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Published on November 2, 2007

Author: debs

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FOWA 2007 London - Mindshare Marketing - A workshop on How the Social Web impacts the company - customer relationship! The rules have changed

Stop Yelling & Start Weaving Mindshare Marketing FOWA 2007 Workshop October 5, 2007 Deborah Schultz www.deborahschultz.com http://www.flickr.com/photos/belljar/18171527/

Good Morning!

Today’s Workshop ‣ Who are we? ‣ Who are you? Why are you here? ‣ The Forces at work ‣ New Marketing Philosophy ‣ The Human Skills ‣ Some specifics http://www.flickr.com/photos/platinum/4003281/

Who am I? ‣ The “Slash Queen” [ / ] ‣ Social Software/Social Media Strategist/ ‣ Marketer/Communicator/Geek, Catalyst/Connector/Customer Advocate ‣ Marketing Director, Six Apart ‣ Executive Director, Wall Street Rising, Downtown Info Center ‣ VP Marketing, Citibank Deborah Schultz www.deborahschultz.com

Who are you & why are you here? ‣ How many of you work at start-ups? ‣ How many of you are “in-charge” of marketing? ‣ How many of you consider yourselves marketers today? ‣ How many of you are developers? ‣ What do you expect to learn today? ‣ Now, why are you really here?

The Forces at Work Live Web - 24/7 Decentralized lives Democratization of tools Velocity of information Media fragmentation Empowered individuals http://www.flickr.com/photos/44799719@N00/330191406/

So, what does this mean?

We are overwhelmed

http://www.flickr.com/photos/amagill/180202581 Spray & pray does not People are not listening work

The uninvited guest http://www.flickr.com/photos/sarey777/429469554/

We’re not “elusive” We’re annoyed. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ratterrell/40634731/ source: © uri baruchin: getting through

Nobody trusts advertising

Spam, Deceptive, Fraudulent Source: NielsonOnline ‘07

“There are no markets for messages”. - Doc Searls

quot;It's not about telling and selling, quot;It's about relationships”

This is a fundamental culture shift ...not about the tech bling

The “M” word. Debunking Marketing • Talking not announcing • Listening not surveying • Paying attention not getting attention • Organic not static • Problem solving • Everyone is a marketer - product, customer service, engineers, customers Nod to David Armano for slide concept and Doc Searls for bullet 1,2,3 from the Ogilvy/Technorati white paper

http://www.flickr.com/photos/gordonr/42555739/ The Toolkit

The Ecosystem - Use it Twitter Digg Presence IM Social Media Stumble Tools Facebook Myspace Upon Del.icio.us Jaiku Flickr Pownce Other Social Widgets YoutTube Vox Search Tagging Networks Photo & Video Sites FanSites Other Email Chat Technorati Forums Events YOU Blogosphere Dinners Google [company Presence or Video Events individual] RSS/ (offline) Meet-up Blogs Feeds Wiki(s) IM Podcasts Conference Mass Media Partners TV WIkia Print Wikis Wikipedia Radio Others Competitors Customers

The Toolkit ‣ On your site - ‣ Blogs, rss, forums, email ‣ Out at the edges ‣ Blogosphere, social networks, photo & video sites, ‣ Offline (aka the 3D world) ‣ Events, meet-ups, conferences, dinners

Blogs ‣ Immediate and ongoing connection ‣ Provides a human face and voice for the company ‣ Enables you to join the community ‣ Be proactive and quick to react ‣ Low barrier to entry - just get started

Podcasting & Videocasting ‣ Video Services: YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, blip.tv, Revver, PhotoBucket ‣ Photo Tools: Flickr, PhotoBucket, ‣ Desktop Tools: iMovie, Quicktime, Audacity, Adobe SoundBooth, Acid, Picasa, Photoshop

Wikis ‣ Editable web pages ‣ Great for collaboration on evolving projects with many people ‣ Need tending ‣ Types: hosted vs. server side ‣ Hosted: Socialtext, jotspot, PBwiki ‣ Server: Mediawiki, instiki

Decentralization - Feeds & Widgets ‣ A great listening tool ‣ Customize em ‣ Track sites passively ‣ Reduce email overload ‣ Need tending

Social Networks/Media Tools ‣ Get out there into the community ‣ Anything on your blog/site can link out ‣ Post screenshots to flickr, upload videos to youtube ‣ Create a presence ‣ Product/community page, events calendar ‣ Ensure you are easy to find ‣ Use tags, social bookmarks ‣ Use the same screen name/image across the ecosystem

Skills required for today’s Marketer • Listener • Connector • Critic • Partial geek • Detective • Catalyst • Diplomat • Juggler • Approachable • Intuitive • Inquisitive • driven by relationships http://www.flickr.com/photos/aoisakana/264436278/

How do you tune these skills 1. Be authentic 6. Be a catalyst 2. Participate 7. Engage online 3. Get transparent 8. Engage offline 4. Find your 9. Know when to “let it communities go’ 5. It’s not about 10. The love you give is technology equal to the love you get

Deep breadth So how do you think this relates to you?

Some Practical Steps ‣ Look away from the bling ‣ Be remarkable ‣ Design experiences ‣ Be human ‣ Develop your ecosystem ‣ Create opportunities to interact ‣ Be easy to find ‣ Partner/co-create ‣ Measure & Iterate

This is not about technology Not about a viral video ...or a blog ..........or a facebook app ...........................or social media ....................................or community It is about your business your product and your customers How, when and where they are receptive to you [and it better work, be easy to understand and add value to my life]

Be remarkable ‣ Be unusual ‣ Be surprising ‣ Be different ‣ Break rules ‣ Be a storyteller

2 Community features 3 Open source sharing/embedding 1 Videos that play without 4 choosing media plavers Playlists, related items and more A remarkable story told in new Dove evolution ways source: © d. armano

Be human ‣Hire someone dedicated to being “out there”: ‣ A customer advocate, evangelist or community manager ‣ An educator ‣ “Amongst the people” interacting with the community where they live ‣ The human face of the company ‣ Cross-functional - not just a marketer ‣ A foil for the company

Multiple touch points create a “conversation ecosystem” 2 Web widgets 3 Mobile 4 Web version 1 Desktop widgets/applications 7 6 Start page / feeds Virtual words 5 Mash Ups source: © d. armano

Create opportunities to interact ‣ Offline ‣ Online ‣ Partnerships

Be easy to find ‣ Google can find you..forever. ‣ Search, Tags ‣ Username ‣ use the same username across all platforms ‣ Links ‣ provide opportunity for reciprocity and velocity



Company as enabler Promote your fans and customers

So get out there and relate it’s in your nature! you wont be sorry

Thanks, btw Deborah Schultz www.deborahschultz.com

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