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Published on October 3, 2007

Author: Heather


Technical Communications in the Air Environment:  Technical Communications in the Air Environment Gene Sexton A presentation to: The ISTC Plane Writing:  Plane Writing IMPORTANT NOTICE:  IMPORTANT NOTICE Ancient:  Ancient Harvard Modern:  Modern Tornado Small:  Small Chieftain Large:  Large BAC 1-11 Corporate Stuff:  Corporate Stuff Introducing QinetiQ:  Introducing QinetiQ Gene Sexton Head of Technical Publications Boscombe Down 4 October 2006 01 A heritage of innovation :  01 A heritage of innovation QinetiQ is a leading international Defence and security technology company. Founded in 2001, from the UK’s national Defence laboratories, the company has 6 decades’ experience of delivering cutting-edge technology. 02 A heritage of innovation:  02 A heritage of innovation With around 11,400 talented employees in over 40 specialist areas, QinetiQ delivers a depth of innovative technology that is difficult to find elsewhere. Providing technical services to governments and commercial organisations Undertaking innovative funded research on behalf of customers to understand where technologies will satisfy their objectives Providing technology rich services, products and bespoke solutions to customer problems. 03 UK Based, Global Reach :  03 UK Based, Global Reach Our head office is in Farnborough, Hampshire, one of 40 working sites in the UK. QinetiQ established its presence in North America in 2001 through QinetiQ Inc. and has since acquired 6 US companies. QinetiQ North America’s acquired operations are divided across: Technology, Systems Engineering, Technical Assistance and IT Services. 1 QinetiQ Inc, Washington DC 2 Apogen Technologies Inc, Washington DC 3 QinetiQ Technology Extension Corp, Norco, California 4 OSEC, San Diego, CA 5 Foster Miller Inc, Waltham, Massachusetts 6 Planning Systems Inc, Reston, Virginia 7 Westar Aerospace & Defense Group, St Louis, Missouri 8 Sim Author, Boulder, CO 9 QinetiQ, Farnborough UK 04 Proven Defence Expertise :  04 Proven Defence Expertise The largest of QinetiQ’s business sectors, Defence and Technology is a major supplier of innovative technology and managed services to the UK’s armed forces and those of its allies through: MOD Research as the principal supplier of research to the MOD Technology Supply using IP from customer funded research to provide technology-based solutions to prime contractors, government agencies and OEMs. Procurement and Capability Support providing advice in relation to acquisitions, sustainment and use of Defence equipment Managed Services that are generally long-term relationships which have a substantial investment to the programme, involving managing assets owned by the MOD. 05 Defence Expertise – A Few Examples :  05 Defence Expertise – A Few Examples QinetiQ has achieved the world’s first automatic landing of a short take-off vertical landing (STOVL) aircraft on a moving ship, aiding fatigued pilots. QinetiQ is the preferred supplier for the Combined Aerial Target Service (CATS) contract to provide a fully mobile target service to the UK armed forces for air Defence training and test and evaluation for the next 20 years. 06 Excellence in Commercial Innovation:  06 Excellence in Commercial Innovation Due to its heritage QinetiQ is able to draw upon specialised technology originally developed for Defence and security customers for exploitation into specialist civil markets. These capabilities have produced a portfolio of “dual use” technology solutions for a range of adjacent commercial markets in areas such as security, space, aerospace and managed services. 07 Commercial Innovation - A Few Examples :  07 Commercial Innovation - A Few Examples Now installed at Vancouver International Airport, Tarsier® continually scans airport runways for potentially dangerous debris. It can detect and locate a bolt-size object anywhere on the runway to an accuracy of just 3 metres. Clarks is now able to generate 3D images for foot measurement following QinetiQ’s 3D camera technology projects for the MOD. ZephIR™ can tell the wind speed and direction at multiple heights up to 150 metres to pinpoint the best location for wind farms. This reduces development costs and cost of clean, renewable energy. ZephIR can also assess turbine performance. 08 Sustained Growth in the United States :  08 Sustained Growth in the United States Through organic growth QinetiQ Inc. has established QinetiQ’s presence in the United States. This has served as a principal route to market for the supply of UK research and technology into the US Defence and security markets. QinetiQ has augmented this growth by strategic acquisition focused on growing market sectors complementary to QinetiQ’s technology and expertise. 09 Growth in the United States – A Few Examples :  09 Growth in the United States – A Few Examples Foster Miller Inc. - Talon™, a highly successful bomb disposal robot already in use after 9/11 and in Iraq, has now been developed as an armed weapon, SWORDS. The robot is man portable, safe underwater and capable of climbing stairs, negotiating rock piles and self-righting. Apogen Technologies Inc - Developing the IT platform has enabled US-Visit to be deployed in airports across the US to keep records of foreign visitors entering the country. Westar - A decade long position as prime contractor with the US Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command under its Expedited Professional Engineering Support Services (EXPRESS) programme. Slide20:  A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME Manuals Galore!:  Manuals Galore! Approximately half the Alpha Jet Suite These required translating from German Manuals Galore!:  Manuals Galore! Tornado aircraft together with its supporting technical publications Now on DVD you can carry the same information in your pocket Hercules Ground Engineers:  Hercules Ground Engineers Hercules at RAF Lyneham:  Hercules at RAF Lyneham HMS ICARUS:  HMS ICARUS Authors:  Authors Slide35:  Technical Author The perfect specimen Believe it or not I actually work with someone who looks just like this!! Authoring in the Air:  Authoring in the Air Technical Publications, QinetiQ:  Technical Publications, QinetiQ DON’T OVERLOAD THE USER WITH UNNECESSARY INFORMATION:  DON’T OVERLOAD THE USER WITH UNNECESSARY INFORMATION EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! :  EJECT! EJECT! EJECT! OOPS! Wrong handle!:  OOPS! Wrong handle! Technical Publications and the Law:  Technical Publications and the Law The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 infers that it is the responsibility of the designer to ensure that sufficient information is available for the safe operation, maintenance and disposal of any equipment designed. Technical Publications and the Law:  Technical Publications and the Law Penalties for non-compliance are severe, including custodial sentences for serious breaches of the law. Authoring at QinetiQ:  Authoring at QinetiQ Harvard Inspection:  Harvard Inspection Tornado GR1:  Tornado GR1 Empire Test Pilots’ School:  Empire Test Pilots’ School TIARA Tornado:  TIARA Tornado Jaguar:  Jaguar Snoopy:  Snoopy Andover:  Andover BAC 1-11:  BAC 1-11 Slide55:  Latest Invention ! Push button for screen cleaner Slide57:  Clarity is our goal And We think we’ve got that licked!

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