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Published on December 3, 2008

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Erosion and Deposition:Glaciers : Erosion and Deposition:Glaciers 8th Grade Science Lakewood Middle School October 10,2008 What is a glacier? : What is a glacier? A large mass of ice and snow that moves slowly over land What are the two types of glaciers? : What are the two types of glaciers? Continental glaciers A glacier that covers most of a continent or large island (Greenland, Antartica) Valley glaciers A long, narrow glacier that forms when snow and ice build up in a mountain valley What is the Ice Age? : What is the Ice Age? A time period when continental glaciers covered large parts of the Earth’s surface When are glaciers formed? : When are glaciers formed? In an area where more snow falls than melts. When the depth of the snow reaches around 100 feet, gravity starts pulling the glacier downhill. How do glaciers ERODE the earth’s surface? : How do glaciers ERODE the earth’s surface? Plucking The process by which glaciers pick up rocks as they flow over land. These rocks freeze to the bottom of the glacier. Abrasion Glaciers have rocks at the bottom of them which get dragged across the land causing gouges and scratches in the bedrock. How does glacial DEPOSITION occur? : How does glacial DEPOSITION occur? When a glacier melts and leaves rock and sediment on the land Types of Glacial Deposition : Types of Glacial Deposition Till Mixture of sediments that a glacier deposits directly on the surface Cirque Bowl-shaped hollow eroded by a glacier Moraine Till deposited at the edge of a glacier that forms a ridge Kettle Small depression that forms when a chunk of ice is left in a glacial till

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