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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: RoSMR

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PowerPoint Presentation: MIDTERM PRESENTATION MONICA RIVERA BRUN PowerPoint Presentation: LEAN CANVAS PowerPoint Presentation: CUSTOMER SEGMENTS PowerPoint Presentation: Middle to high class 25 to 40 year old parents of 2 to 10 year old children. PowerPoint Presentation: NUEVO LEON JALISCO DF 1’113,196 HOUSEHOLDS PowerPoint Presentation: PROBLEM PowerPoint Presentation: The current trend is that families seek to live in smaller houses. PowerPoint Presentation: and encounter the problem of lack space. PowerPoint Presentation: VALUE PROPOSITION PowerPoint Presentation: Brand of smart furniture for children focused on the play area that helps save space. PowerPoint Presentation: SOLUTION PowerPoint Presentation:  F urniture that is: Multifunctional Save-spacing Grows with the children PowerPoint Presentation: CHANNELS PowerPoint Presentation: INTERNET MAIL DELIVERY PowerPoint Presentation: TOY STORES PowerPoint Presentation: KEY METRICS PowerPoint Presentation: 67% MORE SPACE 3 pieces of furniture in 1 TABLE CHALKBOARD DRAWERS PowerPoint Presentation: 75% MORE UTILITY 4 different sizes PowerPoint Presentation: UNFAIR ADVANTAGE PowerPoint Presentation: DESIGNER’S TALENT PowerPoint Presentation: QUICKLOOK LEARNINGS PowerPoint Presentation: The project has commercial potential because there is a gap in the Mexican market that o ffers this type of furniture and the imported products usually in Mexico have high prices PowerPoint Presentation: People are more likely to buy this products for their homes than for their business. (kindergartens) PowerPoint Presentation: But t be accepted in this market it must meet international standards of safety, quality and design. (made-in- chismo ) PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU

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