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Published on October 15, 2007

Author: Nivedi


Bulgarian and Russian Virtual Observatories: Projects of common interests :  Bulgarian and Russian Virtual Observatories: Projects of common interests M.Tsvetkov1, V. Golev2, O. Dluzhnevskaya3, O. Malkov3, and D.Teodosiev4, G. Stanev4, P. Getsov4, K.Tsvetkova1, D. Kalaglarski4, R. Bogdaniovski4 05.06.2004, VAK2004 BGVO ADDRESS: Space Research Institute Moskovska 6 P.B. 799 SOFIA 1000, Bulgaria Tel: +359 2 0744835 Contact: 1Institute of Astronomy, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences 2Department of astronomy, Sofia University 3INASAN , Russian Academy of Sciences 4Space Research Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences Agenda :  Agenda Introduction RVO and BGVO VO Common Activities Conclusions, Rules, Remarks Next steps VO overview:  VO overview VO international initiative Institutions participants, BGVO status Funding (30x106 USD in the next 3-5 yrs What to expect List achievements and progress since last status update was given Address schedule implications Highlight those things that made progress possible Resources:  Resources RVO project resources CAD INASAN Catalogues service (link CDS- Strasbourg) Databases SN, GCVS, UVCet-Solar NB etc Mirrors – ADS,VizieR, INES Resources:  Resources BGVO project resources SSADC Catalogues service Link to the CDS- Strasbourg, USNO (B1.0), HCO(2MASS) Databases WFPDB, FSDB (Flare Stars in Stellar Aggregates), (Magion/Itreball, BG1300 - on the way) Mirrors – HyperLeda, ADS_AS, (VizieR), (DENIS) Mosix Cluster – “Pleiades” BGVO: Pipeline picture :  BGVO: Pipeline picture VO Common Activities :  VO Common Activities WFPDB: Development of the Plate stacks maintains and digitization Joint Space Missions Data Sets - Access Organization Databases mirroring Astronomical Catalogues Access VO Common Activities :  VO Common Activities WFPDB: Since 1994 Since 1997 Since 2000 VO Common Activities :  VO Common Activities WFPDB: Since 2003 Plate Previews and Row Scans maintains – existing amount - 500 GB (Local Server “Aquila”) Soon 1TB Pleiades Plate Database, Gould plates s. 1872 CdC etc VO Common Activities :  VO Common Activities WFPDB: Plate Digitization:  Plate Digitization Flat bad scanner Epson 1640 XL consortium Italy(7), Germany(2), Armenia(1), Bulgaria(1), Russia(2) etc. (speed: p/week 25-100 GB; res. 16 μ/pix) Plate size: up to 30x30 cm. More FB scanners: Sonneberg(!), Konkoly, Bucharest, Spain, USA (MMO) etc. Future generation scanners HCO, Bob Simcoe scanner HyperLeda mirror in SSADC :  HyperLeda mirror in SSADC The scientific goal which motivated the development of former HyperCat was the study of the physics and evolution of galaxies. Since 2000 HyperCat and LEDA are operated in a common consortium which will offer a merged interface called HyperLeda. Since 2004 HyperLEDA is mirrored in SSADC, future development DENIS mirror: contract was signed VO SRI projects:  VO SRI projects Main BGVO Space research programs INTERBALL/MAGION - 4, 5 – Russia (ИКИ/ИЗМИРАН), Czech Republic BG1300 – database Bulgaria, Russia (ИКИ/ИЗМИРАН) POTENTIAL - body charge of space vehicle – Russia, Bulgaria OBSTANOVKA on board of International Space Station body potential on station (Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Great Britain, Bulgaria) INTERBALL/MAGION:  INTERBALL/MAGION Ultra Low Frequency (ULF, 0.33 Hz) Wave Measurements Aboard the Magion-4,5 Subsatellite of the Interball-1 spacecraft : monochromatic Wave Events Observed Near the magnetopause Regions. 1. Magnetic and electric field observations 2. Particle observations from MPS/SPS instrument 3. Measurements in the Magnetopause Region 4. POLARIZATION Measurements Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Bocni II., 14131, Prague, Czech Republic Institute of Terrestrial Magnetizm, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Moskow Region, 142092, Russia INTERBALL/MAGION:  INTERBALL/MAGION ULF Records in 1995/1997 Bulgaria 1300 complex:  Bulgaria 1300 complex (Since 1981) The satellite BULGARIA 1300-I More than 15 expetiments Institute of Space Research, Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Terrestrial Magnetizm, Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences, Troitsk, Moskow Region, 142092, Russia Next Steps :  Next Steps Plate Logs Complement Preparing Computer Readable catalogues (!) Staring Plate digitization: Pilot Projects: Oldest SAI plates are important Pleiades, Orion, M31 fields…, Acknowledgements:  Acknowledgements This work is supported by: The Russian Academy of Sciences and Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in the frame of bilateral cooperation project “Wide-field plate database development” Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria the project BNSF I-1103/2001 the EC-COST iAstro Action 283 SOFIA Meeting in 2005 :  SOFIA Meeting in 2005 VIRTUAL OBSERVATORIES: Plate Content Digitization, Archive Mining, and Image Sequence Processing Sofia, 27-30 April, 2005

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