Mingun, Hsinbyume Pagoda

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Information about Mingun, Hsinbyume Pagoda

Published on February 20, 2014

Author: michaelasanda

Source: authorstream.com

PowerPoint Presentation: Myanmar 43 MINGUN Hsinbyume Pagoda PowerPoint Presentation: The beautiful white Hsinbyume or Myatheindan Pagoda with a distinctive architectural style modelled after the mythical Mount Meru (Myinmo taung), built in 1816 by Bodawpaya's grandson and successor Bagyidaw and dedicated to the memory of his first consort Princess Hsinbyume (Lady of the White Elephant, granddaughter of Bodawpaya, 1789–1812) who died in childbirth. Bodawpaya (1745 –1819) was the sixth king of the Konbaung Dynasty of Burma. He fathered 62 sons and 58 daughters by about 200 consorts. PowerPoint Presentation: The pagoda's design is a great departure from Burmese pagoda design norms. It is based on descriptions of the mythical Sulamani pagoda on Mount Meru, which is the center of the universe in Buddhist-Hindu cosmology, and the lower parts of the pagoda represent the mountain. PowerPoint Presentation: Seven concentric terraces represent the seven mountain ranges going up to the Mount Meru according the Buddhist mythology. The structure itself is symbolic of Meru, the cosmic mountain, while the undulating terraces symbolize the Seven Seas off Buddhist cosmology. PowerPoint Presentation: The Myatheindan Pagoda was badly damaged by an earthquake in 1836 and was restored by King Mindon in 1874 PowerPoint Presentation: On the eastern side a staircase climbs up the centre of the terraces above which is a fine vaulted roof. This staircase was reserved for royalty while on either side are plain steps for lesser mortals. PowerPoint Presentation: Seven terraces with undulating rails - representing the seven mountain ranges around Mount Meru - lead up the stupa, and all the way along are niches in which mythical monsters such as Nats, ogres and Nagas (mythical serpents) stand guard. PowerPoint Presentation: Hti is the name of the finial ornament that tops almost all pagodas in Myanmar. Hti is also a Burmese language word meaning umbrella. The hti can be said as the main distinctive feature of Burmese pagodas. PowerPoint Presentation: The htis of the pagodas there and elsewhere around Myanmar are made of metal (usually iron or steel), coated with gold. The hti is then decorated with golden or gold-plated brass and bronze bells, and at jewelry donated by devotees. PowerPoint Presentation: The tip of the hti, which is studded with precious stones, is called the seinhpudaw (lit. "esteemed diamond bud"). Hti have been found on pagodas constructed by all four of the pagoda building ethnic groups of Myanmar: the Mon, the Bamar (Burmans), the Rakhine (Arakanese) and the Shan. PowerPoint Presentation: The old hti PowerPoint Presentation: Text: Internet Pictures: Internet & Sanda Foişoreanu Copyright: All the images belong to their authors Presentation: Sanda Foişoreanu www.slideshare.net/michaelasanda Sound Sein Bo Tint - Burmese Traditional Orchestra leader

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