Microscopes and its Parts

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Information about Microscopes and its Parts

Published on March 10, 2009

Author: jonathan8lo

Source: authorstream.com

Microscopes : Microscopes By Jonathan Lo (A component to my Microscope Wiki page) Slide 2:  Introduction ENJOY! Welcome! Thank you for opening this PowerPoint. I hope you learn a lot! Zaccharias Janssen Inventor of the first microscope : Zaccharias Janssen Inventor of the first microscope Zacharias Janssen from Middleburg, Holland was credited for making the first microscope in 1595 which consists of just a tube with lenses at each end. The microscope could magnify up to nine times. http://www.southwestschools.org/jsfaculty/Microscopes/fathers.html Parts of a Microscope : Parts of a Microscope http://www.microscope-microscope.org/basic/microscope-parts.htm 1 Eyepiece Lens 2 Tube 3 Coarse Focus 4 Revolving Nosepiece 5 Fine Adjustment 6 Objective Lenses 7 Stage with Stage Clips 8 Arm 9 Illuminator 10 Base Slide 5: Functions of the Parts 1 Eyepiece Lens- clear lens that magnifies 2 Tube- tube in which you see through 3 Coarse Focus- the part that should always be used to focus first before the fine adjustment 4 Revolving Nosepiece- changes the magnification of a microscope 5 Fine Adjustment- this is used to focus SECOND after the coarse focus 6 Objective Lenses- different lenses which have a different magnification 7 Stage with Stage Clips- the stage is where you put your slide, and the clips help it to stay in place. 8 Arm- like a handle, to hold the microscope 9 Illuminator- provides light to enable better viewing of the specimen 10 Base- bottom of the microscope The 1st Science lab guide was used to make this slide. Slide 6: But wait.... There's More! Low Power Objective Medium Power Objective High Power Objective Diaphragm The 1st Science lab guide was used to make this slide. Their Functions : Their Functions Low, Medium, High power objective – the different objectives that have different magnifications. Diaphragm- a wheel that adjusts the amount of light that comes through. The 1st Science lab guide was used to make this slide. The Different Kinds of Microscopes : The Different Kinds of Microscopes Optical Microscope Electron Microscope Scanning Probe Microscope http://fcps.blackboard.com/webapps/portal/frameset.jsp?tab=courses&url=/bin/common/course.pl?course_id=_329065_1 Optical Microscope : Optical Microscope Electron Microscope : Electron Microscope Uses a beam of electrons to look at objects. A beam of electrons is rushed toward the specimen. The beam is focused on a specimen using a lens. Co- Invented by Ernst Ruska in 1931. http://www.unl.edu/CMRAcfem/em.htm Scanning Probe Microscope : Scanning Probe Microscope Slide 12: Timeline 1590 Zaccharias Janssen invented the first microscope. 1665 Robert Hooke looked at a thin piece of cork through a microscope and noticed some cells. http://inventors.about.com/od/mstartinventions/a/microscopes.htm 1674 Anton van Leeuwenhoek makes a simple microscope with only one lens. 1872 Ernst Abbe created a formula that provided calculations for the maximum resolution in microscopes. 1903 Richard Zsigmondy, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1925, invents the ultramicroscope. 1931 Ernst Ruska co-invented the electron microscope for which he won he won the Nobel Prize in Physics. 1981 Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer invented the scanning tunneling microscope which gives 3-D images of objects. The scanning tunneling microscope is the best microscope. Slide 13: THANK YOU FOR WATCHING THIS POWERPOINT NOW YOU CAN TRY THE MINI QUIZZES ON MY WIKI PAGE!!! NOW YOU CAN TRY THE MINI QUIZZES ON MY WIKI PAGE!!! Made By Jonathan Lo For my Microscope Wiki Page Science Mrs. Hankins 2009 THE END

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