Microsoft - IAMCP Mentoring program for IT start-ups

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Information about Microsoft - IAMCP Mentoring program for IT start-ups

Published on November 25, 2016

Author: IAMCP_Mentoring


1. Mentoring framework is launched by Microsoft and IAMCP Worldwide The IAMCP are proud to announce that, together with Microsoft Corp, we are launching an exciting project that is about our seasoned members mentoring our lesser experienced members. As the IAMCP is all about successful partnerships, we see that this will become a huge success for everyone involved. Mentors and Mentees will build strong relationships that will, in many cases, result in knowledge sharing both ways, business partnerships and potentially also investments. This brand-new program taps into some of the key pillars of IAMCP focus – P2P, Community, Education and Growth. Goals for the IAMCP Mentorship Program are:  Help Mentees to get to Gold in a Cloud Competency.  Help Mentees to increase growth and profitability.  Help Mentees to base their offerings on top of cloud services provided by Microsoft. We will proudly list and highlight all Mentors on the IAMCP website and we will also capture and publish success stories from this program. Another benefit for Mentors is that this is a way to learn more about new partners with fresh, exciting business models. We will, of course, make sure that the matching process is done so that there is no risk with competition. The commitment for a Mentor is to be there and help your Mentee. We also recommend one monthly concall (Nov 2016 until April 2017) – and in between emails/phone calls as needed. We will make sure that we train and support our Mentors so that they are equipped with the latest studies, reports, whitepapers as well as personal advice – both from Microsoft and from the IAMCP. The call to action is that everyone interested in being a Mentor or Mentee should answer this brief survey to register: This program is a milestone for us and we look forward to wonderful success for both Mentors and Mentees! Regards, Per Werngren Chairman, IAMCP

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