Microsoft Dynamics NAV FAQ II

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Information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV FAQ II

Published on May 26, 2016

Author: Solution_Systems


1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV FAQ Presented By: Michael Intravartolo Marketing Manager Solution Systems, Inc. Reimagine 2016 Tweet About This FAQ #SSINAVFAQ2 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System

2. How long can a description of an item be? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •The description field of an item in Dynamics NAV is 50 characters long. There is also a description 2 field that can be used (also 50 characters long) and extended texts that can be attached to an item.

3. Do I need a production BOM for production orders? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •No, you can use production orders without production BOMs (with only the routing).

4. What is the different between global dimensions and shortcut dimensions? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •The two global dimensions are stored directly on the records such as documents and transactions while the shortcut dimensions are just displayed on the lines of documents and journals but stored in tables related to the records. Where the values are stored has an impact in how you could filter the values. The two global dimensions should be the most used dimensions.

5. What is the maximum length of an item number? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •The item number field is 20 characters long in Dynamics NAV. The length of this field is not recommended to change since it is in so many places of the application.

6. How do I cancel a production order? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •If you have not posted any transactions against the production order then you can just delete it. If you have posted something against the production order then you cannot delete it and you have to finish it. To finish it you have to post some output on the last operation. The best way is to post an output of something like 0.01 pcs on the last operation, then reverse all consumption and capacity that has been posted before changing the status to finished. Once finished you will do a negative adjustment of the 0.01 pcs you got into inventory.

7. Do I need machine centers? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •No, you do not need machine centers. In fact, most Dynamics NAV manufacturing implementations only use the work centers.

8. Can I run NAV in different languages? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •Yes, Dynamics NAV supports multiple languages. It typically comes in your local language(s) and English, and then you can download and install additional languages. Keep in mind that modifications and add-ons then have to be translated (which there are tools that you can use to help you).

9. Can I undo a warehouse pick? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •You cannot undo a warehouse pick. The trick is to delete the warehouse shipment and then move the picked items back from the shipping bin to their corresponding stocking bins manually.

10. Can an item be both manufactured and purchased? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •Yes, an item can be both produced and purchased (quite common actually), the replenishment method you set on the item/SKU is used as a default method by MRP but you can always manually create an order independent of the replenishment method.

11. Can I delete a vendor? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •Yes, a Vendor can be deleted if there are no transactions on it within the current fiscal year and no open transactions (transactions = vendor ledger entries). There should also not be any purchase documents (orders, quotes, invoices, etc.) for the vendor. If deleted, the transactions will get a blank vendor number. Think twice before deleting a vendor with transactions.

12. Questions Contact info:  Michael Intravartolo  847-590-3000 x295  847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System Tweet About This FAQ #SSINAVFAQ2 @Solution_System @Solution_Systems

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