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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: BrianT400


Military top 5: tanks of wwii: Military top 5: tanks of wwii Military Top 5 – list of the top five in military history. INTRO: INTRO MANY PEOPLE ASK ME, WHAT TANK IS THE BEST? THIS HERE, IS THE WORLDS TOP 5 MILITARY TANKS OF WORLD WAR TWO! 5. M4 Sherman Tank: 5. M4 Sherman Tank 5. SHERMAN: 5. SHERMAN Nation: US Gun: 75mm low velocity Armor: thin Speed: 40 km/ph (approx) The Sherman was the US main front line tank, however it was only armed with a low velocity cannon, therefore making it weak against the heavier tanks. 4. Panzer IV : 4. Panzer IV 4. Panzer IV: 4. Panzer IV Nation: Nazi Germany Gun: 75mm long barrel high velocity Armor rating: Medium The German Panzer IV saw extensive action in the Africa campaign. Its 75mm long barrel gun could easily obliterate a US Sherman at long distance. Its armor could reflect most US tank guns of its time. 3. Panther: 3. Panther 3. Panther: 3. Panther Nation: Nazi Germany Gun: 75mm long barrel Armor rating: High (sloped) The German Panther tank experimented with sloped armor, and had the best combination of firepower, protection and mobility. Many say that it was only “suicidal rookies” challenging it. Tiger I: Tiger I 2. TIGER I: 2. TIGER I Nation: Nazi Germany Gun: Rapid fire 88mm long gun. Armor rating: THICK-AS-A-TREE!!! The German Tiger tank was a killing machine of the German tank forces, no Russian, British or US tank would even think about challenging one of these. It was the symbol of the German panzers. DRUMROLL!!! NO.1 WWII TANK!!!: DRUMROLL!!! NO.1 WWII TANK!!! TIGER II: TIGER II 1. TIGER II: 1. TIGER II Nation: Nazi Germany Gun: 88mm AT gun Armor Rating: OMG!!! (120-185mm) This is the Tiger’s big brother, the Tiger II, built with no intention in mind, except blow up tanks. Only few were produced, with some surviving in display around Europe. No tank had the weaponry or armor to challenge this monster. THERE YOU HAVE IT! BEST TANKS OF WWII!: THERE YOU HAVE IT! BEST TANKS OF WWII! PowerPoint Presentation: Music: World of Tanks battle soundtracks (“tanks” youtube and those who uploaded the soundtracks!) MILITARY TOP 5 – LIST OF TOP FIVES

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