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Published on November 25, 2013

Author: rainjitananda

Source: slideshare.net


In this vast universe there are so many beings. Amongst them us, human beings. What is so special about us? What is human life all about? In this presentation Dada Rainjitananda explores the philosophical and practical answers from the perspective of Tantra and Yoga.
You can watch the video of this presentation here: https://sellfy.com/p/o1Oa/

Namaskar • I salute the divinity within you with all the good thoughts of my mind and love of my heart.

Mind & Mantra How Meditation Works By Dada Rainjitananda www.dadas.info Based on the teachings of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

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In this vast universe… …there are so many galaxies, stars, planets… …and amongst them…

…our planet. On Earth there are so many beings. Amongst them…

Human beings We are supposed to be the most developed beings in the planet

Human Life • Period of (+/-) 100 years • What are we to do? • How to utilize our human structure?

What do we want to get?

Or ...   Happiness Peace

Philosophy   Anukúlavedaniiya m' sukham. A congenial mental feeling is called happiness

Philosophy   Sukhánuraktih paramá jaevii vrtti. The attachment to happiness is the primary propensity of every being.

Philosophy   Sukhamananta mánandam. Infinite happiness is ánanda (bliss)

Philosophy   Ánandam' Brahma ityáhu. This bliss is the Supreme Consciousness

Yoga      Individual consciousness - drop of water Supreme Consciousness - ocean Union Bliss

The Human Mind • In YOGA the mind is divided into layers

 Controls the 5 sensorimotor organs

Conscious Mind  See  Develops a desire Act 

Meditation Pose Disconnect from the motor-sensori organs

 Beyond the subconscious

The third Layer Supramental Intuition Creativity

The fourth Layer Subliminal Conscience Non-attachment

The fifth Layer Causal The golden layer

Our Essence is Pure Consciousness Beyond the super-conscious mind

The only pre-requisite • Qualification • Human being

The Connection • Sensory organs Mind Expansion Liberation

Mantra • Mantras establish a relationship between unit and Cosmic Consciousness. • use a mantra. • BABA NAM KEVALAM • Ideation • “Everything is Cosmic Consciousness” • Close your eyes and chant the mantra in your mind for 5 minutes or as long as you can.

Questions? • You may type your questions in the Webinar control panel now.

End • Keep tuned for other webinars • Attend our retreats • http://pathofbliss.com/events/bliss-retreat/

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