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Published on May 30, 2007

Author: Abhishek


Introduction to Microsoft Producer 2003:  Introduction to Microsoft Producer 2003 a presentation by Patrick Douglas Crispen Our Goals:  Our Goals Take an in-depth look at Microsoft Producer 2003, a free Microsoft PowerPoint 2002/2003 utility that lets you add audio and video to your PowerPoint presentations Camtasia Studio 2, a $149.00 commercial program that lets you create screen capture movies complete with narration A Little Background:  A Little Background The Problem:  The Problem Let’s say you create the greatest PowerPoint presentation in history. And now you want to unleash your bulleted, animated, slide show masterpiece upon the unsuspecting public – the people outside of your classroom. What are your options? Printing?:  Printing? I guess you could print a handout. File > Print Then you could choose to print either Slides Handouts Notes Pages Outline View Printing?:  Printing? BUT, not only are handouts dreadfully boring, they also murder lots of happy, peace-loving trees. Besides, your audience can’t Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V a handout. Uploading?:  Uploading? I guess you could upload your presentation to your Web site or Blackboard course. But, since most PowerPoint presentations tend to be a tad bit gargantuan, bandwidth is going to be a big problem. Uploading?:  Uploading? You might mitigate this a little by taking your presentation and Using Pack and Go. Converting it to a PDF file. Compressing the images. Zipping it. Saving it as a Web page. Unfortunately …:  Unfortunately … You have a pretty big list of options: Turn the presentation into a handout Use Pack and Go (and then burn the presentation to a CD) Convert the presentation into an Adobe Acrobat file Zip the presentation file Use File > Save as Web Page… and turn the presentation into a bunch of Web pages. None of these are really exciting. After all, what’s missing from ALL of these? YOU!:  YOU! What’s The Problem?:  What’s The Problem? Do you think the people who read your presentation as a handout or download it at home will get as much out of it as someone who actually saw you give your presentation live? The truth is that PowerPoint presentations – in ANY format – are not tremendously helpful without the accompanying narration that you provide during a real, live presentation. Adding Separate Audio Clips:  Adding Separate Audio Clips I guess you could always record a bunch of accompanying audio tracks and embed them in your presentation. BUT, this requires some special software. MS Sound Recorder, by default, will only record up to 60 seconds of sound. There are workarounds, by why bother? And if you think your presentations are gargantuan now, wait until you add audio! Adding Narration:  Adding Narration Hidden in both PowerPoint 2000 and later is a nifty feature that lets you add audio narration to your entire PowerPoint presentation. You can even sync the narration to each slide. Slide Show > Record Narration This is cool, I guess, but what if you want more … um … pizzazz? Adding Video:  Adding Video With a simple Web cam ($20 - $100) and microphone (free - $75), you can also create videos and add them to your PowerPoint presentations. But you could end up with a MESS of videos and audio clips, especially if you have a large presentation. This could quickly become unmanageable. PowerPoint has a nasty habit of losing embedded audio and video files. There has to be a better way. Microsoft to the Rescue … Sort of.:  Microsoft to the Rescue … Sort of. Built into both PowerPoint 2000 and later is something called “Online Broadcast.” Slide Show > Online Broadcast This allows you to broadcast streaming PowerPoint presentations in real time to network users. In addition to PowerPoint slides, you can also broadcast video and audio simultaneously to deliver a live, online multimedia show – sort of like a newscast. Your broadcast can also be archived for playback on demand. Online Broadcast:  Online Broadcast Don’t celebrate yet. Online Broadcast sounds cute, but is really more trouble than it is worth. It involves a complicated series of steps. I’ve never been able to get it to work (I keep getting runtime errors.) Besides, “Live” = “one take.” So what we really need is a program that will let us use and manage multiple media files, add narration and maybe even a “talking head” to our PowerPoint presentations, edit out the mistakes, and then place the whole shebang online. And that’s where Microsoft Producer 20003 comes in. Microsoft Producer 2003:  Microsoft Producer 2003 What Is Producer 2003?:  What Is Producer 2003? Producer 2003 is a free add-in for PowerPoint 2002 (a.k.a. PowerPoint XP) and PowerPoint 2003. Producer 2003 lets you take an existing PowerPoint presentation and enhance it with synchronized audio, video, images, and other elements. These enhanced PowerPoint presentations can then be viewed online by anyone with a PC or Mac, an Internet connection, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player. Producer 2003 Demo:  Producer 2003 Demo The content in this demo isn’t important (it’s made up), but notice The talking head is synched to the PowerPoint, and the PowerPoint transitions and builds are included. Links on the left are hot – they take you to various points in the presentation. Video footage is added mid-way (and there is also template change.) Start the demo: 300 Kbps 100 Kbps Sound Interesting? Want to See Microsoft Producer 2003 in Action?:  Sound Interesting? Want to See Microsoft Producer 2003 in Action? Well, then, let’s play! MS Producer 2003 Evaluation Guide:  MS Producer 2003 Evaluation Guide To make this hands-on demo look a little professional, I’m going to use some free videos and PowerPoint presentations that Microsoft uses for its Producer 2003 training courses. To play along at home, just search for microsoft producer 2003 evaluation at Google. Download both the evalguide.doc (the training manual) and the TryItFiles.exe (the sample files). Launching MS Producer:  Launching MS Producer Once you have downloaded and installed MS Producer (we’ll talk about how to get Producer in an upcoming slide), go to Start > Programs > Microsoft Producer for PowerPoint 2003. Opening Dialog Box:  Opening Dialog Box Choose “Use the New Presentation Wizard” and click on the OK button. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 1:  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 1 Click on the Next > button to start the wizard. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 2:  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 2 This screen may take a second or two to load. Choose a template based on the type of presentation you want to create. When in doubt, choose “Default.” Then click on the Next > button. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 3:  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 3 Choose a presentation scheme. Change any of the fonts, sizes, colors or other elements to be used. Then click on the Next > button. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 4:  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 4 Producer creates a “pre-roll” page, the first page viewed by your audience The pre-roll page includes: Your presentation’s title Your name Introduction page image A description of your presentation. Click on the Preview button to preview your pre-roll page. Then click on the Next > button. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 5:  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 5 Using the Browse button, import the PowerPoint slides or still images you want to use in your presentation. We’re going to use one of the Producer training PowerPoints from Microsoft, but you can use ANY PowerPoint file you want. Then click on the Next > button. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 6:  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 6 You can either import or capture video and audio. To import, click on the Browse button. We’re going to import one of the Producer training videos from Microsoft, but you can import ANY picture or video – or groups of pictures and videos – you want. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 6:  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 6 To capture new audio or video, click on the Capture button. Skip that. It is easier to capture new audio or video later. Click on the Next > button. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 7 :  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 7 The last step is to indicate that you want to synchronize the imported video and slides. So click on the Yes radio button. Then click on the Next > button. New Presentation Wizard – Screen 8:  New Presentation Wizard – Screen 8 Finally, click on the Finish button. Synchronize the Audio/Video:  Synchronize the Audio/Video Since we are using existing an existing video (from Microsoft), we need to synchronize that video with the PowerPoint presentation. Press play, and then click Next Slide at the appropriate times. Then click Finish. Additional Producer Tasks:  Additional Producer Tasks See the Microsoft Producer Evaluation Guide for information on Importing video, audio, images, slides, HTML Using the capture wizard (p. 13) Changing templates (p. 19) Publishing presentations (p. 20) Neat, huh?:  Neat, huh? By The Way, MS Producer Is FREE!:  By The Way, MS Producer Is FREE! Getting MS Producer 2003:  Getting MS Producer 2003 You can download Producer 2003 by going to Google and searching for “Microsoft Producer”. It is a BIG file (>46 Mb!) You can also purchase a Producer 2003 CD for $6.60 ($0.65 for the CD and $5.95 for shipping) from Microsoft. Creating Producer 2003 Presentations:  Creating Producer 2003 Presentations To create a new presentation in Microsoft Producer 2003, you’ll need: A free copy of Microsoft Producer 2003 A licensed, installed version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 (included in Microsoft Office XP suite) or PowerPoint 2003. Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 A 400 MHz processor or faster (600 MHz or faster for video capture) At least 128 megabytes of RAM At least 2 gigabytes of free hard drive space A video capture and audio capture device Viewing Producer 2003 Presentations:  Viewing Producer 2003 Presentations To view a Microsoft Producer 2003 presentation, all you’ll need is Internet Explorer 5.0 or later (PC or Mac) Windows Media Player 6.4 or later (PC or Mac) An Internet connection That’s it! You don’t need to download or install any additional software to view Producer 2003 presentations; you only need Microsoft’s free Producer 2003 software if you want to create your own Producer 2003 presentations. To Learn How to Use Producer 2003:  To Learn How to Use Producer 2003 Check out the “Producer Evaluation Guide” or the 13 different tutorials on Microsoft’s Producer site. Problems with Producer:  Problems with Producer You have to have Windows 2000 or XP AND PowerPoint 2002/2003 to be able to create Producer presentations. Because Producer is a Microsoft product, you need Windows Media Player to be able to view Producer presentations – and this could be problematic for Mac users. Producer’s compression is good, but it doesn’t rival the compression of Macromedia Flash presentations. Producer is a pretty powerful software program – and sometimes you just don’t need all that power. And it’s because of that last point I want to show you Camtasia Studio 2. Camtasia Studio 2:  Camtasia Studio 2 What is Camtasia Studio 2?:  What is Camtasia Studio 2? Created by the folks who brought us SnagIt, Camtasia Studio 2 lets you quickly and easily record, edit, and publish screen videos. It’s kind of like Microsoft Producer without the talking head or templates. For example … Camtasia 2 Demo:  Camtasia 2 Demo The content in this demo isn’t important, but notice The quality of the video and audio. You can actually read the numbers in the cells and the audio isn’t garbled. There’s no talking head taking up part of the screen. Start the Demo: Tour of SPSS, Part 2 Now for the Cool Part:  Now for the Cool Part That “Tour of SPSS” video is ~14 minutes long. 800 by 600 at 12 fps Audio is 22.050 kHz, 4 bit, mono, 44 kbits/sec Want to guess how big the final video file is? 11.3 Mb! What This Means in English:  What This Means in English An 11.3 Mb video file is a little too big for the Internet – it would take almost 28 minutes to download over the fastest dial-up connection – but it is just right for an intranet or CD-ROM. In English, this means that with Camtasia Studio 2 you can put over 12 HOURS of 800 x 600 screen capture video on a single CD-ROM (ceteris paribus.) Cool, isn’t it? Sound Interesting? Want to See Camtasia Studio in Action?:  Sound Interesting? Want to See Camtasia Studio in Action? Well, then, let’s play! Getting Camtasia Studio 2:  Getting Camtasia Studio 2 You can download a free, 30 day, trial at download Camtasia Studio 2’s street price is $299 and the educational price is $149.00. You can buy it online at Lab, department, building, and district licenses are also available. Creating Camtasia Studio 2 Videos:  Creating Camtasia Studio 2 Videos To create a new screen capture video in Camtasia Studio 2, you’ll need: A licensed or trial copy of Camtasia Studio 2 Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 2000 500 MHz processor (1 GHz recommended) 64 MB of RAM (128 MB recommended) Windows-compatible sound card and microphone (recommended) 30 MB of hard-disk space for program installation Viewing Camtasia 2 Videos:  Viewing Camtasia 2 Videos To view Camtasia 2 videos, you’ll need A computer. That’s about it. Seriously, though, the requirements to view a Camtasia 2 video depend on how you export the video. For example, to view a QuickTime video, you’ll need Apple’s free QuickTime player. To view a RealMedia video you’ll need the free RealOne player. To view a Flash video that’s been posted online, all you need is Internet Explorer or Netscape and an Internet connection. To Learn How to Use Camtasia Studio 2:  To Learn How to Use Camtasia Studio 2 TechSmith has a WONDERFUL collection of guides, FAQs, and even video tutorials. Just hop on over to /techsupp/ That’s All, Folks!:  That’s All, Folks!

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