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Published on December 16, 2008

Author: MigunSaintJohn

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Product Comparison Slide 2: The Migun products are designed for a superior therapeutic result. Other competitive products emphasize comfort over therapy. Internal Probes Internal Probes Slide 3: Migun’s advanced technology, protected by the international patent law, is designed to penetrate the precise acupuncture points. It embodies the exact same principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Identical to TCM practice Migun thermo-mechanical probes Patents Slide 4: Holes/Heat outlet (oxygenation for deeper penetration) Jade Capsules Heat/FIR distribution Heat protecting plate Rubber washer Jade capsules Slide 5: Migun Jade Caps/Light bulbs Company C probes Heat/FIR vs. surface Surface Surface Slide 6: AC/DC Slide 7: PWM vs. Time Control Every Migun treatments start here The treatment begins at a different point. This results in different or random acupressure treatment. Slide 8: HY 7000 has 7 different modes including the manual mode. Features

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