from Mioveni, Argeş Country founded in 2000. They are now playing in the first league.

Pass through the city and see it in it’s full growth socially, economically and spiritually   We’re waiting for you!

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