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Published on March 30, 2008

Author: Jacqueline



National Security and Military Choices: China:  National Security and Military Choices: China What are the key national security issues?:  State sovereignty Territorial integrity Internal or External threat Economic, cultural or political-ideological Claim to expanded borders Challenge to rivals in region or world Resource issues Prestige Ethnicity What are the key national security issues? China: Territorial Internal:  China: Territorial Internal Xinjiang Xizang (Tibet) Disorder: urban migration unemployment unmet demands Drug Trafficking Border Disputes: China/India:  Border Disputes: China/India Western Arunachal Pradesh South China Sea Spratly Islands & Paracels:  South China Sea Spratly Islands & Paracels Japan, India, North Korea, US & Russia :  Japan, India, North Korea, US & Russia Japan - most serious long-term threat. Fear Japan’s military expansion India: regional rival APEC Naval: Indian Ocean North Korea: Limited concern US - Hegemon Threat to sovereignty Capitalism & Trade Democracy (Human rts) Taiwan Russia - ambivalent Friend or Foe? Transfer of military technology China v. India (US) - naval:  China v. India (US) - naval Myanmar: Sittwe & Yangon Andaman Sea Indian FENC on Andaman Straits of Malacca To west: Egypt: Port Said Pakistan ports(?) Major Differences between 1st & 3rd worlds in security:  Major Differences between 1st & 3rd worlds in security Domestic peace & order in 3rd world Protect culture from global influences vs expansion Resource access & benefits (?) End of Cold War: 3rd world states thrown into Realist scenario Compete with neighbors, not with US, W Europe, Russia What are the 3 Main Roles of Military Forces:  3 Main Roles of Military Forces Constabulary Military copes with Domestic civil and natural disasters Border Defense Military copes with Foreign invasion: Initiate border skirmishes; limited war. Power Projection Military Can project threat beyond borders, by land, sea, or air power. What are the Should you make or buy your military equipment?:  Should you make or buy your military equipment? Boost economic growth Employment -tech class “Learn by doing” Custom-design Policy independence Export market Prestige Leapfrog to modern Higher quality Quicker, easier Buy used or new?? Training plus help if doesn’t perform “Win” against neighbors Purchase: Pros Produce: Pros Negatives on Make vs Buy:  Negatives on Make vs Buy Poorly made or designed equipment Cost-effectiveness low Produce part but have to buy rest Remediation difficult weapon or performance at disadvantage in conflict with neighbors Promotes economy of seller Seller can embargo sales, spare parts or refuse to sell at all Multiple sources Integration problem Awkward demands Play catch-up Neg on Purchase Neg on Produce In US - :  In US - Strategic forces ICBMs SLBMs I’l Bombers General Purpose Forces Simulation: People’s Republic of China :  Simulation: People’s Republic of China What are the goals/threats of China in next 15 years? What type of military is needed? (roles) What military equipment would you buy if you were China’s leaders? Student Pages include: Internal Problems China’s Politico-Military Doctrines (with links to research sites) group should divide research task Current Shape of China’s Military with links to Different types of Navies, Armies Comparison of Ship Characteristics Military Spending Simulation with shopping cart Group determines direction of policy and military choices from China’s standpoint. Assignment on US::  Assignment on US: Go to Rourke’s IP site– Identify main threats or likely need for military action for US in next 15 years What kind of military is needed? (Roles) How much should be designated for Strategic and for General Purpose forces? What weapons will you purchase to implement your analysis? $100 Billion dollars to spend. Copy off your choices (submission goes to Rourke), and write report - analyzing your choices, and justifying them in terms of the threat/needs, roles, developed earlier.

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