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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Belly


Microsoft Windows Vista:  Microsoft Windows Vista Ed Gowen Macon State College Educational Technology Training Center Vista: The Big Rules:  Vista: The Big Rules According to Mark Minasi (IT Guru) there are two Big Vista Rules: #1 – Vista Breaks Things! #2 – You Should Be Happy About It! Now just why is that … Vista Security:  Vista Security Some of the more significant changes introduced in Vista are to basic Windows Security Security and Backward Compatibility – particularly with older applications conflict with each other. Vista?:  Vista? New NT class workstation – actually NT Workstation 6.0 32 and 64 bit versions (Microsoft says this will be the last 32 bit desktop OS) RTM 11/8/06 Product launch 1/29/07 Vista is not a Server OS that comes in a year or so (Longhorn) and maybe called Server 2007 or more likely 2008. Still later will come Vienna (once called Blackcomb) Vista Versions:  Vista Versions Starter (Third World Countries) XP Home -andgt; Vista Home Basic/Premium Basic has no Areo Glass, no Media Center and no Home Networking $200 Premium has Areo, Media Center, DVD Authoring, Home Networking $239 Vista Ultimate – combines Business with Home Premium features $400 Vista Versions:  Vista Versions Vista Business (XP Pro) $300 Vista Enterprise (VPC, Secure Startup, Bit Locker) only available under Software Assurance Vista Ultimate (Business + Home Premium + $400 'N' versions available for Business andamp; Ultimate (No IE/Media player integration) Vista Versions:  Vista Versions So you picked the wrong version. Its not too late. Windows Anytime Upgrade to the rescue with a little help from your credit card … The CDs and DVDs contain all versions. The version installed depends on the key used to activate. Hardware Required:  Hardware Required 1 GB Ram – 2 GB=better – 3 GB=Best 64 bit hardware and software is required to use andgt; 3 GB CPU – 2.0 GHz minimum – Dual Core preferred 4200 / 5400 / 7200 RPM Hard Drives SATA drive preferred – the bigger the better! Make sure the BIOS recognizes USB devices 1024 x 768 minimum – preferably 19' flat panel Hardware Required:  Hardware Required Areo Glass really needs a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU=separate CPU on the graphics card) … running a GPU hard cause heat and shortens battery life considerably 128 MB Video RAM minimum DirectX 9 GPU and Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) driver Most current systems won’t do Areo Glass … but does it really matter? Deployment:  Deployment Pre-Vista – we deployed an OS Boot from CD andamp; answer questions Boot from CD andamp; use an answer file Boot from a floppy/USB, then attach to network share and install with or without an answer file or download/multicast a Ghost Image. PXE boot, go to RIS server and deploy either attended, scripted or a RIS-built image. Deployment:  Deployment We deploy a Vista OS First boot from a very cut-down version of Windows called the Windows Preinstallation Environment or Win PE 2.0 Next copy Ghost-line image from a series of CDs, a DVD, another hard disk, or a network share to the target system Finally, you configure it either by answering questions or supplying a setup script. Windows PE 2.0?:  Windows PE 2.0? Second generation Preinstallation Environment. The original was released only to OEMs and SA customers for deploying XP. The concept is that it is no longer even remotely practical trying to boot from DOS floppies to get a basic OS on a bare-metal PC or one with an scratch hard drive. Microsoft built a reduced function OS small enough to fit on a CD or USB drive. The PE 2.0 OS is just smart enough to support networking, registry editing, disk operations, etc but there is no real GUI and it will automatically reboot after 72 hours. Vista Deployment 1 of 3:  Vista Deployment 1 of 3 Insert a Vista CD/DVD and boot from it. This loads 'boot.wim' which is WinPE or Boot the new machine from a CD/USB you built that runs WinPE or PXE boot to a 'Windows Deployment Service (essentially RIS 2.0) Regardless of which approach you take, all three approaches boot WinPE Vista Deployment 2 of 3:  Vista Deployment 2 of 3 Copy a large single file containing most of the OS called a 'Windows Image File' to the target system hard drive. Run Plug-and-Play detection to adjust the image for the particular devices on the system – basically selecting and loading drivers Customize Windows settings Install other applications and complete customization This approach makes a clean install very fast. The Windows Image File is quite generic except for the 32/64 bit issue. Vista Deployment 3 of 3:  Vista Deployment 3 of 3 The customization can be scripted similar to the answer files used previously but the new files are in XML format and are called autoattend.xml You could create an image that is already completely setup with application Tools You’ll Need:  Tools You’ll Need The tools you’ll need for other than a one-up installation are not included with Vista but they are free from Microsoft. The Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) is a 730 MB download with an 'IMG' extension that is actually an ISO file containing: WinPE, Imagex, WSIM and other tools … Building A Windows PE Disk:  Building A Windows PE Disk Install the WAIK to c:\waik (Note: This is not the default location but it will be easier to use here.) Choose 'Windows PE Tools Command Prompt' (Note: Run as Administrator if using Vista) copype x86 c:\winpe cd \winpe oscdimg –h –n – iso test.iso Burn the test.iso to a CD-ROM Windows Image Files:  Windows Image Files Similar to Ghost image files. Extension is .wim – The Vista DVD contains boot.wim (WinPE) install.wim (7 versions of Vista) WIMs contain more than one OS – Single Instance Store (SIS) Vista install disks are essentially two WIMs: install.wim and boot.wim in the \sources subdirectory Windows Image Files:  Windows Image Files install.wim isn’t a sector by sector image but rather a directory structure with files WIMs can be mounted and examined on a directory/file basis and can be modified Service packs and hotfixes can be applied to WIMs without first 'installing' them imagex.exe can be used to make a WIM from a working system sysprep can be use to remove the security information before creating the WIM using imagex but it is not required. Windows Image Files:  Windows Image Files Whether you 'capture' a running system to make a WIM or 'apply' a WIM to a system the procedure is basically the same: Boot the system from WinPE Connect to wherever you’ll save the WIM to or pull it from (external hard disk, network share, DVD) Use imagex with the /capture or /apply switch On February 20th … Microsoft Rolls Out Six Vista Migration Tools:  On February 20th … Microsoft Rolls Out Six Vista Migration Tools Microsoft's first tool, the Windows Vista Hardware Assessment Tool 1.0 Solution Accelerator, is designed for use by channel partners or IT organizations with 5,000 or fewer PCs. The network-based tool assesses the hardware capabilities of connected PCs and ranks them by three criteria: Vista incompatibility Vista Capable—running with limited capabilities, such as the basic user interface Vista Premium Ready—running all capabilities, including the Aero user interface Six Vista Migration Tools:  Six Vista Migration Tools Application Compatibility Toolkit - Microsoft designed ACT 5.0 to analyze some of the possibly most worrisome compatibility problems. Six Vista Migration Tools:  Six Vista Migration Tools Microsoft announced the release of two tools supporting Volume Activation 2.0: Key Management Service (KMS) for Windows Server 2003 Windows Volume Activation Management Tool (VAMT). Six Vista Migration Tools:  Six Vista Migration Tools Business Desktop Deployment Tool Kit (BDD) This solution accelerator provides proven tools and practices that enable IT professionals to: • Create a software and hardware inventory to assist in deployment planning. • Test applications for compatibility and mitigate the compatibility issues discovered during the process. • Set up an initial lab environment with deployment and imaging servers. • Customize and package applications. • Automate desktop image creation and deployment. • Ensure that the desktop is hardened to improve security within the environment. • Manage processes and technologies to produce a comprehensive and integrated deployment. Six Vista Migration Tools:  Six Vista Migration Tools Virtual PC 2007 - Microsoft expects businesses to use Virtual PC 2007, which is freely available, to run virtualized older Windows versions while migrating to Vista. The idea is to maintain application compatibility without delaying Vista deployments. Vista Security:  Vista Security Vista has 43 user rights such as 'shut down a system', 'change workstation time' divided into two types: Logon rights (9) Privileges (34) Vista SecurityUser Account Control:  Vista Security User Account Control This is what many folks are fussing about but they shouldn’t … Regardless of how you are logged-on, every time you want to do anything administrator-ish, you’ll be asked to confirm your action Sometime things that should work won’t The mechanism behind this is called 'User Account Control' and its is intended as a kind of backwards 'RunAs' UAC alerts us when what we are trying to do requires administrative privileges. Vista SecurityUser Account Control:  Vista Security User Account Control When you logon, admin accounts get two tokens: and admin token (AT) and a standard user token (SUT). The process is called Split Token By default … any application you run uses the SUT You can choose or the OS can suggest using the AT whenever it is necessary. When a switch to the AT is required, the screen goes gray and all animation stops. You get what is called the Consent UI that can’t be answered by a rogue application. Vista License Changes:  Vista License Changes You can transfer a retail Vista license from one PC to another as many times as you like (not OEM copies) Home Basic andamp; Premium can’t be run on a virtual machine Pricing is much higher than XP Volume customers now have to run a 'KMS' server that validates and re-activates all Vista boxes every six months. There is a limited number MAK key that does not require re-activation once each PC is validated through Microsoft servers by internet or phone. And much, much more …:  And much, much more … Vista has a very different 'look and feel' Lots of things that we finally found in XP have been moved or renamed. Vista will definitely take some getting used to even for experienced computer users. Folks who are barely comfortable with XP will need lots of support / retraining / psychological counseling / etc. 

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