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Information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV FAQ 5

Published on May 26, 2016

Author: Solution_Systems


1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV FAQ Presented By: Michael Intravartolo Marketing Manager Solution Systems, Inc. Reimagine 2016 Tweet About This FAQ #SSINAVFAQ2 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System

2. How long does it take to implement Dynamics NAV? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •It’s kind of the same answer to the how much does it cost question. It all depends on the requirements. But count on everything from 3 months to 12 months.

3. How do I start learning development in Dynamics NAV? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •Start with learning the basics through some training (there are many partners that provide this) and get the Microsoft certifications. The Microsoft certifications are a great initial goal to set. Then continue building your experience with tasks that are low risk, like creating reports, adding fields, etc. Working along a more experienced developer is a good way of learning what to do and what not to do.

4. What are the closing dates (C dates) in NAV? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •All dates in Dynamics NAV have a corresponding closing date. A closing date is a period in time following the given date but before the next normal date. When you close an income statement using the Close Income Statement batch job Dynamics NAV creates a journal with closing dates. Typically this is a date between two month; C12/31/16 is for example the last day in 2016 and before the first day in 2015. This is quite nice when you’re running your financial reports, which then enables you to date filters to either exclude (01/01/16..12/31/16) or include (01/01/16..C12/31/16) the year end close transactions.

5. What drives the sales prices and discounts; sell- to or bill-to? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •The bill-to customer determines the prices and discounts that applies, it also determines the dimensions and posting groups.

6. Can I purchase a resource? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •No, at the moment you cannot purchase a Resource. Resources can only be placed on sales documents.

7. How much does Dynamics NAV cost? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •The question about how much it costs is technically impossible to answer without knowing what is required. NAV can be fairly inexpensive or it can be fairly expensive. There is a software portion that includes the licenses from Microsoft and for potential add-ons, and there is a consulting portion that includes tasks like training, configuration, data migration and development. There is also typically a large amount of work your internal people have to put into the implementation. Contact a partner to do an analysis and estimate if you want to know how much it would cost for your business to implement Dynamics NAV and what the return on investment would be.

8. What is C/SIDE? 847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System •C/SIDE stands for Client/Server Integrated Development Environment and is the development environment within NAV. In the “old days” when the classic client was used, you could use any of the clients to develop and make changes to the software. Now Dynamics NAV has a dedicated development environment and multiple separate clients (windows client, web client, SharePoint client, tablet client, etc.)

9. Questions Contact info:  Michael Intravartolo  847-590-3000 x295  847-590-3000 | | @Solution_System Tweet About This FAQ #SSINAVFAQ2 @Solution_System @Solution_Systems

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