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Information about Ministry teams minutes June 2016

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: SarahBernart


1. Ministry Teams Meeting Minutes: 8 June 2016 Ministry Team: Buildings and Grounds Team Members Present: Matt Chytka, Nancy Reed and Alfred Christensen Agenda Items: • Follow-up on last meeting’s action list. Action Item Assigned to Due Date Comment Walk the woods to see what to do with glass pieces Alfred and Nancy 6/8/2016 Done Get bag of asphalt and pour into pothole next to the entrance into our parking lot Alfred 6/8/2016 Estill House door knob reception door Ken T and David 6/8/2016 Try and fix Estill house back door latch Alfred 6/8/2016 Done Solicit proposal from Simplex Grinnell for yearly compliance testing Alfred and Nancy 6/8/2016 Done Call Leaf and Limb contractor for appointment Alfred 6/8/2016 Repair wires to piano Alfred 6/8/2016 Done • How to make better use of the area where the two oak trees were taken down. o Matt to talk with a friend who is a landscape designer to get further ideas about how to make that area friendly and welcoming. o The landscape designer (Debra) is working on sketches. o Some changes to the ideas about a sign; Matt will follow up. • The torn cushion on one of the back pews in the nave. o Ken Cawthorne to email Alfred the name of one he just used. Jimmy Cooper Upholstery Shop 4805 Jefferson Ln, Raleigh, NC 27616 Phone: (919) 876-3935 o Ken Cawthorne will call this contact and discuss options with him. o Any news on this front? • Buildings and Grounds Spring 2016 Work Day follow up o Follow-up activities: Caulk outside around windows in class rooms 204 and 208 (Not done yet). • Volunteer? Potholes off Ray Road and in the entrance way to Nativity (where the oaks were taken down) need to be repaired. We have two buckets of asphalt repair available for this. • Some repair was done the following weekend. We need to do some final work on the pothole just as we enter the Nativity property. • Alfred to get a bag of asphalt and spread that. Install a wireless repeater for the secure Nativity wireless network in the church building. • Alfred will do this. Door knob on door into reception in Estill House needs to be tightened. • Ken Tessier will do this. Ken is working on it. David J will also look at it. Install weather stripping around back door into the church building • Matt will look at this item. • Fire marshal visit recently o The fire marshal inspected the property recently. o The backdoor in the Estill House hallway needs to be repaired so it can be opened by just turning the handle down. It is supposed to work that way since it is a fire exit, but right now it doesn’t work very well. We need to look at it. “The unlatching of any door or leaf shall not require more than one operation” Alfred will try with WD-40 before we call in a locksmith. The WD-40 approach worked and the latch is working correctly now. o The fire alarm systems in the church building and the education building must be tested once a year and a printed/written log kept at the church that shows the tests were done, when and with what results.

2. “Provide paperwork (Simplex Grinnell) showing FACP and alarm system has been serviced – required annually” o A contact to Simplex Grinnell needs to be made to schedule such a test and put plans in place for them performing such a test once every year. o We have a contract proposal from Simplex Grinnell to perform annual inspection and compliance testing of the alarm systems in the church building and the education building and perform the now required water backflow compliance testing. The contract will cost as $1604.00 a year. o Buildings and Grounds recommend the contract be signed. During the first inspection (to be scheduled during the next weeks), someone needs to be on-site to solicit as much information as possible about our alarm systems with the objective of writing a set of instructions for operating the systems when alarms go off. This information needs to be passed on to new Vestry members each year (in particular the Senior Warden and the Junior Warden, who are on call when an alarm goes off). o The church needs to create a monthly routine to visually inspect the emergency lighting and exit door sign lighting. How do we do that? Suggestion is to have two B&G members do this per month, rotating through all members of the B&G team. o We should also ourselves perform battery replacement for emergency lights and exit door signs on a 5- year basis. We can purchase the batteries at a much lower price ourselves than if we let Simplex Grinnell replace them. This needs to be done in the very near term future; most of the batteries are at least 5 years old at this point in time. How do we organize this? We’ll purchase batteries before 1st inspection. • Memorial Garden maintenance schedule. o The following schedule is accepted for performing these activities in 2016: June: Ken Tessier July: Matt Chytka August: Randy Smith September: Rick Burts October: Nancy Reed November: Chris Christiansen December: Alfred Christensen • The hanging branch on the big willow oak in the circle o This branch needs to be shortened or taken off. o I suggest we pay for the arborist to come out and help us decide what to do. o When the arborist is out here, we can also ask for his advice on how to best prune all the red tip photinias we have on the campus. They have grown too tall to serve as a barrier to our neighbors. o Alfred to set up appointment. • Buildings and Ground team leader job o Alfred has been the leader of this team for a number of years now, and it is time for someone else to get the chance to lead the Buildings and Grounds team. o Alfred will be unavailable at the meetings in August, September and October – so this seems like a good time to appoint a new team leader. o Nancy will contact potential candidates. • Anything else we need to discuss in today’s meeting? o If you are aware of issues, we need to discuss in this week’s meeting, please send them to me and I will update the agenda. Action Items Assigned/Tracked: Action Item Assigned to Due Date Comment

3. Ministry Team: Pastoral Care Members Present: David Lynch, Susie Holmes Agenda Items Discussed: We reviewed confidential information about specific parishioners, as we will do every month, and make sure that a team member is in touch with the parishioner and aware of the status. Notes will be sent to parishioners by Tammy Jenkins.

4. Ministry Team: Communications Members Present: Gail Christensen, Ben Huckaby, Jason Pace, Ailsa Tessier, Emilie Sigel, Sarah Bernart, David Cariss Agenda/Items Discussed: 1. Weekly email replacement or redesign for Constant Contact a. Why switch? i. Constant Contact (CC) current design is not responsive for cellphones and mobile devices. ii. CC current design is too long b/c wastes space with empty columns iii. CC current design prints all Sunday Tidings in same order; needs to be reordered if we continue CC iv. Cost of CC - $130 per year v. Cost of Dada Mail - anywhere from free to one-time $89.95 fee for the full license (this is what we would do if we went with Dada Mail) b. What would we need to do if we switched services? i. People from the Communications Team would work together to design a new HTML email layout and design. ii. Would need to learn the new system c. We will first revisit the current Constant Contact email format to redesign it. It’s time after 3 years. d. Aside from the visual design, we will do a content design pass as well. Would include recommendations for content for emails vs content for social media outlets. i. What goes in the weekly email newsletters? 1. New announcements from this week 2. Sunday school offerings (for the week) 3. Youth Group activities (for the week) 4. This Week at Nativity 5. “Contact Us” link that goes directly to the Contact Us page on the website (will need to add on to the list of emails available) 6. Links to Twitter and Facebook ii. Things that should not go in the weekly newsletter 1. Classroom locations 2. Contact Us emails block that is currently on the email iii. Urgent or other announcements (adverse weather, death notices/funeral notices, etc.) would be separate emails on an as-needed basis 2. Signage on the Estill House entrance to indicate office hours, phone number, website is in progress, should be ready by the next Communications Team meeting 3. Posters and web sliders assignments a. Adult formation sessions for summer - There are none this month or throughout the summer according to George Douglas b. Go Speak: Sharing Our Faith - May 18 - DONE c. Men’s Softball i. Did we produce posters? No, and we don’t have any photos or anything. ii. We also don’t have any information, but it would be neat to have a web slider with the season schedule on it. d. Potluck Supper - May 22 - DONE e. Roadside banner(s) and web slider for summer schedule i. Begins May 29 ii. Web slider -- done iii. Roadside banner -- we’re using last year’s roadside banner (it didn’t have any dates on it). Need to put it up after May 22nd service. f. VBS i. Street banner, web slider, poster ii. Contact is ?? Date is ?? iii. Assigned to David Cariss 4. Corkboard update a. Update from Karen: “Chris will measure and make the final cuts for the frame, stain the boards, varnish and install. Hopes to finish by end of May or mid-June.” b. Wood frames for Narthex corkboard and clip stand were designed and built by Jason’s brother-in-law and just need finishing. Placement is up to “Narthex committee”. 5. Glad Tidings updates a. Outreach Committee is planning a multi-page series of articles on food security, etc. that will be in the June Glad Tidings. b. June issue will contain everything that’s happening over the summer (June, July, and August will all be in one issue).

5. Action Items Discussed/Tracked: Action Item Assigned To Due Date First pass at email redesign Ben & others July Preparing boards for the narthex Jason June VBS Marketing Materials (roadside banner, web slider, poster) David ?? date of VBS

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