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Published on February 19, 2009

Author: pamelag1972

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The Middle Ages Why do you think this period In time was called the Middle Ages?

Feudal System or feudalism

System of government where the noble received land, buildings and serfs from the king. System of trading protection for loyalty




Large block of land made up of a forest, meadows, farmlands, the village, a church, and the house or castle of the noble who owned it all



People who worked and lived on the manor. Lived on the land but did not own it. Grew food and made the goods needed to support the noble’s family


I am a tenant and I pay money to my home owner. I am a tenant and I pay goods and services to my landowner

Someone who pays rent to a landowner (or homeowner)



The same as a noble. A person who was a tenant to the king and helped the king fight in times of war.


A written agreement with the King (middle ages) or with an employer (present time)

I signed a contract to serve the king. I wish I was able to read it!

Christendom What word do you see inside this word?


A feeling that all Christians from all kingdoms formed a community .


Attempt by Pope (head of the church) to take over the Holy Land which was home of the Muslim Empire. Soldiers wore the sign of the cross.


Bubonic Plague (Black Death)



Disease spread by the fleas on rats. The disease caused blisters that turned black just before the person died.



Region in Europe with a strong central government and had a single ruler a monarch (king)

Magna Carta


Means great charter. Drawn up by Nobles to limit powers of the King of England

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