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Published on December 9, 2008

Author: ABWatt

Source: slideshare.net


A slideshow designed to teach the basics of narrative writing and introduce some visual elements of Greek culture.

MYCENAEAN GREECE Narrative Sentences

HOMEWORK 1. Read textbook pages on Mycenaeans & Minoans Incorporate some of your sentences from today’s writing exercise into a 2-3 paragraph narrative/ descriptive essay: Topic: “Who were the Minoans and the Mycenaeans, and what were their contributions to Greek culture?”

NARRATIVE WRITING Tells a story. uses framing words like... before, after, then, next, first, second, third... in 1450 BC, about 10 a.m., Next Tuesday, last May is written in the appropriate tense (past, present, future) explains a series of events.

FOR EACH SLIDE... Write one descriptive sentence and one narrative sentence OR... write two descriptive sentences. OR write two narrative sentences.

THE MINOANS A.D. 1905 — Sir Arthur Evans finds a palace on the island of Crete. beautiful pottery, lovely wall paintings existed about 2000 BC-14500 BC

KNOSSOS Palace of Minoan Kings built c. 1600 BC, used for c. 400 years No walls, no fortifications Minoans relied on navy “Labyrinth” of Minotaur?

F R E S C O F R O M T H E PA L A C E O F K N O S S O S Religious or political ceremony? c. 1550 BC?

MINOAN SNAKE GODDESS Minoan Great Goddess Snakes, bird on head this figure, c. 1500 BC terra cotta covered in glazes made from oxides evidence of worldwide trade

MYCENAEAN KINGSHIP Mycenaeans have a warrior-king Honor and wealth are very important — judged by what you can afford to give away. sources of wealth = many followers

WEALTH=PRESTIGE Previous slide: Lion Gate of Mycenae, c. 1380 BC. Solid rocks, assembled without mortar This slide: Mask of Agamemnon, c. 1350 BC Solid gold, hammered into a sheet

R O YA L G R AV E C I R C L E “ A ” AT M Y C E N A E inside the fortress walls, just inside the Lion Gate. c. 1540 BC

MYCENAE, THEN & NOW Hilltop fort Walls 11+’ w, 20+’ h Royal palace: Megaron Royal grave circle: mask of Agamemnon Castle & Palace, c. 1300 BC = wealth & power

MINOANS MEET MYCENAEANS About 2000 BC, folk we call “Mycenaeans” settle in mainland Greece. They like Minoan style but they don’t copy well Culture at height, 1600 BC to 1100 BC.

BORROWINGS About 1450 BC, Crete gets hit by a tidal wave and some earthquakes. Minoan society fails. c. 1400 BC, Mycenaeans invade. Take country, writing system

T R E A S U RY O F AT R E U S “beehive tomb” built by the Mycenaeans c. 1280 BC

THE TROJAN HORSE The Trojan War, fought between Mycenaeans & Hittites, probably 1250 BC-1210 BC

THE DORIAN INVASION c. 1100 BC, Myceanean fortresses and palaces destroyed by fire & war in a 10-year window Historians call this the “Dorian Invasion” Writing disappeared. The Greek Dark Ages

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