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Published on February 27, 2012

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Slide 1: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Milver Logistics Private Limited. Slide 2: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Contents: 1. Brief Introduction 2.Vision, Objective and Goal 3.Services a. International Freight Forwarder b. Air Freight Services Inbound & Outbound c. Ocean Freight Services Inbound & Outbound d. Domestic Transportation e. Custom Clearance f. Industrial Packaging g. Supply Chain ( Warehousing & Distribution) 4. Project Logistics 5. Networks. Slide 3: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Milver Logistics Private Limited ,is a professionally managed company. Milver is not only offers services to our clients, but also commitments. We ensure excellence in our operations by combining knowledge , competence and skills right from the planning stage to the final execution. We at Milver continuously redefine our strategies and approaches to provide innovations solution in the changing market scenarios and with focus to provide seamless and visible solutions to our clients. Introduction Services International Freight Forwarder Air and ocean freight forwarding Sensitive to cost, our economy of scale ensures that we are able to compete at the highest level where we offer frequent consolidation of cargo through global hub systems and partner networks. We offer secure port and airport handling of cargo and on-forwarding to any destination globally via the best mode of transportation. Having the necessary equipment, we can handle products such as pharmaceuticals and hazardous cargo. We have the ability to assemble cargo from multiple suppliers to one consignee thus reducing costs and increasing control. Slide 4: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Our Vision   To be more successful provider of Integrated Logistics Solutions worldwide.    Our Objective  Milver Logistics, access to transport infrastructure assets includes Road fleets, Warehousing ,Ships , Airfreight Capacity, Ports ,Rail rolling stock.   Milver Logistics , has progressively built and grown its unique logistics model in response to increasing customer demand for a complete end to end logistics Solutions. Our Goal  Milver Logistics, focus on saving costs and providing world class services. Anything that seems complicated its actually very easy for our customers, thanks to our experience. We create a platform for the industry to gain more insights into the emerging trends, Industries specific problem and national importance and global best practices in logistics and supply chain management. Slide 5: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Air Freight Services Inbound & Outbound In air cargo transportation, we understand that timeliness and punctuality are essential for clients. At Milver Logistics, we fulfill our responsibility of transporting your cargo to the desired destinations safely. In order to offer clients the most responsive service possible, our Air Cargo specialists maintain close relationships with all airlines operating in India. Our specialists have many years of experience in the area of air cargo shipments. They are dedicated to using their knowledge to achieve speed, economy, precision and safety. Slide 6: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Milver Logistics has knowledge in the consolidation of small quantity cargo and container loading. This expertise combined with our skilled and experienced staff allows us to give each shipment the full attention it requires, and transport client cargo cost-effectively. Milver Logistics monitors the clients cargo at all times, allowing our staff to prepare and complete the necessary documentation in time for the ship's arrival (or departure).However, our work does not end with the arrangement of the inland and overseas transportation of freight and issuing the required Bill of Lading. We also provide project shipping and global forwarding services through a network of national agents. Ocean Freight Services Inbound & Outbound Slide 7: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Multi modal Efficient and Safe Inland Transportation (Rail/Road). At Milver Logistics we do our best to transport your goods from their port of origin, across oceans, and to their final port of destination in the fastest, safest, most reliable and economic manner possible. We work tirelessly (and through the night if necessary) to ensure that any problems that may arise are dealt with in a logical manner and in line with our clients’ requirements.In particular, we have expertise in the handling of perishable goods as well as hazardous cargo, government construction materials, and extra large cargo exceeding the standard size regulations. Furthermore, we use computer network software to manage bonded shipments, small and large sized truck shipments, containers and shipments. We handle customs clearance at the point of entry, and we use our network of branch and field offices to assume responsibility for your shipment throughout the entire transportation process, including delivery at the final point of destination.. Slide 8: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Ware House (Bonded or non- Bonded) By taking advantage of Milver Logistics’ warehouse facilities, our partners and clients are able to effectively manage their inventory without being constrained by limited space at their factories or manufacturing sites. This allows our customers to store products until needed or until the full shipment is ready to be dispatched to their international customers.  Milver Logistics’ warehouse facilities also enables our international clients to store their valuable commodities until needed by their domestic clients and thereby avoiding the long delays in delivery caused by receipt of order. Slide 9: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Space Customs Bonded Warehouse/General warehouse Cost effective Handling Warehouse Equipment Manpower Staffing Inventory Management Local Distribution Milk Run Supply Chain and Distribution Slide 10: Our Electronic Data Interchange offering allows for a fully as well as the ability to receive and import supplier/Export invoice data into our systems. We understand the importance of avoiding delays and the associated storage and demurrage costs. For this purpose we have customs professionals in place to help avoid pitfalls where possible ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Custom clearance Industrial Packaging Industrial Packaging protection during each phase of manufacture such as storage and transport of spare parts, semi-finished and finished products. We do industrial packaging for numerous industries, among them the chemical, automotive and food industries. Whatever the product - solid or liquid substances, large engine parts or entire motorcycles Milver has the expertise to develop the ideal way to pack it. Industrial packaging is especially\ suited for heavy, bulky or large goods and hazardous materials. Slide 11: ©2001-2012 Milver Logistics. All rights reserved Project Handling Milver Logistics has a specialized Projects Division manned by dedicated professionals. Our project team has the capability and experience to handle big or small projects, managing the complete transportation and logistics of shipments originating from any part of the world. Milver Logistics Projects Division has a countrywide infrastructure of offices and warehouses equipped to handle distribution and inventory management to assist with the overall logistics necessary to meet customer needs. The whole system facilitates the communications process and supports the commitment to quality and total customer satisfaction. Phases of Project Handling: Undertaking of large projects on turnkey basis Shifting of plant / machinery from site to site. Handling of over dimensional cargo. Packing of heavy machinery. Loading and Unloading with the help of crane and fork lift. Movement by truck , air, and sea. Unpacking of machinery with proper care Network across India : Network across India New Delhi Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Kolkata Hyderabad Ahmadabad Coimbatore Calicut Cochin Pune ----------Head Office ----------Branches Slide 13: Thank you for your time For more information, visit For further enquiry:, Board No: +91 080 40942572

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