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Published on November 23, 2010

Author: mindwingconcepts

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STORY-BASED INTERVENTION: One of eleven evidence-based “established treatments” for autism National Standards Project of the National Autism Center Study (2009). Evidence-Based Practice and Autism in the Schools: A Guide to Providing Appropriate Interventions to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. MindWing’s Methodology/ In the Findings and Conclusions Report of this National Tools is a Story-Based Inter- Standards Project and the more comprehensive technical vention for children with report entitled, National Standards Report, Story-Based In- autism spectrum disorders. tervention was cited as one of eleven established treatments for autism. In September, 2009, the National Autism Center an- nounced the results of its multi-year National Standards Note: 90% of the treatments were from behavior literature Project. Please see www.nationalautismcenter.org. (ABA/behavioral psych/positive behavioral supports). “Additional contributions were made from the non-behav- This project “serves to support parents and professionals ioral literature emanating from the fields of speech/lan- and answers one of the most pressing questions…: “How guage pathology and special education. These researchers do we effectively treat the growing number of students often gave strong emphasis to developmental considera- with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)?” tions…It is important to acknowledge the important con- (Wilcynski, S. (2010). Communique. National Association of School tributions non-behavioral approaches are making at Psychologists, 38, 5) present…” National Standards Report, 2009. Story-Based Intervention Package These interventions include treatments that involve a writ- ten description of the situations under which specific be- haviors are expected to occur. Stories may be supplemented with additional components (e.g., prompting, reinforcement, discussion, etc.). Social stories™ are the most well known story-based interventions and they seek to answer the “who, what, when, where, and why” questions in order to improve perspective-taking. Story-based interventions arose from the Theory of Mind Perspective. The National Standards Report stated that story-based in- tervention influenced their targeted skills* of: self regulation: Tasks that involve the management of one’s own behaviors in order to meet a goal. The age group most affected was 6-14 years. interpersonal skills: Tasks that require social interac- The diagnostic classifications most affected by this inter- tion with one or more individuals. vention: Autism Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome. *(Tasks defined by National Standards Project, 2009). Copyright © 2010. MindWing Concepts, Inc. • 1-888-228-9746 • Web: www.mindwingconcepts.com

The National Standards Project targeted At MindWing, through our research and experience over other skills*. We see our MindWing Tools the past 15 years, we have found that our methodology de- veloping the narrative mode of thought is vital to the fol- as important to the following lowing: targeted skills: Writing and comprehending social stories™ Academic: Tasks required for success with school particu- as well as larly comprehension & writing Comprehension and expression of situations in real Communication: Tasks that involve nonverbal or verbal life AND methods of sharing experiences, emotions, information Comprehension and expression of situations in (Self, others, and book “Character” motivations) story books read in school and for pleasure Higher Cognitive Functions: Tasks that require complex Perspective taking of self and others problem-solving skills outside the social domain (story books / novels / movies / math word problems) Continuing development of a Theory of Mind, including mental state sentences Interpersonal: established by the report Cohesive communication of the story as a whole Learning Readiness: Tasks that serve as the foundation for successful mastery of complex skills in other domains Problem-solving and conflict resolution. (Oral language involving: story grammar, cohesive ties and Development of central coherence (Uta Frith) academic language) Executive functions of planning, and choosing Personal Responsibility: Tasks that involve activities em- actions to carryout the plan. bedded into everyday routines (sequencing and planning; noting the usual ho-hum “setting” & routines in any situ- Children are assisted, through the use of MindWing’s ation) multi-sensory Tools and Methodology, in comprehending Play: Tasks that involve non-academic and non-work re- and communicating “the story” at their developmental lated activities that do not involve self-stimulatory behavior stage. Story form may be written, oral, pictures, play or or require interaction with other people (play routines/sce- drama. narios involve narrative thinking) MindWing’s new Autism Collection is designed especially Self-Regulation: established by the report. for our colleagues working with children with autism and * (Tasks defined by National Standards Project, 2009). other social cognitive challenges. Please see the description on our website: www.mindwingconcepts.com Copyright © 2010. MindWing Concepts, Inc. One Federal St., #103-1 • Springfield, MA 01105-1153 Toll-Free: 1-888-228-9746 • Web: www.mindwingconcepts.com Please visit us at Booth #215 to learn more about our instructional materials and methodology and to inquire about professional development opportunities. Also, at out booth, you will receive FREE give-aways and up to 20% off all purchases!

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